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Clockwork Noise Generator
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Right in the middle, between past and future

The ticking of a clock is a powerful sound. Symbolically, it relates to time, a concept that may feel straightforward to most of us - the minute split into seconds, the hour into minutes, the day into hours, and so on - but really it isn't. Take the time to think about it: if present is the most real perception of time, almost all of what we perceive as the present is already past...

The tickling of a clock also represents a sort of audible version of the Yin and the Yang principle. The beauty of the ticking not only comes from the sound itself, but also from the quality of the silence that happens between the ticks. Silence is a relative concept though, as absolute silence does not exist. Without the audible ticks of a clock, the silence filling your room would probably not sound as quiet. So, as the tick needs silence to outshine, silence needs the tick too.

For meditation use, focus your attention on one single clock and let the sound of the others fade away from your perception; then shift your attention to one of the other clocks and repeat the exercise. Alternatively, you can listen to multiple clocks at once, and concentrate on the beating and drifting that occurs among them.

Published by Stéphane on December 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  it's 1 in the morning, you were woken up from sleeping. Then, you heard something not from your mind, but something real. You turn around and it results in multiple clocks ticking louder which will hurt your ears. You began to run from it so then it would not be heard, but it didn't work. The tickings from the clocks was kept going so much louder, and louder, and louder.

  It's the middle of the night, you seem awake, but on the threat of some entities, one manifests itself by forming the word "hide" in hexadecimal code, another one manifests itself by butting its eyes on the walls, but the third one, manifests itself on a grandfather clock, the more he gets closer, the faster and louder the chimes get.

  Combine with Piano Escape and animate both to be teleported to a peaceful magical workshop where fairies help build the tiniest mechanisms.

  I love the Grandfather clock tick (5) at one tick per second (which is two clicks on "slower" ). I use this as a steady anchor in a lot of my composite sounds.

  Clockwork noise is nice. Who doesn't like clocks? It seems to be enough sound to break up the silence. A silent room can be distracting by itself since your brain needs some thing to listen to even tho your sleeping. Even during the day time the back round noise of a clock seems to help the brain function for concentration.

  For some reason, ticking clocks have always made me anxious and on edge, but with the overlapping of multiple clocks ticking and some added chimes, I couldn't feel more relaxed.

  My yia yia just passed. She lived below us & I've been in her room daily. It wasn't until now I realized the ticking of all the clocks-all to their own beat. As I listened, I realized that I've heard them daily-but never really "noticed". Is it a beautiful sound or is it the memory that made it so? Either way, it's a sound I now treasure... I feel its a gift-this amazing woman lived each moment!

  The chapter that I'm currently writing takes place in the clock tower of an old mansion (used Chateau Miranda/de Noisy for inspiration). Combined with a creepy background from "Forthcoming" it sets the scene perfectly! Thanks, Dr. Pigeon. You make my work day so much more productive (and your other generators lull me to sleep at night).

  This with Aeternitas and Warp Speed sounds like walking through the decks of an abandoned ancient space station in the outer rift of the galaxy.

  I feel so comfortable and relaxed when I combine this with the brown noise setting of the fireplace generator.

  This + Mr. Rhodes = poignant time-travel.

  I'm living now in an (almost) clock-free universe, this brings back to my grandparents house when I was a child.

  This is genuinely one of my favorite soundscapes. With this playing, it's like I'm in my own little secret workspace inside a giant clock. It really helps me focus when I'm otherwise easily distracted.

  Greetings from Australia ! As a young boy I would gather as many clocks as I could and have them all ticking away in my bedroom overnight. Time and Space has preoccupied the greatest minds of Humanity and also my puny little brain. Best I stick to winding the clock than getting my head around "Minkowski space". Kind Regards to Dr Pigeon. May Peace Love and Enlightenment shine upon us all.

  I'm so thrilled that I discovered this noise generator. I put it on while I'm at work or writing and it gives me the sound I crave for being productive without becoming a distraction. Right now I'm listening to it with the Sleeping Dragon drone on animate and it's just perfect.

  This noise is simply the most calming thing ever. It's at the same time "now" and timeless. As if you're somewhere time is everything and yet it doesn't make sense.

  I use this in combination with the fireplace and factory noises from this site and a looped violin instrumental on a cd as a background when I'm re-reading the Sherlock Holmes books. It's very useful in helping me to imagine and immerse myself in the stories!

  I've always been very sensitive to sound, because of that, I can't be in the same room as someone listening to music that I can hear, or watching a show, even footsteps and breathing make me freak out. But for some reason, I've always love the sound of clocks. I have 6 clocks in my room right now and they are how I fall asleep. Subsequently, when I travel it's pretty hard. This track really helps.

  i paired this with the electric guitar mashup generator on pendulum an white rain :D = afternoon nap with tea.

  This with only the thunder and the low bell in the church atmosphere take me back in time. Now it's a dark evening in 19th century London. I'm sitting in the drawing room, leafing through an old book. Someone outside the room is hesitating, trying to find the courage to knock at the door. Something is about to happen.

  This + Shepard Madness. Come, Alice, You'll be late...

  The other day I found a clock. It's heart kept ticking, the bell kept breathing. But the hands wouldn't move. To someone blind, to an outsider, it would seem to be fine. But if someone understood that the point of a clock isn't to make a pretty noise, they'd know. People aren't meant to just look pretty or be assumed to feel fine based on what others hear them say, either. But no one understood.

  This is one of my favorites on this site! It helps me focus, and with the ticks ajusted down, is incredible at helping me concentrate on the things I need to do.

  Pairing this with the Space Channel is a very peaceful and inspiring atmosphere for me. It's awesome!

  This and the soundtrack for OFF (the videogame) pair really interestingly, in particular the song of the same name as this generator!

