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They went to Oak Ridge City with recording equipment...

Audio productions combining documentary archives and electronic music have always been among my favorites. That taste dates back from my mid-teens, when Paul Hardcastle's song "19" topped the charts. Its early use of sampled speech made a strong impression on me. Though not exactly programmed in the same style as Paul Hardcastle, this myNoise track is definitely a sequel of that longlasting influence.

Check out the original CBS radio documentary broadcasted on Feb. 25th 1950.

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  Oh, this is rad. Well done.

  Mmmmmm... music to code by. Thank you sir!

  This is amazing! I don't think I've ever heard anything like it.

  Muting the reporter, tuning to F natural and then dropping by an octave gives you a surprisingly upbeat experience despite its honey-like slowness.

  Mix this with Bagpipes, and maybe Tanpura and/or one of the ambient synth generators, and you've got yourself some seriously innovative world music.

  I love this one! Gets me pumped and ready to take on the day.

  I felt like I was high above Area 51 studying humans as they go about their business.

  Turned off CBS radio slider and turned on Black Hole along with this one. Great combo :)

  Wonderful! Really digging this also thinking of a good way to use the bass lines in a custom generator.

  Unsurprisingly, works brilliantly with Number Stations!

  WOW, this setting is reviving and encouraging to work, and blocking external noises. I love the rythm and complexity, and the awesomeness which is flowing from hi-end parts. All is so fluently composed, brilliant work! :)

  Got that Psy-Trance music vibe. Love it!

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