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Water Stream
Frequency-Shaped Water Stream Noise Generator
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The Sound of Water, without the splashed trousers

Soothing sounds of water flowing though rocks are natural sources of white noise, ideal for blocking out environmental noises and distractions. Use the sound of streaming water to wash your daily worries away.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Extremely based. This is the most based website I have ever found. So relaxing and helps me focus on what's important. Thank you.

  This is like laying on the riverbank with one ear pressed to the ground, hearing all the different levels of water running over rocks.

  Like many others, I'm loving the so-called "hot tub" setting. I wish it were an official pre-set!

  Paired with 'A Birds Paradise' makes me feel as thought I really am standing in a jungle, gazing up at brightly colored birds of all kinds, flapping, flying, chirping, singing. And the stream gurgling adds to the amazing sounds of the birds and jungle. I love this website. The sounds are soo calming!!

  With the higher frequencies up high it really helps mask my tinnitus. It's not perfect but it's helping, hoping to tweak this to find the perfect spot c:

  Thanks to whoever suggested the hot tub setting! It's the most relaxing thing I've found all week!

  This is a noteworthy site! The quiet rippling water sounds are so soothing. I usually put this on in the background when I work on homework. I am totally in love with the many unique variations of sound you can experiment with. Currently, I found this to be an excellent method of canceling out troublesome background noises. The lulling, tranquil sound of the water helps me concentrate on my tasks.

  Thank you to the person who mentioned how to make it a shower sound! I love it and your smart mind.

  You can easily replicate a shower sound by setting the sub-bass to the lowest and slowly increase each of the other sounds up until High Treble is on the top.

  LOVE this site & the app; I haven't found a better one & don't plan on looking! My teen is actually the one that told me about it after she heard the rain sound that I was using. She said the one on here was so much better and I couldn't argue. We both use it for studying now- I'm back in school so we both benefit. Also AMAZING for a solid nap without the dogs waking me every few minutes barking :)

  Love this, subconsciously & consciously put me at ease.

  Deeeeep sleep... and I don't need a hypnotist. I wake up with focused energy finally after 50 years!

  I use this noise when I do my homework.

  This delicious sound helps me cool off and get back to sleep at night, after hot flashes. So refreshing and soothing!

  I use them when I read. Love it!

  I call this one: Sitting By The Aquarium.

  I listen to it doing homework. It helps me to concentrate on what I need to figure out. Also it is just fun to play with and make cool sounds.

  Bass gives me headaches, and so does treble. This setting reminds me off the many creeks and streams behind my house in autumn. The wet leaves, in varying shades of burning red to golden brown, the slight chill in the air...

  Love, love, love this site. Best on the web!

  If you set this one right, it sounds just like being in a hot tub, without getting wet, or hot!

  By the Watermill + Distant Rumble + Distant Fall + Windy Forest = Very relaxing sounds that make you think you're in a forest.

  This one that I am using sounds like I am underwater. And it somehow calms me down pretty easily.

  This is a setting that I use to help keep my centered on whatever I'm trying to do.

  Ah, the noise is beautiful. I usually just play it whenever, but it calms me down.

  This noise blocks out enough of the outside world to let me focus on my work. I'm a writer, and oftentimes, my husband and teenage son will watch action movies in the living room. This noise helps me block out the explosions and keeps my mind where it needs to be: on my novel. Thank you!

  Very calming. When nervous, listen to this!

  This site is so helpful for focusing on just about anything. Every time I use it my hyperactive mind slows down to a comfortable level. Honestly, if you have issues with concentration, consider this site as a serious solution.

  This = good sleep. Silence = bad sleep. This really helps me at night, it's so calm and much better than the ones you find on other websites like YouTube "water lake/stream".

  Simply the best. Thank you so much for this!

  I'm so calm now

  God, this just really puts me in a good mindspace when I'm disassociating or just need to stop an anxiety attack.

  I was really frustrated and upset a few minutes ago, but then I came here and turned on this noise. I feel much better now. What a wonderful site. The water noises in particular are my favorites!

  I just LOVE the way this sound makes me feel... I'm so relaxed right now.

  This noise helps me fall asleep and stay asleep, but it also helps me concentrate when I'm studying. I'm not sure how it manages to do both, but I absolutely love it for exactly this reason!

  Just moved to an open floor plan office; this site is a lifesaver (and a co-worker relationship saver!)

  I like the low low sounds, with a dash of treble for contrast. Puts me right to sleep!

  It is very cool, I really like it!

  Really fantastic idea and it's so soothing!

