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When myNoise users began requesting a noise generator built around beeps and digital glitches, I thought it might be a good challenge for my sound design skills. I was once a sound designer for a synthesizer manufacturer, and with this generator my goal was to create a cross-over between noise and electronic music. Rest assured: No electronic devices were harmed during the creation of this soundscape! ;-)

As the title states, the Animation feature is almost mandatory for this one!

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  Constantly evolving and never annoying... Thank you so much!

  Feels like a Portal game.

  Helps me focus while studying.

  Android and robot dance parties to study to..

  This website is the coolest website ever! OMG! This one "Circuit Bending" is crazy good! But, I'm only just getting started sampling what's available and this is insane! Donate to this guy!

  I’m a robot.

  Loud and cool.

 Best thing ever.

 Reminds me of life as an android <3

 This setting is absolutely wonderful! Kept me focused throughout the day which was just what I needed! :)

 Sounds like an Autechre track, I like it.

 Just set the tape speed control to "F# Speed x2" and enjoy the madness all around you.

 Ok... but they are not circuit bending sounds :)

 So cool! It really makes you think some intense action scene is about to take place.

 Load Circuit Bending.Set to Drum n Bass.Load Guitar Mashup.Set to Wow Factor.Increase Guitar Mashup volume by two clicks.Tinker to taste for maximum Cyberpunk feels.Enjoy.

 I like it with the first three rythum channels loud and the last two channels silent.

 Cybernetic future. Humans no longer need body to survive. Our cyber-bodies are talking to each other about weather and politics. Pretty amazing sci-fi background.

 Like the Sentionaut(s) in Beyond the Black Rainbow! <3

 Sounds like a soundtrack for a tense moment in a sci-fi movie. Absolutely love it.

 Freaking! PLEASE play this during laser tag :D

 For some reason, this really sounds great combined with the Church generator with everything muted but the steps slider, noise slider, and thunder slider.

 Thus far, my favorite combination on this site is this with columns 2 6 and 9 set to about half way and the rest bottomed, with a modded himalayan voices (drop columns 6, 9, 10, and curve the rest in toward 6 in a sort of reverse check mark). Very cyberpunk.

 Sounds so futuristic. I love it.

 I enjoy listening to techno music at work. I find this mix is similar enough to work for me, without distracting lyrics, ads or connection issues.

 I do like circuit bending fast and loud. Having perfect-pitch, it is essentially aligned in C+. It always comes back to C+. I appreciate each slider appear to have a different repeat period. (Is this true?) I would be interesting to have other circuit bending in 'other' keys.Thanks! -FDAF

 This sounds like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher to me. Fantastic!

 Your Robot Buddy! Be sure to animate him...

 Try playing 4 at once with animate on max!!!

 It's strangely and surprisingly helpful for concentrating... its great, thanks!

 The Muse for me has always lived within the frequencies of wayyy prehistoric to wayyy futuristic... I dare you to taste the combination of Curcuit Bending and Cave Chime. Perhaps a dab of Distant Thunder to make the experience complete?

 Occasionally I get a little anxious when listening to this noise because I'm afraid of the sound of sirens and amber alerts, as well as radio broadcasting emergency noises. However, I think this sound is really useful and interesting. It gets my brain working by sending different and unique patterns of signals to my ears. In a way, it sounds as if a computer is speaking in its language to me.

 An upbeat rhythm to keep me up! This is helping me write my paper. The library is both too noisy and too quiet. The noise masks the fans and the conversations while the music gives me something to process in the back of my head. Thank you!

 Aggressive war machine! I can read its thoughts... and anticipate every move!

 It's like my computer is trying to speak to me through electronic disco...

 This combined with the Impulse Noise generator on Ultra Noise is perfect for programming!

 I love this! It's really cool when combined with Saturn Rings's Cassini Spacecraft, I may try it out next time I get to studying...

 A techno song. Awesome!

 This whole generator reminds me of the sounds created by musique concrte artists, such as Morton Subotnick, and the electronic tonalities of Louis & Bebe Barron. Thanks for contributing more wonderful sounds to Avant-Garde music :)

 So cool! Sounds like Artoo-Detoo trying to talk to me! I love the series of synthesized beats, beeps, and chirps; I feel like I'm on the bridge of a Corellian Corvette listening to the droids and computers calculating the jump to light speed. This generator set on Digitally Controlled Oscillators paired with the Bridge setting on the Warp Speed generator yields a mind-blowing effect!

 Kinda Dub-Step Groove

 Love mixing this with "Data Center". Makes me feel like I am in some super futuristic computing center.

 This is amazing for studying chemistry! The second slider reminds me a little of the music from Portal games. Very cool!

 I'm starting to think that the good doctor is psychic, as this generator came out right as I began to write a novel about artificial intelligence, androids, and robotics in general. This is beyond perfect.

 These wonderful little pops, particularly from the orange slider are triggering my ASMR mildly, but frequently. It feels terrific.

 So AWESOME!!! Try it on animate at max speed!

 Oh my goodness! This is amazing for focus and inspiration. Since I'm a homeschooler, I spend a lot of time online, studying. This works wonders for an active mind! God bless you, Dr. Pigeon.

 I am a competitive gamer, and I get distracted easily at tournaments from crowds and background sounds. I have tried to listen to music before, but that distracts me from the game. Usually, I prefer the in game sounds, but that is not possible to hear clearly at bustling competitions. However, this track is AMAZING! It gets me hyped without the anxiety and gets my mind in the game. Great job!

 Ah, it gets me so upbeat and active! My motivation has plummeted recently, so this really helps.

 Oh my good golly gosh, a Portal 2 music generator. What a time to be alive! Listening to this gives me more thoughts than I usually have; absolutely perfect for brainstorming![I am an artist]

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