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Feeling Like A Samurai

This soundscape overflows with contrasts - on one side, the loud drumming of giant taiko drums; on the other, the quiet breathing of the small shakuhachi flute and the subtle tones of the guqin. Although these instruments aren't normally played together, as the taiko drum tends to overpower the other two, here on myNoise you can mix them to your taste. Create a cinematic soundscape to inspire you with the history and power of the East - the same drumming that motivated troops at war in feudal Japan can now stimulate you at work!

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this sound generator with other myNoise generators such as the Three Friends of Winter. Be prepared for a very emotional experience...

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  Interesting mixer... being able to switch from the calming drones and high flute-like sounds, to the pulsing energetic drums makes for a unique experience.

  “I love all those who are heavy drops falling from the dark cloud that hangs over men: they herald the advent of lightning, and, as heralds, they perish.” (Nietzsche)

  This generator makes me so fiercely happy I can't cope.

  I absolutely love this and the other Japanese sounds. This setting, combined with the German Lady setting on Number Stations -- and I have no idea why I ended up combining them -- creates a bizarre rhythmic combo that makes me grin.

  I love just having the low drums, taiko drums, claps going with the Guqin. Reminds me a long awaited battle finally getting started.

  I love this one! While sometimes I want something quiet and understated, other times it's nice to have something energetic and lively playing. This is an excellent choice for that!

  Really get me inspired, I like it best while working. This settings get me really pumped up for any task. Thank you for this awesome gen!

  This one is made to fly... set the animation to deep (0 to 150) and the speed to 4x. If you never change the root keys or tape speed this is the one to try... it's a great video game for the ears.

  I love this new generator! I can't wait to start experimenting with stacking it with some other of my favorites. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making these. Your generators make a positive difference in my day.

  Stéphane, you have excelled yourself with this one. It makes me want to go outside, light a fire and dance around it. It's really got a tribal vibe. Loose yourself to the rhythm!

  This is just what I need for tomorrow - the dreaded Monday morning. Perhaps (as we say in England) it will help get my arse in gear. You make these amazing sounds work so well together!

  Totally my new favorite generator. I love every instrument here! Click the heart for a great soundtrack, it could be in a movie.

  I combine this channel along with Rising Sun: Traditional Japanese on & it's Japanese folk melodies performed with traditional instrumentation; its the best backdrop I know of to spend a weekend playing Hanafuda! :) (which, by the way, is a Japanese card game that translates to "the game of flowers")

  This and just the voices and drums from the "Buddhist Ceremony" soundscape create something that I can only describe as epic (I assume that is true for pretty much everything that is combined with these amazing drums) - thank you so much!

  This brings me peace.

  This is already the most fantastic thing I've ever heard, so glad I donated!

  Combine with Yakutian Voices for a haunting experience...

  I am using almost exclusively the Flying Fortress, now this is getting changed, I think.

  Quite a soundtrack.

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