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Sweep Noise
10-band Sweep Noise Generator
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White Noise Wind

Sweep Noise is made by frequency peaks whose sweeping produces the same spectrum as Static White Noise but only as an average over time. Sweep Noise can often be used at lower levels than conventional White Noise, because of the higher energy located in those frequency peaks. Sweep noise can be found in natural sounds such as Wind Noise and Ocean Waves.

Published on August 5th, 2013

User Stories

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  I come back to this one over and over. It sets a mood for my daily writing and meditation. I layer it with Medieval Library and just go deep into the zone of imagination.


  This noise is exhilarating while calming at the same time. I love it - great for sleeping and working!

  Nice. If you remove all the instruments and vocals from Van Halen's 1st 3 albums, this is the phaser sound you are left with! Just change the speed up and down from time to time.

  Just some nice, mechanically-generated wind. For some reason I personally prefer this over the actual Wind noises here on MyNoise, even though I usually prefer more natural sounds.

  I find this generator really stands out as one of the most fascinating tools offered here for sonically guiding extended and very deep, almost psychedelic, mediation.... IMO it feels dark, and can be a heavy embrace, so good for shadow work. Thank you!

  I've been sticking with white noise (and sometimes 'cafe') for years, but I think sweep noise is my new favourite - thank you!

  I use myNoise to drown out talking and comotion. I am an easily distracted kid and my noise has help me focus so well! Thank you myNoise!

  This helps me focus in class.

  Sweep noise is so calming. I t sounds like waves. It has such a cool pattern to the sound. Thanks for this generator. It would also be cool if there was a synthetic noise generator, but it savored in amplitude (waves of amplitude). Thanks.

  I love to listen while doing schoolwork, as it helps me focus. I have somewhat severe adhd, and I need daily medication to even be able to start an assignment. Thanks for this, Stephane!

  I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover sweep noise! It pairs great with ASMR videos.

  I love this noise for blocking the sound of TV in the next room so I can get some work done.

  Amazing for sleep!

  Realy love this noise - works wonders when trying to work and reach a state of firm concentration.

  You are trapped in a howling snowstorm. As your temperatures drop, you stop to listen to the sounds around you. The beauty of them make you forgot your cold. Rescue comes in time, but not before this sound is imprinted on your mind forever. You will always miss it...

  Hi, it's been a while since I have been here. This is because thanks to my efforts and your website, I have finally habituated to my tinnitus and I have a normal life. The sound that really made it for me was this one. Your website was vital piece in helping me beating this tinnitus. I still have it but my brain easily turns it off whenever I want. Thanks again!

  Also perfect for ear testing stereo cross-talk of DACs.

  When I was going through withdrawal from some pretty serious psychiatric medication I had been put on I would hear upsetting and distracting noises when I blinked or moved my eyes or head as if someone was shaking a jar of rocks or pouring sand inside of my head. Ironically enough, this generator that sounded the most similar to that feeling helped the most and kept me sane most of the time.

  Someone is blowing sand into my ears, sweeping my brain clean!

  I am a tinnitus sufferer and this one is the best... soothing, masking sound. I can work for hours on my computer and completely forget my tinnitus although I still put the sweep noise under the tinnitus sound (30