  Holy crap, this one has to be my favorite. I have no idea why it makes me unreasonably happy!

  Reminds me of the old broken clock in my grandma's house!

  This noise setting makes me feel like I'm in a room with multiple clocks, watching and hearing time go by! I combined this with Mournful Chimes and it somehow made me think of a vast space with an unusual, eternal peace.

  This is my new favorite track to study. I tend to "zone out" quite often, and this sound helps me to stay focused.

  Definitely great for studying.

  This one is my favorite.

  This and vaporwave music just does it for me. Not too sure why tho, seeing as these wouldn't seem to mix well. (and they dont haha)

  Combining just this slider with some soft piano music reminds me of an empty sunlit room with golden motes of dust floating through the beam of light from the window. In the corner stands an ancient grandfather clock ticking away. It causes me to feel both peace, and the nostalgia of childhood memories long gone.

  My heart valves create an audible tick tock due to surgery; thanks to this I no longer tick alone at night

  Timemakers instantly turn into Musicmakers as the beat plays.

  This is a deep clock-y groove.

  Incredible. It remids me of my grandparents flat when I visited them during holidays in my childhood. I guess it's time to sign up on paypal and send you some money because this is just incredible experience. Thank you!

  A great sound. Like you have your ear pressed up against the back of your watch.

  Pure studying bliss. The methodical ticks, the sporadic bells, it fills every empty area of my mind. No stray thoughts will enter in. There are only my studies and the clocks.

  My first 20 years were spent in our home, complete with ticking, chimes and pendulous reverberation. Every night the rest of the world seemed to quietly give way to these omnipresent workhorses. Until now, at 53 years, I'd never found as accurate an assortment of those beautiful sounds that calmed each childhood night. Thank you! This is an incredible project, obviously born of the heart.

  O_O This and oblivion makes a really creepy background sound when you are all alone in the middle of the night with all the lights off save for the computer you are using. Just don't turn around... it's watching you!

  I absolutely love this Clockwork noise. I love to combine it with the Fire sound to create a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

  This reminds me of a grand old English mansion in the countryside. The setting is the library. Heavy drapes are pulled across the windows to shut out the dark night and keep in the warmth and light from fireplace. Uses the Clockwork - Grandfather clock setting, combined with Fireplace - Pine Log setting. Very relaxing, cozy and safe.

  Absolutely peaceful. Play with Osmosis and Cat Purr. I could go to sleep with this. Or, you know, travel in time and watch societies rise and fall in the endless and ruthless sway of time, in a state of total and complete contentment.

  ← Trance

  This noise is great for studying. It helps keep me calm and focused. It's dynamic enough to be very interesting to listen to but no so much that it becomes distracting.

  I simply don't have words to describe the hours of reading and writing this soundscape has pulled me through. I have tinkered with the settings for days and I have finally found what works best for me. Something about the way these two clocks fight and fail to keep in time with one another, the timer ticking away in the background, and the two chimes, high and low, simply does it for me. Thank you

  By far, one of the best soundscapes to work to. Even just one bell and one tick is enough.

  Everyone is talking about which slider is their favorite, and the light purple is definately mine. I used to hide a watch in my pillow to give me some sound while going to sleep, and now I can just use this! Wonderful sounds, I love it.

  Makes me feel at home!

  Blue slider for the win, I've done so much work in a short period of time, it's just like your time it's going to end... yeah... in that meaning, and you have to deal with that.

  Sounds like I'm in a clock maker's shop :)

  This one sounds like a loud watch.

  Reminds me of my great grandma's house. Spent many summers there and it brings back soothing tranquility.

  Orange and dark green slider for president!

  This is what helped me get through my giant research paper. I find that I concentrate way better with this on then anything else!

  Some nice light ticking without the fuller noises to interrupt.

  This is a great basic setting. Really helps me to focus when I need to get on with work and not lose track of time passing.

  Being in the presence of many ticking clocks makes my worries melt away. But the chimes and gongs that some clocks have can disrupt a meditative state. Definitely best with just the ticking animated. I also find this noise generator a great accent to the Twilight noise generator, animated of course.

  I've been a fan of this site for a while now. I listen to Osmosis when I sleep, Healing Trees when I'm stressed and need to get away, etc. I like to listen to this particular sound while I'm studying. The steady ticking gives me something to focus on while I'm working and the occasional chime will wake me up if I start to drift off or get distracted.

  Interesting soundscape. Love your enthusiasm guys, keep putting those out :)

  This setting is strangely calming, and helps keep my thoughts from drifting too far if I'm working on something. It's like having a piece of gum in your mouth to keep your mouth busy, but for your brain!

  This generator is perfect for late night studying. I love it

  I always feel like listening to clockwork helps with my concentration, because ever since I was young I would always listen to this clock in my parents room that would constantly tick. At fist it would drive me insane, but after a while I would find myself reading in their bathroom so I could hear the ticking of the clock. Since I can't bring a loud clock to work, this with headphones is thing.

  I load "Grandfather Clock" in one tab, the rain noise "Bedroom" in another tab, and just melt away.

  The orange slider's 'Ding' is my favourite!

  Mamaw's clock - reminds me of quite nights at my grandmother's

  This works wonders for trying to write. I love listening to the clock chimes, and the ticking. It's calming, but at the same time helps to remind me that I need to be conscious of the time I'm spending on my essays and stories. It's worth a listen, and it's fun to play with.

  This generator is perfect for late night studying. I love it!

  You don't know how long I've been waiting for this! Love it~ Really helped me meditate today. This, personally, was the sound I found best soothing. All the sounds of an old-styled clock, but none of the chime. I was expecting something more modern-sounding, but this was good too. Thank you for all the help your sounds have given me!