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A Little History...

When myNoise began in April of 2013, the concept of online noise generators was on the rise. At the time, only a few noise-generating websites existed: Simply Noise, for synthetic white noise; Rainy Mood, for the sound of rain; and Coffitivity, for coffee shop noise generation. A little later came the now famous Noisli, which this generator emulates.

Although the principle of Noisli is similar to myNoise, Noisli offers a different feel. Its user interface is extremely simple and gives instant access to many different sounds at once, allowing to create a wide variety of soundscapes from a single page. Noisli is also known for its charming visual touch and ever-changing background color.

Today, a lot of other websites have built themselves around the same concept, such as A Soft Murmur, Soundrown and Defonic to name a few. There is even a Noisli clone with horror sounds called Horrorli. Most of these websites rely on audio files available under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. These files can be used by anyone as long as their sources are credited.

This generator uses (almost) the same sound sources as those used by Noisli, in combination with the myNoise audio engine. Creative Common source attributions are listed below.


This soundscape is a derivative work of Thunder Storm by RHumphries (CC-BY) • Stream by mystiscool (CC-BY) • Morning in the Country by inchadney (CC-BY) • Bonfire, Waves on a Sandy Beach and Aspen Tree in Strong Wind by juskiddink (CC-BY) • Natural Wind by MikaF (CC-BY) • Rainstorm by Esh9419 (CC0) • Cricket Texas by martypinso (CC0).

Testimonials - write yours here

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  I found some odd words come to mind while listening to this... I hope this is normal... Beautiful sounds, it helped me write a lot of stories, thank you!

  I use this one to feel like now my sunset is gone and the night has taken over -PoeticAngel

  You're surrounded by the forest, the river, and fire. Does this sound relaxing or what?

  You're sitting in your wooden cabin; the backdoor is open. You've got your fireplace on, and it's raining outside. "Ah, this is the life.", you quietly whisper to yourself.

  This setting is so relaxing!

  I like this one. It sounds like you're in the middle of the forest, with no one with you. You're by a stream, and you dip your face in... It's relaxing

  I love the feeling of danger when I listen to this one. It feels amazing.

  I have a hard time deciding which generator to listen to sometimes and this setting gives me my favourite sounds at a peaceful ambient volume that I can use pretty much anytime. Reminds me of a quiet lakeside forest at twilight during heat lightning and thunder.

  This makes me feel like I'm out camping in the summer with a storm approaching.

  I use this when I'm doing school and it is so amazing. High bonfire, thunderstorm and leaves settings and medium of others is so amazing. I love it!

  Fall leaves and a bonfire. Brisk, warm and cozy.

  This feels like sitting outside in the summer. It's really nice.

  Nice summer evening, light rain, small creek in the background, gentle wind rustling the leaves. Incredibly relaxing for me.

  It's perfect. I love closing my eyes and daydreaming while I listen to this. It makes me relax and feel just good. When I listen to this it makes me feel like anything is possible. It's perfect for getting snug on the couch with some milk.

  Crickets and leaves, coupled with low level gregorian voices... and I'm back in South of France, visiting around these old abbeys in summer time.

  I love thing so much. It really is relaxing and helps focusing. I miss the sound of footsteps though. Because I'm always in "animate-mode", it feels like wandering around through nature. And the sound of my own footsteps would complete that feeling. :-) Edited: footsteps can be found in Spring Walk.

  Eastern Sea Breeze with a distant thunderstorm. If I close my eyes I can see the sun beginning to set.

  Graham crackers, chocolate. Now where did I put the marshmallows?

  Camping on a quiet beach, brings back so many memories!

  Summer night. Bonfire. Crickets.

  This is a truly relaxing setting; a calm forest afternoon, with not a care in the world.

  This setting reminds me of a camping trip... I find it so peaceful and it brings back so many good memories. my new favorite sound to fall asleep to.

  I think this one is my favorite so far. The birds have really been nice mid winter during exam study seshes. Plus the thunder and water noises coming and going are just beautiful! This along with zoo webcams of giraffe and other animals have really made studying a whole lot easier!

  This is an absolutely beautiful setting that sounds to me as if one would be sailing on the sea. With just the right amount of wind and rain and just the slightest hint of a storm brewing in the distance, this setting makes me feel alive and ready to conquer anything that comes my way.

  Okay, no preset needed; this sound generator is a perfect demonstration of the Meditation Room! This quickly became my favorite due to the variety of sounds that keep my Adult Attention Deficit Disorder in check, helping me concentrate on my work.

  This sound like someone having a bath next to a fire and I love it.

  Birds chirping, and a storm in the distance!

  ← I call this 'A Storm Is Brewing'. Imagine you're in a small cabin out in the woods and the wind starts to pick up and thunder booms!

  Stormy night perfect for amping you up for something.

  Nice! I used to use Noisli and it is wonderful to see this here.

  Dune picnic :)

  Feels like camping in the woods, without the mosquitos.

  Sitting on a beach early in the morning. Peaceful Bliss.

  An ominously windy night! Fun settings to play with :D

  A tropical island at night. I almost feel asleep to this.

  I tried to get a Skyrim feel to this, I love the sound of Winter winds, the snow whipping up into your face, the wind howling all around... It's perfect.

  This is so great. Mixing my favourites all on one page. Love it!

  My favorite sounds all in one place. So awesome!

  It's all my favorites, all in one.

  This is simply lovely. Thank you very much.

  I tried combinations like thunderstorm, bonfire and summer night or leaves, forest and rain. The combinations are awesome; I don't have to open several pages at once :)

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