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Four Seasons in One Day

I have recorded this soundscape during a two-day hike along brooks and rivers in the Forest of Ardennes, a region of extensive woods, rough terrain and rolling hills in Belgium. The weather was changing, as it can be at the beginning of April - alternating chilly mornings and warm afternoons. In less than an hour, the weather can change from springtime sunshine to winter sleet.

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  This is a lovely noise to take you away from the office and into nature - except there's some sound in there (a bird I think?) that is just like a text message sending!

  This site was linked to me by a reddit post, probably the best site like this that I've ever been to. I usually use it for work, to drown out the noise as I am distracted very easily. The best part is there's so many sounds I can't get used to it so it continues to be effective.

  Your page is amazing, Dr. S!!! After donating I was able to browse your world. It's so soothing as I'm hypersensitive and the noises help me to focus on my work. It's completely worth every penny :-)

  I work in a desert environment that rarely sees rain. This soundscape helps me relax, de-stress, and remember kinder climates.

  I listen to this every day in online school. This is a lifesaver!

  Man, this is the best soundscape on this site! (In my opinion)

  This instantly got me in the zone to do a task I've been putting off for 2 months!! So grateful for the amazing content on this site and how regularly new noises are added.

  I once showed my friend my bedtime music at a sleepover (myNoise), and they were like "no way!" until they turned it on and fell asleep to it too (specifically this generator)! You really work miracles, Dr. Pigeon!

  This is so relaxing and evocative - it provides a way of escaping modern every day life and replenishing your inner wellbeing. THANK YOU so much for this tool xxx

  This reminds me so much of camping and I can't stop smiling!

  Very nice! Makes me feel like I'm actually in a forest sitting near a stream. Very relaxing! Thank you so much for making this soundscape.

  The birds in here are so good. Definitely a new favorite.

  Wow, this is the best!

  My wife and I go cycling regularly in the Ardennes. It's a stunningly beautiful and quiet region! This soundscape is now bringing the Ardennes to my home office, superb!

  A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!

  Rolling with the theme of this soundscape, I like setting up an animation on the 'deep' setting - so the noise of the rain, the birdsong, the wind and the stream rises and falls. It adds some variety to my background noise without being distracting. I love this website, it's helped me so much during a stressful period.

  Just lovely! The sound of rain through the birdsong is soothing and relaxes my restless mind. Stephane, your dedication to your art benefits so many people, and I am very grateful to have found your site nearly two years ago. Bless you. DB

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