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Buddhist Chants from Mount Shigi, Japan

Mount Shigi is located close to the city of Nara, Japan. It is believed to be the place where the Buddhist deity Bishamonten – patron of warriors and protector of the righteous – first appeared. There is a temple dedicated to Bishamonten at the foot of the mountain: Shigisan Gyokuzōin takes care of the Shingon Buddhist sect. When I arrived there, I was shown the way to the dormitory by a friendly and humble-looking monk. Later, I realized that he was the Grand Master of the temple, and a great singer too.

This soundscape combines varied chants sung during the early morning fire ceremony, and during the Daihannya-Sutra that takes place every day in the main temple.

Special thanks to the Grand Master, who kindly allowed me to make these recordings.

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  Between the drums and singing, this beat is fire. ;-) But seriously, it hits that sweet spot between energizing, soothing and somehow nostalgic. It's great for motivating you to get up and do that thing you've been putting off, but it's also just fine to sit back and let yourself start dancing in your mind.

  I use this to help keep my station calm during long shifts. It blocks noise from the rest of the building. Sometimes I combine it with temple bells or mournful chimes.

  I mix this with either Indian Drone or Tibetan Spirit. Easy to get lost for a long time here in this beautiful meditative sound space. Thank you.

  I practice Zen with a tiny local group. Every Sunday morning we chant the beloved Heart Sutra, drum and bell and all. Though our English rendition is a feeble imitation of what a temple full of monks can do with it, the simple beauty of it remains. If I close my eyes and let the sounds blend together, it sounds a little bit like this. It is only the barriers we create which separate us.

  Try the Singing Duet on this generator with the Yakutian Voices generator on the Song of the Steppes preset; very haunting.

  Very pleasant! It is quite useful for me for practicing "2 minutes of doing nothing" while in the office. Thanks!

  This is amazing... Thanks!

  There are noise-generating sites... and then there is myNoise! Amazing.

  Simply beautiful and entrancing! A wonderful meditation aid!

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