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Mermaids Calling
Magic Generator Series
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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

User Stories

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•  I hope the noises keep on coming. This site is a magical place really.

•  Enchanting, mesmerising, magical; simply transcendental!

•  This helped me focus in my science class when everything was loud and annoying. SO SO SO SO SO good for focus or sleep aid.

•  The waves crashing and the humming is truly beautiful. I love the enchanting feeling I get when I listen! Very helpful!

•  I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, but I truly feel like I do. This really helps me. Thanks myNoise

•  Wow, this is beautiful! The ethereal chanting of the mermaids, the tranquil breathing of the waves, the joyful chattering of the dolphins... Idyllic.

•  I recently started working from home (yay!), and realized quickly that without some kind of noise in the background, I have trouble focusing and start to drift (not yay!). I've been a patron for years, but I hadn't sampled more than a few of the sounds. I tried Mermaids Calling on a whim, and WOW! It's soothing and ethereal, but keeps me awake and sharp. Amazing generator!

•  This site is so very worth it. Becoming a patron is SO worth it. I have ADHD and am SO picky about sounds and ambiance, and I tend to not like pre-set recordings very much, so the ability to control the balance and customize these already incredibly high-quality sounds is SUCH a godsend for my insanely detail-oriented, chronically-understimulated brain. Thank you so, so much.

•  This is my second testimonial but I have to write another. I just became a patron and it is WORTH IT. I have always been obsessed with nature and ambient sounds since I was little and if I had the talent, time and dedication you put into this site, this is exactly what I would have come up with also... it's just that perfect for me. GREAT JOB!! I always recommend this site to people!

•  Beautiful every time.

•  So much gratitude for the amazing work on this site. This site calms me when needed, otherwise augments my moods and even has helped my family be more engaged and in tune with the sounds in the world around us. Mermaids Calling truly is magic, like it was made just for my truest, innermost self. Thank you thank you thank you.

•  This reminds me of The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock, toward the end. "I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me." This is definitely the haunting song he heard far away but doesn't think is meant for him. Beautiful.

•  Profoundly relaxing and soothing, with a hint of eerie beckoning from a dark beyond. Simply genius.

•  Absolutely magical. I love the way that the siren song is variable in sound; it fades in and out so you can appreciate just the sound of the water, enjoy it altogether, and get these really lovely siren songs by themselves too. It doesn't feel like an audio loop, it feels like each second is truly unique!

•  I've always found the sound of water calming. I play this with Twilight and it truly is magical.

•  This is unbelievable. Hats off to the people who made this - I absolutely love it. Completely magical, we could all use some of this in our lives!

•  Close your eyes and be washed away into the horizon. Sweet voices lull you into a daze as you are rocked by the ocean waves. With every breath, you drift further away, seduced by the enchanting melody.

•  Love this generator! I'm playing it alongside Folk Tradition and it sounds like mermaids singing off the shores of Scotland. Very foreboding and moody, so far my favorite pairing.

•  One of the best, most beautiful and relaxing sound of myNoise. I usually don't like trebles but these appease me.

•  God, I can't sleep lately so I keep coming back to this site to help me out. I have complete and absolute faith in it now, to help me either fall asleep, or at least be very very soothed so it's easier to do so. I'm willing to bet money I'm going to fall asleep listening right now. Thank you.<3

•  Holy cow! I got an absolutely beautiful medley of sweetly-singing voices, creepily-singing voices, under water sounds, and twinkly sounds! I feel like I won the lottery for this one. I'm so grateful for those credits because there's no way I was losing this combination!

•  This generator inspired me to donate the first time and I use it so often I'll continue to donate. The combination of calming waves and water with the vocals relaxes me more than anything else. When I'm stressed or tired I know that the mermaids will always assist me.

•  Wow! My "lucky draw" sounded almost like Enigma!! There was even a girl whispering in the background who sounded just like Sandra, lol. That's probably how Michael Cretu was creating his music. I donated just to be able to save this hit as MP3. You rock, Thanks so much!

•  I pair Mermaids Calling with Healing Water and I am obsessed! This combination is ethereal but still feels like it exists somewhere on Earth. I feel like I've been transported to an oasis from my dreams, and I am able to release tensions and allow my mind to think freely.

•  Mermaids Calling has me ready to leave all my Earthly possessions behind and take a dive in a faraway turquoise bay in the Mediterranean. I think I'm in love.

• I discovered this website thanks to a post on Tumblr believe it or not! Ever since my first time visiting I have enjoyed so many different beautiful soundscapes, music and tonal drones that relax me and lift my soul. I listen to them almost every day! The Magic Generators are 100% worth donating.