  I love the Underwater setting, it's very relaxing during a study session or when doing homework.

  Loved it at first try. 10 out of 10.

  I've always loved water of all kinds, and this setting is absolutely perfect for calming me down whenever I get anxious or depressed :) Thank you, Dr. Pigeon, for making this wonderful website!

  I like this setting. It's has the advantage to have a quite noisy foreground flux, and a waterfall behind. Very good noiseblocker and less depressing than the rain ;)

  I am usually incredibly bad at trying to focus on my studies, but this noise helped me so much to drown out noises around me and concentrate.

  This is so very cool! I live on the Stillwater River in Montana, the river roars during spring runoff and varies in the summer to a caln rippling burble in October. When I am in Phoenix for the winter I crave the sound of those waters. The Water Stream generator does an excellent job of providing that background noise and I am so very happy to discover this website.

  This one works wonders along with Summer Nights. Makes me feel like I'm at camp again, which basically is the same thing as "home" for me.

  This is amazing for when I want to read without distractions! Before, I would have to search for zen soundtracks on Spotify but there was never just the right track! Now I can customise the perfect settings for me and read in peace! Thank you mynoise!

  Very very nice!! This is awesome x3

  This sounds just like the river I grew up next to.

  It makes it easier to fall asleep for me. Which is really great, because I often only sleep three hours a night, resulting into headaches every single day.

  Thank you!!! I might NOW survive the world of cubeville! I very much appreciate the site, and can now actually do some work while at work! :)

  Just incredible.... no more words thank you for this whole website.

  Even better bubbling stream.

  Soothing bubbling stream, perfect for writing.

  This is perfect for writing

  This is really great for when I get anxiety attacks. I don't know why, but it's super calming and helps me regulate my breathing. 10/10

  This makes me feel like I'm perpetually underwater, which is a calming effect for me. Great sounds during study times and while doing assignments.

  This is lovely. Really helpful and calming, thank you guys so much for making this whole website!

  My cubicle at work is filled with other people's voices as they talk on the phone. I am able to concentrate on my computer when the water music is on, without any distraction.

  Mine helps me write. It is like standing 50 feet from a running stream, except not wet!

  I've never been able to write with any kind of music in the background. My office mates always have a radio on and I struggled with it for a year. Discovering your website is a tremendous blessing. Thank you.

  Its simple, I love this site.

  Smooth and soothing, very useful for studying. It helps a lot with concentration.

  This a God send. I've always had I' trouble sleeping. Your generators are as effective in a leaving these issues than most of the medications my doctors, over the years have experimented with for me, THANK YOU!

  It's beautiful.

  ← Sounds like I have my head submerged under a running bath. Very soothing.

  Sometimes I get scared, or really uncomfortable without any background noise, but this really helps. It's super soothing, and it's pretty subtle.

  Because I have both ADD and hyperacusis, working in a cubicle is really challenging. I plug my noise-cancelling headphones into my computer, bring up the Water Stream noise page, add my calibration settings, and I can concentrate on my work. Thank you!

  Amazing service you provide - Thank you TONS, AdamROCK ;)

  Thanks so much! This is wonderful to help me concentrate on my work and block out distractions. It's also very calming and helps me focus.

  I love the sound of a refreshing and cool waterfall...

  I am almost always sick and in pain, this literally makes me so relaxed and comfortable I don't know what to do with myself.

  Very Calming good for Sleep

  This sounds exactly like the stream in my backyard. In fact, I dug out the old audio from that stream and recreated it! I missed this gorgeous sound. Thanks!

  I love this underwater effect!

  Since i discovered this site, I stopped listening to music. For the record, I cannot function without music.

  I live in a London suburb, and this site is simply perfect for blocking out the noises of the motorway outside. I tell everyone I can about this site, it's just so perfect!

  Combining this and the thunderstorm effect in the rain noise, makes a very realistic thunderstorm

  Fantastic to use for reading. I find it much easier to concentrate with something calming in the background.

  This noise lulls me into a calmer state of mind and allows me to concentrate on my work while still feeling a tie to the world around me.

  I listen to this all day at work. It drowns out the office noises, and keeps me really relaxed. And in a better mood!

  It helps me sleep.

  So relaxing

  This aural "walk" along a mountain stream is motivating me to get back to the Shenandoah National Park and start hiking!

  I'm in the desert on deployment... miss home...this helps me relax to fall asleep.

  This is so relaxing!

  I close my eyes and meditate with this playing in headphones.

