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Keeping Alert

You procrastinated for too long. You know you can still finish the work on time, but there is no time to waste anymore.

When I composed this soundtrack, I fantasied about a secret agent who had only a couple hours to crack a code. I wanted this generator to sound tense, but in an entertaining way; it had to be a sound that keeps you alert and motivated without interfering with your focus. Did I succeed? Please tell me in the comment section below.

This generator hides two gems: a contribution from our friend Torley under the light blue slider, and a long pad that could be a generator by itself under the dark blue slider. Give them a try, separately or together.

Published on August 8th, 2022

User Stories

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  This one helps me to stay focused while doing urgent tasks. Love it!

  I love this new one! It helps me concentrate while writing for my Master's program that always seems to have something due in just a couple hours...

  Makes me think of the movie thriller "Allied" staring Brad Pitt.

  Oooh, this makes me want a Kraftwerk music generator...

  There are two phases to every project: 1) we have enough time, and 2) uh oh...

  Yes, definitely you succeeded.

  Yes! You succeeded!

  Incredible! Love it! Thx Doc!

  This is so very much like a composite sound generator, "Creative Tension", I made for my writing sessions! This is exactly that vibe, but custom made by Dr. Pigeon himself! Thanks you, Stéphane!

  This is perfect for my ADHD brain while working nightshift, coding and feeling like a super spy. Must go, have to save the world!

  Instant favourite... It reminds me of some cyberpunk or scifi alternative future instead of an undercover spy... Which is far better to me!!! Thanks mr. Pigeon.

  It helps me on my writing... A little bit like the Cliff Martinez's OST from Drive. Thank you.

  I like it!

  D-marked work.

  Another Now Loading...

  It's between Take It Easy! and Circuit Bend and sets the mood of a digital bad trip.

  This generator is amazing! You succeeded my friend!

  This one would certainly fit a video game section where one is planning an elaborate infiltration mission.

  Great for learning coding! Thank you once again mister!

  Great for writing: it is entertaining enough to keep me focused, but not distracting. Thanks!