• This track right here has convinced me that I should 100% become monthly supporter. I've used many of this site's music for my D&D campaign and for studying/sleeping and honestly there's very little match to anything else I can find for it. This generator in particular is just so encapsulating and beautiful; I cannot express my love for this.

• However much I surf on this side, I keep coming back to this one. I've had several draws that were so beautiful I simply had to get the audio file. Now I have a playlist, which I often listen to when travelling. All the generators on this site are soothing or inspiring or creative, but this one is all three.

• I’ve been coming to this site for years. I was in an abusive situation, and there were times that it felt like the only way out was suicide. I’d come to this website instead, and meditate to the chimes or sounds of water, and it helped heal my heart enough to keep going and to get out of that situation. $5 isn’t a big enough thank you, so I’ll keep giving.

• Love those Mermaids. Like to have this and the new Pebble Beach playing together. I feel like I'm sitting on the shore at sunrise, watching the Merms braid plaits of seaweed and beautiful shells into their hair. As the sun rises higher in the sky, I can no longer see them because the sun is blinding bright. So instead, I close my eyes and just. Listen.

• I hope this one stays around because it's been an inspiration! I'm always writing fiction, and I write my stories through sound and music, often using movie sound tracks to illustrate/depict a scene. Mermaids has been the answer I've been looking in my search for and eerie, yet comforting world. Thank you for your services!

• I've been a patron for a bit because I absolutely adore the quality of the recordings, the diversity of what's offered and I've found some favorite gens I cannot live without and wanted to say thanks. However, I've never tried the magic gens until today. Just beautiful. I feel like I'm in another world. This was precisely what I needed right now.

• Yup, ditto what's been said. I donated $100. Glad I did. You will be, too. [Note from the editor : I'm speechless]

• This really is my favourite of the magic series. There are some days I turn it on and it could be the soundtrack to a fantasy film with music and ambiance. The next time I turn it on, I'm walking on the beach with no sound but wind, water and waves, following the sound of whispers and siren song.

• Ever since I found this website it's been a major blessing to me to drown out the background noise of my environment so I can focus on my own projects. It's an amazing means of meditation as well. I'm so glad I became a patron, because now I have access to even more of the wonderful content provided by myNoise. I have to say, Mermaids Calling is my new favorite ~<3

• I only donated because I wanted to show my gratitude for hundreds of nights that I could sleep because myNoise drowned out my tinnitus. I didn't expect the site to get any more amazing. But then I turned on this generator, and I was just blown away. This is such a beautiful soundscape, no matter which combination I get with each new load. Truly magical. Thanks for everything, Stephane <3

• I was listening on default for a while, and then hit the keyboard shortcut for brown noise by mistake. It was like I was finally dragged underwater after fighting for a long time and I am unconscious, but at peace.

• This is the most wonderful and magical thing I have ever heard. It's great for concentrating on my work, thank you so much for this!

• This is absolutely the most mesmerizing soundscape I have found on here. I use this site to study religiously and the Magic Generators are now my new favorite thing. This was worth the donation 100 times over. Mermaids Calling is actually magical. I am blown away, thank you so much!

• This is great background music whenever I'm doing my homework! Definitely worth the donation. You can also get some really creepy noises occasionally, which is also pretty cool. Goes well with the Brooks and Streams magic generator.

• I absolutely love Mermaids Calling; this mix makes me feel like the main character in a deep underwater fantasy! Definitely worth the donation!! <3

• It usually takes me a while to find a soundscape that suits my tastes, but once I do, this is easily the best generator on this site. It really makes me feel like I'm swimming past the home of the sirens. Love it!

• Floating in the ocean with music playing around me, while fish dart by. So relaxing.

• LOVE Mermaids Calling. I have it on my laptop speaker and the living room and it's like a little bubble of sound that no one else notices. So soothing! I walk away and come back and it is like reentering my own private invisible environment. Headphones would be an obvious choice, but having the sound out there in the space around me is like wrapping my favorite pashmina around me.

• This is the best generator of all - so hauntingly beautiful and perfect for work, relaxation and creative writing. And if you get tired of it, just refresh and there's a whole new sound that's just as good but also differently beautiful. Thank you so much for this!

• Another new favorite. Wow.

• The sounds of this Magic Generator coalesce to form one amazing and soothing atmosphere. I'm a digital artist, and this really helps me focus and create art. The sounds of the singing, the whispering, the soft and mystical noises... It's all so amazing. Every time I listen to this I hope to hear the sirens. Sometimes I don't hear their voices, and sometimes I do. It's magical.

• I absolutely love it!

