African Trance
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Polyrhythms, Version 2

I introduced polyrhythms a long time ago and, frankly, I never have been happy with that early attempt of mine. While that original page is good at explaining the basics of a polyrhythm, it fails to produce something musical. Though I used a real African drum, the early generator sounds artificial. I often have considered updating it with better sound sources. Only recently, however, did I set to work.

This time, I opened my mind to varied instruments and sounds, as opposed to the single drum used in the original generator. I have a kalimba that has yet to be used on any myNoise generator, different rain sticks, and a fresh pair of asalatos, a present my daughter brought back from Senegal. When African frogs and insects joined the mix - hey, they play in a polyrhythmic pattern, too! - the ensemble really got exciting! Delicate, musical, but complex, too complex to explain the concept of a polyrhythm to the untrained ear. Therefore, I have decided not to update the original page (yet), but rather publish this version as a separate generator.

Enable the Animation feature (shortcut 'A' on your keyboard), to make this generator sound even more interesting!

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  Makes me want to stamp my own feet :D Really uplifting and helpful when you are feeling blue. Really well done!

  This is great! I was looking for a kalimba sound, and the two kalimba sliders on here are great! I've been experimenting with relaxing sounds to help me fall asleep. I found this mix (click the blue heart) to be particularly soothing. Thank you for making this website, and for making everything so customizable!

  Wonderful. I was looking forward to this one. Thanks.

  Combine Kalimba Lullaby with Dim Blue on the Drifting Away Generator and you'll instantly feel like the main character at the end of his journey, having found peace at last.

  This is great! It sounds way better than the first one!

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