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Indian Drone
Frequency-Shaped Drone Generator
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Drones are built from a single, unbroken, musical note — sometimes a simple chord. Their harmonic content is the only characteristic evolving with time. Therefore, drones constantly balance listeners between two hearing states: the unchanging and steady sound, and the ever-evolving tone.

The ever-evolving texture gives your mind something to focus on, while the constant pitch makes it virtually impossible to concentrate on anything but the sound you hear. Therefore, drones offer a very pronounced hypnotic character and are ideal for washing your daily worries away.

If you are looking for inspiring tonal noises instead, check out our soundscape section.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Wonderful mind relaxing meditative sounds that literally make the mind tune out and in… at the same time. Calming sitar or distant thunder and rain, lulling the mind to a new calm plane of reflection…

  'Floating' is my favourite setting as it is low enough to relax. It sounds close to the hum of a wind harp.

  "Floating" is my favourite preset because the highs are too sharp here to relax with them.

  With this playing along with Tape Memories, it creates a unique soundscape which helps me focus!

  This reminds me of a childhood experience. I was 5 years old . We were driving on this deserted road in Nova Scotia. It was warm so the windows were down I could hear the drone of the power lines and started humming along with the pitch then varying it achieving peaceful zen like mantra . I have been doing this ever since when I encounter a tone like this.

  Incredible, simply incredible paired with Tibetan Choir. Throat and heart chakras opening like flowers.

  Ok wait how come I've never seen this website and also realized its the best website ever in the world by the best musician-programmer in the world? How is that? Perfect for listening to whilst tailgating at a venice beach sunset.

  Goes so well with the Tibetan Choir! Like floating on the dusk.

  Perfect for studying! I can't study with music in background because lyrics distract me but I also can't study in silence without becoming bored. This drone is perfect to play in the background! Thank you :D

  After listening to this for a few hours, everything sounds like it's warbling. I use this for writing all the time, it's so focusing.

  Spacy and wide.

  My downstairs neighbours have a ceiling fan that makes a serious vibration in our living room. If I play this at my desk, it filters out the hum and I can work while swimming in this blissful drone. Thank you.

  I have had tinnitus for over 50 years, this site and the work Steve at Tinnitus Talk have done is the long awaited relief I have been looking for. For all tinnitus sufferers I encourage you to try and support this site and Tinnitus Talk. I am amazed and grateful. David

  I can survive middle school homework! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  Listening to this generator combined with the Indian Tuning setting from Shortwaves and the Home Alone setting from Wind Noise creates an atmosphere that is strangely both haunting and peaceful. I feel focused and relaxed...

  The real noise of the world sounds quite dull after hearing this.

  I kept two of such ambient sounds (Spring Water and Indian Drone) playing as I worked. The result was an instant sense of calm. Nothing ever works like that on me!

  I have severe anxiety and even classical music can be a huge distraction for me. Listening to the Indian Drone keeps me from experiencing intrusive thoughts while I'm trying to study or fall asleep. This is a total life-saver. Thank you so much!

  Never enjoyed this one till I used my hearing curve. Now it's amazing. Thank you for such a great product. Cheers.

  Wow - This noise. I have discovered a weird phenomenon after listening to this generator on my headphones.Once I take my headphones off after about a half hour listening to this generator, I get a very strange audial sensation, as if there is a flanger on my sense of sound. It's like a very fast-paced mental wiggle; pitches are modulated ever so slightly. Calm and then Trippy!!

  This is very calming. I close my eyes and melt away from everything.

  Here's a heavy, guilty drone -- a slight sense of dread in what might have been something calming.

  This literally gave me shivers, I didn't think I liked this sound until I put my calibration on it and just, shivers. So relaxing.

  My mother was sleeping over and had insomnia all night, but even with my kids running around the house in the morning, she was able to sleep through it all and replenish herself after I put this drone on for her.

  I listen to this while ocean waves is also playing. It is great for getting to sleep!

  This is truly a wonderful experience.

  This site is so awesome! I use this constantly at work to help drown out distractions. I find it amazing that there are people who are dedicated to doing this. Thank you for helping me be productive! My favorite combination is the Indian Drone, Singing Bowl, Northern Lights, and Ultimate Rain! I open them all on separate tabs and set them on "Animate". It sounds amazing!

  This is one of my favorite noises! The deep drones help me focus, plus they're really relaxing.

  I love how there are people out there who would go through the trouble to bring stuff so calming to people they'll never meet... I hope you know how grateful we all are. :)

  Searching harmony

  This one is just really relaxing to me personally.

  Enables me to let go of conscious activity, relax and feel refreshed.

  Just makes me feel chill.

  These people master noisemaking to the point that I'm extremely calm and soothed while awake in the morning! Resonating within me.

  Just so... aah, yes.

  Nice and deep.

  This is the sound of outer space. I don't know why, but that's just the emotion it gives me.



  I use this for mindfulness meditation and is helpful rather than instrusive

  My body feels strange and I have a tingling sensation in my hands as I listen to this. My eyes have a hard time focusing as well. Such a cool and strange experience.

  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dr. Pigeon! This is just _one_ of the settings I like to listen to for HOURS while doing my boring yet challenging computer work, and as with all settings I use, this is animated. I have Tinnitus in high frequencies, and accordingly Im hard of hearing in these frequencies, these drones are a great relief for me. THANK YOU,Tom in Germany

  Enhances my well-being and peace of mind.

  Very mindclearing :)


This soundscape is a derivative work of Sound Healing Instruments by justkiddink, used under a CC-BY license.