• Thank you so much for making this website, just made a donation. I suffer from tinnitus and your website is an absolute godsend. It gets me through the working day with my headphone in. Thank you thank you thank you!

• This magic generator got me through a year (and thousands of pages of readings worth) of law school.

• Blew my mind.

• This generator is beautiful in many different ways. :) Thank you for making it.

• Perfect for reading and when I'm writing!

• Wow, it sounds like the merpeople's song from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but with more waves. This sounds so cool!

• This is really my go-to sound on here. I just love how it all meshes together to give me something almost ethereal to listen to when I'm trying to focus. The combination of the water and bubbles, the almost chorus like ringing, the quiet chanting voice, all of it just comes together to make it an easy choice for me.

• Mermaids Calling is amazing. The haunting sounds of the Siren combined with the ebb and flow of the water has an intoxicating effect on me. I could listen to this for hours. Well to be honest, I DO listen to this for hours. If I had to choose just one series for the rest of my life, this will be the one. Thank you, Stephane, for all the peaceful and blissful feelings that you give me.

• This is by far my favorite magic generator. Something about watery sounds paired with quiet singing and/or whispering really gets my brain to focus.

• True Art! if you're looking for calmer sound waves to dock your ears in, this is what your looking for.

• The visuals from this combination are stunning. You can feel every tone flow through your senses.

• Immediately, the eerie voices seem strange. Then the first big wave hits and emotion follows. I'm not a meditator in any sense but an hour later I wake up from a state between asleep and awake having been through a journey of memories and vivid imaginations. I am now more clear about my goals and ready to pursue them. myNoise has become my calming escape where I recharge and reassess.

• If heaven exists, this would be it.

• Absolutely mesmerizing! I could listen to this for days! All of my negative thoughts and anxiety seems to be pacified by the wonderful tranquility that this generator produces. Thank you, Stephane, you have amazed me once again!

• I wish I could save it...

• God, I'm in love with this one. It got me to actually stop feeling terrible and study. It's also super soothing for falling sleep, especially because I love the ocean and the whole idea of sirens at sea.

• This is one of my favourite generators... exquisitely relaxing, atmospheric and very beautiful. A work of art, really.

• This is amazing. It's eerie and peaceful at the same time. Like a mermaid calling a sailor into the deep with promises of relaxation and beauty. Yet, when he wakes from her trance he finds himself a captive of the sea forever.

• I love the way it makes you feel submerged deep down in a ocean of mystery. Rather comfortable it is :)

• This one soothed me. I get headaches at work from stress and allergies. As soon as I started listening to this my headache faded. Thank you so much for putting this together.

• My favorite of all whenever I want a slightly creepy backrgound music to work on school work. 10/10

• Absolutely amazing! I love the sea and underwater generators the most (alongside with many of the tonal drones and maybe my new favorite: Circular Breeze) and this to me is the perfect combination.

• Calming, relaxing, simply beautiful. Using this one to calm down after a long and stressful day at work. I just love it!

• This is a fantastically eerie yet relaxing soundscape, especially with the Himalayan Voices and Evil Charm in the mix. It feels like the perfect ambient audio for exploring a creepy, watery cave in a video game. Thank you, Dr. Pigeon, for your time and talents.

• Amazing, sounds like a perfect setting for an eerie, haunted beach. Almost like investigating a shipwreck that cost the lives of people. The perfect atmosphere! <3

• This generator can be beautiful beyond words and very calming with the right combinations.

• Absolutely heavenly with the animate feature turned on.

• I love, love, love this Magic Generator. Soothing with a touch of weird.

• Really enjoy the version that incorporates the new Himalayan voices element. The mix of rushing water, eery ambiance (from Oblivion and Amnesis tracks) and the beautiful echoes of female song really live up to the name of this generator.

• This one is really my favourite, it's so calming and I love the eerie feel to it.

• I want to live there. Bloop!

• Wow... A few refreshes and I was greeted with a beautiful soundscape. Only wish I could save it ;)

• After a couple of refreshes I was greeted with a lovely, serene underwater landscape with scuba breathing. It was a perfect sound blend to work the day away.

• I usually steer clear of "eerie" generators, as I'm really sensitive to becoming worked up or uncomfortable, but when I saw a new Magic Generator had been released I HAD to try it. Though certainly eerie, this isn't scary, but gives you a feeling more like dissonance in music does. My imagination started up as soon as I heard this - I felt just like Odysseus lashed to his mast must have felt.

• I loved each one of these I got! I refreshed a few times and I found one that has simply put me in that perfect place. I feel like I'm swimming in a low-lit ocean cave, but it's not scary. Just calm and relaxing. Thank you so much for these interesting, beautiful mixes (: