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Welcome to Ile aux Lièvres, Quebec

This soundscape will transport you to the heart of the St. Lawrence estuary. The recordings were captured in Ile aux Lièvres—Hare Island in English—a mere two weeks ago, during a new sampling session in Quebec.

Stretching 13 kilometers in width and with a peak that reaches 86 meters, the island is primarily blanketed by balsam, trembling aspen, and white birch trees. These trees possess the unique ability to generate some of the most delicate wind noises, which I had the privilege of capturing in my recordings. Expect more in an upcoming soundscape.

Over the years, the island's vegetation has confronted various challenges, including recent instances of insect outbreaks and a severe storm earlier this year. When the wind gusts through the landscape, the sound of dried trees squeaking serves as a poignant reminder of these adversities.

During my time on the island, the atmosphere was tranquil, with most of the shorebirds having departed by then. The weather conditions were ideal for conducting excellent recordings. The wind exhibited a varied intensity—sometimes strong enough to ruffle the waves on the Saint-Laurent, and at other times, gentle enough to let the river murmur. I was lucky there was a brief spell of rain overnight too, just enough to provide contents for a separate slider but keep my microphones dry!

Typically, sliders are organized in ascending order of frequency content, from the lowest to the highest. However, in this case, I've arranged the slider contents to align with the topology of the island as suggested by the background picture, with coastal sounds on one side and forest sounds on the other.

As a devoted enthusiast of sounds, the estuary's auditory quality surprised me. It offers a sound that is notably distinct from both the ocean and a river—there's a sense of serenity and calmness here. Moreover, the recordings I captured possess a distinct "white noise" characteristic, marked by a spectrum that covers higher frequencies compared to other coastal recordings, like the Irish Coast for example. This soundscape serves as an exceptional noise blocker, while providing a unique sense of tranquility.

Expressing gratitude to those who helped me creating these soundscapes is a tradition on myNoise. Due to unique circumstances, the list of people deserving of thanks for this one has grown longer than usual ;-)

My daughter Célia, who spent the past two years in Quebec, holds a prominent place on this list. The primary reason for my journey was to attend her master's graduation ceremony in Montreal. Witnessing her growth and transformation beyond the familial "pigeon" nest fills me with immense pride.

Special thanks to Denis, a devoted fan of myNoise, who proposed the idea of exploring the island. His suggestion turned out to be nothing short of brilliant, as the sonic quality of the location exceeded my expectations. Just hours from Montreal, the island was a hidden gem of sounds waiting to be discovered.

Furthermore, I want to express my gratitude to Jason, another dedicated supporter of myNoise. Jason's generous contribution covered the expenses of travel and accommodations for the three-day sampling session!

Sampling Ile Aux Lievres is a significant milestone for me. It marks my first sampling session following the health challenges I confronted earlier this year. This experience signifies my return to hiking and a reconnection with the natural world that fills me with profound joy. The journey of resuming walks on small, winding, and uneven paths, just eight months after my CIDP diagnosis, would have been impossible without the dedication of the medical team at Saint-Luc Hospital in Brussels. Their expertise and patience with a demanding patient like me, played a vital role in my recovery.

Having my wife with me in Ile aux Lièvres made these splendid moments even more meaningful. I want to express my heartfelt and loving gratitude to my wife Charlotte, for her unwavering presence through every twist and turn of life, encompassing both the challenging and the joyous moments.

Published by Stéphane on August 16th, 2023

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  As far as I am concerned this site belongs on the short-list for Best of the Internet. I mean, like it's up there with Wikipedia. The need for something like this is unfathomable, if only one knows where to look. It's not simply that there are sounds here, but the way everyday people feel invited to take a moment to reflect, or stop thinking. Such opportunities are few and far between.

  This is such a wonderful soundscape! I love this. Just found out about the features on this website other than the white noise generator, and it's awesome! My one piece of feedback would be to make it more obvious that there are other soundscapes available!! Maybe in a header or menu or something. I love it!! They're awesome, & more people need to hear this!!

  River + Rain. When I visit Quebec, I'm always just totally amazed by the Saint Laurent, so it's really nice to be able to call back memories using these sounds. <3

  Your Quebec soundscapes may be your best yet. This one has become an instant favorite of mine. Thank you for it.

  I very much appreciate these new Canadian wilderness sounds. I grew up in rural Ontario, Canada, but can't visit there as much as I'd like, so these are a nice substitute. Wonderful work, as always, Dr. Pigeon.

  What a serene and relaxing soundscape! It put me to sleep within MINUTES! You're the best Dr. Pigeon!

  I love the sea crow that visits every so often in this recording!

  What a wonderful mix of sounds! Peaceful wind, waves, and the occasional bird in a rain shower. Comforting while blocking out noise and helping you to relax,

  Very soothing and pleasant, I love how many colorful nuances all your different natural environments possess. A beautiful blend of gentle waters, winds, breezy rushing leaves, and white noise ambience.

  Perfect for completing my study work, I have a feeling this will be used a lot throughout my A-Levels. Thank you! :)

  Incredibly soothing. This is a gem, indeed.