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Cinematic East
Taiko Drums, Shakuhachi and more!
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Feeling Like A Samurai

This soundscape overflows with contrasts - on one side, the loud drumming of giant taiko drums; on the other, the quiet breathing of the small shakuhachi flute and the subtle tones of the guqin. Although these instruments aren't normally played together, as the taiko drum tends to overpower the other two, here on myNoise you can mix them to your taste. Create a cinematic soundscape to inspire you with the history and power of the East - the same drumming that motivated troops at war in feudal Japan can now stimulate you at work!

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this sound generator with other myNoise generators such as the Three Friends of Winter. Be prepared for a very emotional experience...

Published by Stéphane on June 6th, 2018

User Stories

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  A dramatic, epic, tense violin with a drop, telling the story of an antihero escaping her corrupted, tyrannical city by flying away from the walls into a desert. It reflects hope, freedom, but also apprehension for the future.

  This generator is perfect for keeping me alert & engaged while doing long assignments! One of my absolute favorites from myNoise so far.

  Bass-heavy with the Low Drums up top and the root note set to G, this chilled-out 'D'n'B' mix pairs extremely well with Dancing Fireflies, specifically the setting of the user who commented, 'tap the blue heart right now! You won't regret it ;-) ' The result? A super upbeat soundtrack for focusing/studying. Enjoy!

  By complete accident I was playing this at the same time as Ice Drone, and honestly? It adds a whole new layer to the experience, especially since the tones in Ice Drone match the Shaku and Shakuhachi tones in this really well!

  I have used most of the sounds on this site, and Cinematic East is the by far the one I use the most. Many of the loops on this site are great for relaxing and chilling. A few are good for energy during nonverbal activities like video game playing, cooking, or doing art. But rare is the sound that can keep you energized and focused while studying or writing. This is it.

  This is the one I've been waiting for! I left myNoise for a while and when I came back I found this. Amazing! I use it to help me concentrate when doing business work. I am also keen to use this with oriental / Japanese themed role-playing games.

  I love to play this on animation mode duo and just let the magic happen! The animation bell merges with the drones very well too, it feels like it just keeps going on.

  Dramatic like warriors before fighting.

  This sounds like a good background track to use in a D&D campaign!

  Perfect for doing homework to!

  Wow, what a dopamine hit! Borring stuff with that soundtrack is now like superimportant and exciting.

  Why do I feel like a ninja? Too immersive!

  Cinematic East helps me keep going during tedious monotonic tasks at work!

  I love this setting! It helps me concentrate AND it sounds like I'm going on a Samurai raid!

  This is my favorite background of the many I have tried. Keeps me alert, focused, and driven. Thanks!

  I love it, it goes so well with Three Friends of Winter too. Helps me to relax and study while there is noise and commotion going on in the room next door from me. Thanks so much!

  Cinematic East combined with Tibetan Choir, both at slowest speed, is simply awesome!

  Some of my Ancestors were Samurai. I love this generator it is so wonderful! Thank you so, so much Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon!

  This has the perfect blend of rhythm and energy with calming music to help me focus. I put it on animate and it feels like I have a never-ending movie soundtrack playing.

  What does the Lāfěiěr word mean?

  This makes me want to sprint through a forest at inhuman speeds.

  So uplifting!

  I love Cinematic East with Four Friends of Winter. I set both to animation. Sometimes I'll play binaural beats behind them. Really helps me focus.

  This. Is. So. Epic. Absolutely love it, so motivating! :)

  This makes me so motivated to crank out those study sessions! Love the animation settings, which I am just discovering now!

  This is amazing! This is just like Japanese wartime motivation music! Love the claps and drums and strings. How do you do this?! Absolutely amazing.

  When I'm about to get ready for something! Hastens and brings ambition!

  This fires up my imagination that it’s setting my brain on fire!

  Sounds sort of like when everyone's training in the movie "Mulan" (the original with Mushu).

  You're right! Set this and Three Friends of Winter (w/out harp or bowed) both set the slider animation speed max really help me study!

  Very epic.

  I wanted a music generator because I had a headache and the surroundings were too noisy for me to sleep. I think I found a miracle instead: five minutes in and the headache is completely gone, no pills or anything! So much love for your work Stéphane ^_^

  One of my absolute favorites. It always makes me think of the anime series "Saiyuki", or the Tale of the Monkey King. ^_^

  I love combining this with Evil Charms' whispers, sounds eerie AND relaxing, perfect for me.

  Taiko Bowl, an energetically calming and uplifting pound on the drums kinda track. I was tired, then I found this, and now I'm not. Like. At. All.

  I just discovered this one and wow... I put it on shuffle animation and it sounds so great to work! I also combine it with Canyon Drone on default or on animation and it's so good!

  This really helps with my sanity.

  I love putting this on random and just letting the music take the flow and decide what to make softer. Oh! And for some strange reason, this works really well with Now Loading... It's really cool how both blend seamlessly, like entering a Japanese cyberpunk world.

  This combination of taiko and guqin is very interesting and original ^^ I enjoy it.

  Beautiful. Just Beautiful!

  Long time patron here - discovered Cinematic East just yesterday. Killer! My new absolute favorite. Doing office work and feeling somewhat like a ninja?! Count me in.