  We used to have a fountain at our last house, where we hung wooden chimes above it. Hearing this combined with wooden chimes reminds me of it.

  Basically, this setting is a large river.

  Great Fun

  I use this to drown out noise and keep me quietly focused in a cubicle farm. Love it!

  I love this!!! It is so relaxing... zzzzzzzz...

  I'm using this to keep me concentrated for my essay writing.

  Very relaxing.

  Just a calm constant flow, relaxing me when nothing else would!

  This is a loud underwater sound I remember after jumping right in.

  I have subjective tinititus and I find the ambient sounds on this site (particularly the running water sound) to relieve and calm me: essentially providing respite from the high-pitched noise I hear whenever I am indoors. This site is truly awesome! Thank you!!


  The most serene and refreshing place I know is on a rock next to a small mountain falls. This sound enabled me to recreate the same atmosphere and meditate. Let your worries flow away with each rivulet and let the water wash you clean.

  Makes you fall asleep so easy!

  Amazing. I could actually feel my body relax when I got the calibration right. Thank you!

  This to me sounds like a calm river with a waterfall in the background. <3

  This custom noise reminds me of the creek at my grandmother's house :).

  Outstanding, thank you! To a professional musician, the quality of the generators, the presets, and the fine/tuning of all of these is very impressive and exciting.As a light (sound-sensitive!) sleeper, noise generators transform the quality of my sleep, and by extension, the quality of my waking hours. Thank you for this exceptional, and exceptionally designed, website. Dani Oore.

  If I open the website again in a new window, I can open two sounds at once. My favorite is to have the stream noise on and then add a touch of birdcalls from the slider in the jungle noise generator.

  When I first jumped on this site, I wasn't feeling that well, but after listening to this I felt so much better and more at ease. It's really soothing to listen to this.

  I always found that sitting by a stream seemed to help me come up with ideas. Having this at work really seems to help me focus on what I'm meant to be doing....except when I'm writing testimonials for this site obviously!

  I've never experienced such soothing moments in my life. Thank you so much, I love the sound of nature and these noises make it as if I'm right there. Just close your eyes, and drift away...

  This noise makes me think of a water source, you've been on a nice leasurly walk in the countryside, and you stop to have a picknic or something by the start of a small river: nice, calm and relaxing/

  ← Raging River. The noise in the background helps me when I'm studying or sometimes trying to sleep.

  This is great ambiance for studying or focusing on other work. It reminds me of a stream in Rocky Mountain National Park, so it's comforting, and takes me away from the dorm setting while helping me focus. Plus, it never gets annoying!

  This is probably my favorite setting for this noise maker. This site is the best. Really.

  This is the most underwater-y one I could make.

  You're running from the Chasers. You find yourself in the woods, illegal book in tow, ready to read... But you forgot to bring water! This is the most welcome sound.

  This one really helps me get inspired! It's also super relaxing to listen to when I write.

  I've always been so frustrated with how I could never find the ambiance I wanted on youtube. Now I can make my own! Thank you so much for this site!! :)

  From river to mountain stream. Awesome sound!

  I think it sounds like a realistic river.

  A stream is the most effective solution when I am very nervous... The tricky thing with a river is, you can't take it with you, so I'm glad to hold onto this one.

  It's much easier to focus on studying because it easily drowns out sudden noises and other noises you hear in college dorms.

  ← Underwater

  I love this. It's comforting, and it helps me focus on my school work without my getting into trouble for listening to music on youtube (I'd get in trouble because once the song was over, I'd have to stop what I was doing and go click another song) as I work.

  It's perfect. *-*

  This noise is of a bubbling creek running through a forest. It is a very natural, quiet, and calming noise that helped me reach serenity after being quite stressed.

  I have certain anxieties and this really helps me calm down.

  Peaceful Stream. The noise in the background helps me when I'm studying or sometimes trying to sleep.

  It helps me relax and get in the mood to write.

  I honestly love this site. Simply writing to this stuff is peaceful. Helps me get work done!

  ← Watery water

  The water stream noise is the perfect background when I'm trying to concentrate on writing!

  The noise is so calming. Truthfully I have a hard time sleeping, with this I am happy listening to the soothing noise having a good time sleeping

  I was in a rotten mood but this started to calm me down and wow I'm so glad this exists!

  Melts all my worries.

  It's like your in a stream, I personally like it for relaxing.

  It's a bit of a cross between rain and a stream and ooooh is it relaxing.

  That remind me spain when I was in the mountains and there were a little landscapes and water streams that sound was like that.