Dark Waters
Interactive Soundscape
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Sailing Through The Dark Waters

The wood creaks, the waves roll, the sailboat sails forward, and the darkness raises ahead. The sailors begin chanting to keep their mind sane on their travel through the dark waters...

This custom generator was suggested by Aglavra, a fan and patron of myNoise. Read the side column below to learn how to create your own.


Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!

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  Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean... here's me slaving at my desk job like a slave at the oars of the Flying Dutchman, and the old guy who's been here years is like that guy from the third (?) movie, forming part of the ship - part of the crew, part of the ship! Honestly though, this is great. Very immersive and relaxing.

  I love that this one was added to the main page, it sets a unique mood with help from the description. I have listened to it many times now from when it was created.

  I really enjoy this one, I can listen to it for hours without getting tired of it. Helps me focus as well. Reminds me of a bit of the dwarfs humming in the hobbit movie, mixed with a creepy ship haha.

  I have to study for hours at a time - and this is my favorite soundscape by far. This has a Vikings vibe to it.

  Studying in school can be so hard especially with talking and chattering about this soundscape is perfect for staying focused and calm.

  It is a perfect background sound for studying a new subject. Sailing into unknown.

  Absolutely amazing .

  This is a clever reuse of the humming from The Pilgrim. Its like a dark tense moment of the pilgrims journey. The hopeful humming is still there but its contrasted against the creaking wood of the ship.

  This, played with the whispers of Evil Charms, paints the image of a waterlogged woman thought to have drowned months ago, sitting at the edge of the dock at night and whispering chants about the ancient, eldritch truth she has seen in the abyss.

  I love it. Somehow it manages to be both atmospherically creepy and calming at the same time.

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