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White Noise Wind

Sweep Noise is made by frequency peaks whose sweeping produces the same spectrum as Static White Noise but only as an average over time. Sweep Noise can often be used at lower levels than conventional White Noise, because of the higher energy located in those frequency peaks. Sweep noise can be found in natural sounds such as Wind Noise and Ocean Waves.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  Also perfect for ear testing stereo cross-talk of DACs.

  When I was going through withdrawal from some pretty serious psychiatric medication I had been put on I would hear upsetting and distracting noises when I blinked or moved my eyes or head as if someone was shaking a jar of rocks or pouring sand inside of my head. Ironically enough, this generator that sounded the most similar to that feeling helped the most and kept me sane most of the time.

  Someone is blowing sand into my ears, sweeping my brain clean!

  I am a tinnitus sufferer and this one is the best... soothing, masking sound. I can work for hours on my computer and completely forget my tinnitus although I still put the sweep noise under the tinnitus sound (30% of max sound on my computer) for habituation purposes.

  It feels like someone's spraying sand through my ears and into my brain... it tickles. Why is it such a nice feeling? XD

  My tinnitus is sweeping and pulsing in nature. The sweep noise generator set to the white noise preset is the perfect mask and gives such soothing relief. It's like a digital surf beach!

  I love this. It sounds like cars on a wet street passing below my window.

  I feel like this is cleaning out my ears

  The desert sands are spraying in the wind.

  When I moved to another apartment I was terrified with a car traffic outside my window, but now Sweep Noise generator miraculously blocks 99% of car sounds even at a low volume. If you want some music along with it, try Music For Airports by Brian Eno. Combined, they create wonderful images of isolation and movement. Makes you feel you are nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

  Sounds like there's a bunch of sand cleaning out my brain... in a good way. Calming and relaxing!

  Better with the "Animate!" button. Trust me.

  Sweep noise is really awesome. It really helped me a lot to concentrate in what I'm doing in each moment. Best therapy in the world.

  It's like a sand storm on Vvardenfell.

  This is the sound I use when I absolutely cannot focus at work (long day, noisy cube-mates, etc.). Indispensable!

  Oh my God, it feels like I have some sand in my head and it's moving from right to left, like cleaning my head. It's both amazing and kinda scary. It feels like something is in my brain!

  It's like magic! I set it to animate and I can instantly focus 10 times better on anything I'm trying to read or write. It makes me think of wind in the desert.

  Like sand, cleaning your brain...

  The Sweep noise sounds like cars passing by on a wet road, especially the gray sweep. Kinda cool.

  The sounds of mythical sands for miles around.

  I just heard about this from some online writing groups, and I thought I'd try it. It's hard to describe, but I find myself relaxed and energized at the same time! It's the right combination of those two that work best for me to help me focus on whatever I need to do. I may be back soon, and I'll recommend this to others!

  I have some hearing loss. I love the calibration feature on this page! It works for every new type of noise on this site, and it's customized just for me. The sweep noise is perfect for helping me to concentrate at work; I'm easily distracted, and this particular noise helps me to zoom in with laser-like focus on my work. I'm so delighted to have found this site!

  I cant even truly describe what this is doing to me, but the feeling brings a smile to my face. It sounds just, right.

  A sound in which one can, if skilled in the art of meditation, can clear his/her mind and focus on a task whilst clearing any negativity, this is by far the one of the most practical noises I have used on this site. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking concentration.

  Not sure if this is a common response, but my left ear began tingling after about two-three hours every time the sweeping sound would reach my left ear, it is strange, I wonder how about the unknown and sometimes spend hours leisurely theorizing how to understand these things, I love gaining higher self awareness, we can use our senses to destroy negative thoughts. If they are there, be grateful.

  Sounds like a perfect beach day.

  I live in a house full of noisy roommates - this website has definitely improved my ability to study and work from home!

  This is awesome. Multi-bands allow settings to cover noises in every spectrum (high mid or low) and the noise circulation has a very natural feel, amking it the only noise generator that you can hear over long periods. I live upstairs to a music cafe, trust me this helps a lot.

  Almost has an edge of the volcano feel, along with a dash of freefall and a hint of wind.

  It's like I'm on a long drive and there's a storm, combined with the sea... So soothing. I listen to this whenever I read or draw.

  Throw this on with some classic music of your choice and you get the best study session imaginable. So glad I found this site in time for exams.

  The white setting is great for masking tinnitus. It even works at a lower level than conventional white noise.

  I find the rain generator to be very soothing, both while falling asleep and studying. I can't listen to music at night, because I can't fall asleep to noise, but this is natural and soothing and I can fall asleep to it just fine!

  When I'm sharing a room with people who snore or I'm staying somewhere without my fan, the rain helps me sleep through the night, and when my nerves are shot, this helps resport them.

  I Love this...

  Relaxing deep

  Its like sitting under your porch in the middle of a thunder storm

  Just the perfect amount of rain sounds

  I've always loved the sound of rain, and now it's right here at my fingertips! This is so calming, and I always use it when I write or do homework. I'm in love with this generator!

  Just the right amount of distant thunder without jolting you out of bed in the middle of the night.

  Makes you fall asleep!

  I grew up in Florida, so the sound of rain is the one thing that I can always count on to help me fall asleep. This custom here just sounds similar to the same sounds I've spent many nights falling asleep to in my bed back home.

  This is the sound of the perfect rain, the kind of rain that hits your window while resting in bed. Relaxing and does wonders when studying.

  ← Rain on a tent

  I love the sound of rain, so I always turn this on to escape from the noise of my family!

  Ah, rain! The calming sound rain makes.

  This reminds me of summers and home. I can feel myself relaxing.

  I love it! It calms me down! <3

  Wow - Many Rain - Much Relax - Such Thanks - Very Sound - So Nice - Wow

  This is literally the best site in the world.

  I recently heard about this site from someone I know online and they said it helps them sleep. I can see, rather hear, why.

  I often have trouble sleeping at night due to night terrors. Listening to the sound of rain relaxes me and lulls me to sleep, even on the worst nights, and calms me down when I'm upset after losing a game or two of League. It's very soothing. I'm so glad I found this site.

  Really helps relieve my tension headaches.

  I LOVE the sweep noise in the brown register. I use it on my sleep phone headband to sooth me as I go to sleep and to block out other noises. I combine it with deep fan noise and rain noise in the lower registers. Heaven! Thank you.

  Eternal waves

  Reminds me of when i go outside alone on an Autumn day and let my imagination take hold. That quiet wind you know only you hear.

  The calibrated Sweep Noise running parallel with calibrated Ice Drone gives me a great nights sleep as it masks the Tinnitus in my right ear beautifully. I will be supporting this site regularly. Thank you!

  Perfect at drowning out the noise of the road outside.

  Thank You so much it has allowed me to relax and unwind from hectic days and nights.

  Very relaxing and peaceful. It has motion and it's got energy, but it is also tranquil.

  I've played many RPG games and this sounds exactly like the spirit world in them. I find it both peaceful and nostalgic.

  Wind, feels soothing, even if it doesn't touch me. It stimulates my imagination and I write better.

  I've tried and enjoyed several of the generators, but I keep coming back to the Sweep Noise. It's fun to find something calming yet eerie, like this setting.

  This, to me, sounds something like a desert wind blowing sand everywhere. Very relaxing.

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