  This is simply a peaceful but energizing generator. Very inspiring!

  Great for action oriented sections of games.

  Great for a calmer, mountainous feel.

  I love these, sound like war drums. Perfect for writing.

  The steady and rythmatic sound of the war like drumming paired with the thrums of the guqin take me off to another land.

  This is one of the best generators for me, if only there was some kind of shamisen generator...

  'Definitely the kind of music that makes you want to go places... :)' I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm using this setting provided by the second heart preset of this generator while I draw Thel 'Vadam in his Arbiter-Kaidon harness. Feels like I'm on Sanghelios with Thel and his Swords of Sanghelios! Never stop being amazing, myNoise! You are awesome!

  These particular settings are very minimalist and inspiring. Absolutely wonderful to work to!

  I love this, the rhythmic warlike thunder of the drums coupled with the musical shaku drone... it makes me feel so invigorated and inspired. I've been listening to it for thirty minutes and I havent got tired of it yet! I love the way the notes keep changing, but the repetition of the drums in the background keeps your blood pumping. Definitely the kind of music that makes you want to go places... :)

  This generator is absolutely beautiful! Very relaxing, and gets the creativity flowing too. Already one of my favourites.

  This setting is both relaxing and rejuvenating. My energy increases while listening to this. Great for dark winter afternoons.

  A true masterpiece that transports me away.

  Dreaming of a taiko-only generator :D

  Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand. I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me.

  Try combining it with the fifth through eighth sliders of Yakutian Voices.

  I love this configuration. It reminds me of an intense battle scene. I'm kind of thinking of the Okami soundtrack...

  This gen is energizing and enhances focus. At my standing desk, I find myself moving to the rhythms, being more awake on a dark winter morning, and able to read large reports in a single, uhm, bound.

  Wish I knew who was doing the taiko drumming, it is most excellent!

  Pair this set on war drums with Stardust on Deep Sky.

  ← Try it :) Low speed and high tunes seem to work the best, in my opinion. Love the far east theme.

  Cinematic East with Sleeping Dragon, both on animate, makes a good "soundtrack" background that sounds perfectly logical and rational, nicely layered and with a lot of internal consistency - but it never quite evolves into a "song." With no repeated chorus or clear ending, it doesn't cause any breaks in my attention, and never sticks in my head.

  Very reminiscent of my memories of watching the old anime series 'Saiyuki: The Journey West.' I seriously love this blend.

  An amazing soundscape, once again. It put me in mind of Greg Edmonson's excellent score for the show Firefly. I set the animation mode and the animation speed as needed for an evolving soundtrack when playing my favourite space-sims. Creates a great Serenity vibe. Thanks for all the work you put into this and all of the other fantastic pieces. "Can't stop the signal!"

  Love the conversation. The rhythmic taiko and the raga-like Guqin playing adds the Japanese touch. Once again a great creation, Stephane.

  Interesting mixer... being able to switch from the calming drones and high flute-like sounds, to the pulsing energetic drums makes for a unique experience.

  I love all those who are heavy drops falling from the dark cloud that hangs over men: they herald the advent of lightning, and, as heralds, they perish. (Nietzsche)

  This generator makes me so fiercely happy I can't cope.

  I absolutely love this and the other Japanese sounds. This setting, combined with the German Lady setting on Number Stations -- and I have no idea why I ended up combining them -- creates a bizarre rhythmic combo that makes me grin.

  I love just having the low drums, taiko drums, claps going with the Guqin. Reminds me a long awaited battle finally getting started.

  I love this one! While sometimes I want something quiet and understated, other times it's nice to have something energetic and lively playing. This is an excellent choice for that!

  Really get me inspired, I like it best while working. This settings get me really pumped up for any task. Thank you for this awesome gen!

  This one is made to fly... set the animation to deep (0 to 150) and the speed to 4x. If you never change the root keys or tape speed this is the one to try... it's a great video game for the ears.

  I love this new generator! I can't wait to start experimenting with stacking it with some other of my favorites. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making these. Your generators make a positive difference in my day.

  Stphane, you have excelled yourselfwith this one. It makes me want to go outside,light a fire and dance around it. It's really got a tribal vibe. Loose yourself to the rhythm!

  This is just what I need for tomorrow - the dreaded Monday morning. Perhaps (as we say in England) it will help get my arse in gear. You make these amazing sounds work so well together!

  Totally my new favorite generator. I love every instrument here! Click the heart for a great soundtrack, it could be in a movie.

  I combine this channel along with Rising Sun: Traditional Japanese on & it's Japanese folk melodies performed with traditional instrumentation; its the best backdrop I know of to spend a weekend playing Hanafuda! :) (which, by the way, is a Japanese card game that translates to "the game of flowers")

  This and just the voices and drums from the "Buddhist Ceremony" soundscape create something that I can only describe as epic (I assume that is true for pretty much everything that is combined with these amazing drums) - thank you so much!

  This brings me peace.

  This is already the most fantastic thing I've ever heard, so glad I donated!

  Combine with Yakutian Voices for a haunting experience...

  I am using almost exclusively the Flying Fortress, now this is getting changed, I think.

  Quite a soundtrack.