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Passing Transition
Motivational and Inspirational
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Journey through a soundscape that encapsulates change, from uneasy times to joyful fresh starts. Here is another composite soundscape designed by JohnGalt, our most prolific contributor on the Community page, and creator of Inspirational Morning.

"Lost in the Transition
Convinced myself to submission
Awoke myself to a whole new world
Stand strong and stay bold
Now I seel a blank slate
Journey onward to a new place"

Published on April 25th, 2022

User Stories

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  Usually I come to myNoise when I want to make something better: my mood, my outlook, etc. This caught my eye because I'm in a positive life transition. It's a special kind of auditory alchemy that offers calm and perspective on transitions both difficult and desirable. This speaks to something deeper than mood; it engages with the universal experience of transition itself. Marvelous. Thank you.

  The timing of this piece is pretty perfect, with stuff happening in my life right now. I knew I needed to hear myNoise this morning, and was happy to stumble upon this one. (I love Inspiration Morning, too)

  Went through something very strong last week mentally that feels like a 'passing transition' and then this pops up on one of my favorite website. Time to thank and its creator for it. Helped me through tonnes of stuff like PhD, meditating and more. THANK YOU.

  So glad you all like it and it helps keep the work flow going. If you're a patron it is also in the community page, consider giving it a star there too so I know to keep making these unique gens. If not yet then consider donating to see and be part of the amazing member community. It is worth every $. -JohnGalt

  I am working to this today. It is the end of month and need to make my quota. This has been both calming, interesting and focusing.

  In the process of doing a Digital Painting for a client and this unlocked new creative doors....Thanks John!

  Instant favorite.

  So very unique!

  Here I sat debating whether I should go outside and chill or do my tedious English homework. I decided to try and get on with my English so got up myNoise in preparation. I clicked the new section hoping that their would be a new one and lo-and-behold up pops Passing Transition - underneath it says Motivational and Inspirational - couldn't be more true to its name. Thank you again!

  This feels like working in some tech lab from the future!! JohnGalt, you did it man! Can't wait to use this in my coding sessions. Fantastic, I can't really describe how good this is :) [Nitin]

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