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Earth, Wind... Water and Fire

Tierra Del Fuego, the Spanish words for Land of Fire is an archipelago off South America's southernmost tip. Its name came from sightings of the many natives' bonfires, when Europeans first discovered the islands during Magellan's expedition of 1520.

This soundscape relies on recordings performed in South Patagonia by Félix Blume, the renown sound artist with a passion for South America and its remote places. We are very grateful to Felix for granting us the use his sound sources!

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  This really is a lovely one for writing settings in hill country and mountains. I love the different mixes you can get on it. Beautiful and versatile!

  This is very nice. I always like the wind, thunder, and rain combo. The "prairie wind" and "patagonian forest" makes this one unique. I'm alone in the wilderness, looking up at the big open sky, the rain is cleansing my soul, and in this moment I am free. I do find the birds a little distracting, but adding just a hint of the birdsong, it makes the whole thing sound more real.

  A gorgeous deep, rumbly thunderstorm with scattered birdsong. Brings back memories of daytime summer storms in my rural farmhouse childhood.

  This generator might just be my new favourite, it's so soothing and really helps me focus! The birds just add that little something and on animation mode, it doesn't get boring to listen. Thank you!

  This is incredibly soothing and a great distraction-free background noise for work! Thank you :)

  Beautiful :) Usually I mute the birds because I find them a little distracting but you've sampled some really nice ones here! <3

  Oh, I love this one! The sounds and the birds are different from the other water/bird atmospheres, and the inclusion of thunder makes it very interesting :)

  I have a hard time when trying to concentrate on reading. This makes the perfect background noise to block out my surroundings and allow me to get into the right headspace to read.

  This has to be my favorite from this site! So relaxing, but also helps me to concentrate at college in noisy environments.

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