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Drones are built from a single, unbroken, musical note − sometimes a simple chord. Their harmonic content is the only characteristic evolving with time. Therefore, drones constantly balance listeners between two hearing states: the unchanging and steady sound, and the ever-evolving tone.

The ever-evolving texture gives your mind something to focus on, while the constant pitch makes it virtually impossible to concentrate on anything but the sound you hear. Therefore, drones offer a very pronounced hypnotic character and are ideal for washing your daily worries away.

If you are looking for inspiring tonal noises instead, check out our soundscape section.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  This sounds random and good.

  Ice World is the most reliable sleep noise on the site, in my considered opinion. I've tried many and some work very well for a while but Ice World keeps me down all night.

  Try pairing this on Maris Tranquilis with Orchestron and Northern Lights on Deep Sky and you have the perfect mix. It's great for when I'm trying to work on something for one of my stories and makes me imagine an unfinished world left for the hero to discover, thousands of stars glittering them upon a pitch sky. A cool breeze blows past as ice floats on ancient yet newly formed waters.

  I love this! So calming and relaxing.

  A man in therapy told me about this site... I have to still look more... but so awesome!

  This is the best drone ever.

  This is amazing. Who did this deserves fame from the whole world. Put it up high and it reminds me of my celestial arcane interests. Thank you!

  Whoever made this glorious website, you are the most deserved AND most well earned human being for making such soothing sounds. Visualizing is a powerful thing in, almost, anything! If used correctly with the right sounds, such as this, it'll make those fictional or non-fictional things seem more real... Or 'Immersed' for a looser term. :)

  I loved this, it may seem like it will put you to sleep but it is so motivational for me. It helped me get all my work done in under an hour, procrastination-free. Thanks, <3

  Thank you for all your work man, I'm amazed by this one every time I listen to it.

  It sounds so crystalline, so pure and resonant. Perfect for soul food if I'm completely honest. This washes away everything I overthink and worry about in the day. Comforting, Soothing and Magical.

  Very nice and soothing! Perfect for a tranquil mind.

  Wow I am speechless, what an amazing gift. THANK YOU.

  Perfect, deep, if you can't relax with those high tones. So soothing. Slows my heartbeat down.

  This is amazing. I feel like I'm at the center of a beautiful, magical conjunction.

  Was using this while meditating and accidentally fell asleep. XD Still really good. I love all the sounds on this website.

  A fun thing to do is combine different settings on different pages. You can make a pretty complex little song.

  I made an Ice Cat :D

  Out of all the noise generators on this site, this one is my absolute favorite. It's fantastic stress relief and it has helped me fall asleep more times than I can count. I hope this is what Heaven sounds like. :)

  While I have tried all the drones from this website, Ice World is by far my favourite. It feels like magic. Like phoenix song from "Harry Potter", it's relaxing and it takes away most of your fatigue when you listen to it long enough. Also, Northern Dawn setting from Northern Lights + Deep Sky setting from Stardust + Clear Water from Ice World = perfect. Just perfect.

  This is PERFECT!

  Helps me relax, I feel enchanted and free.

  I left this on as I slept while my blue/green/violet nightlight shimmered across the ceiling, sort of simulating an aurora. The next morning, I wake up, with this still playing, to the cool glow of fresh snow outside my window. Perfect... just perfect...

  So, I just spent a few hours studying for exams listening to this. It's so chill (no pun intended). I didn't think I liked the drones at first, but when I just put them on in the background, I half-forget about them and seem to focus a lot better!

  I love this generator, it makes me feel like an ice princess fairy, or something like I'm flying. It sounds like magic.

  This combined with the Humming preset on Anamnesis is just so perfect and haunting. Thank you for this site.

  This noise generator — and all the other ones! — keep me focused on what I'm doing. Normally, I bounce back and forth between projects, I have a problem with never finishing anything, but listening to these, I am able to sit down and relax and keep my brain on task and from everything being fuzzy from anxiousness. Beautiful, soothing, and ethereal; I can open my brain and accomplish more.

  This generator really helped me to focus on my stressful exams. Truly a life saver especially as I am currently on my third year college, where all the pressure at its peek. I can't live a day without hearing all these magnificent sound generators. I told my friends about this site and they love it too. Thank you very much! <3

  Wow! This is amazing! There is tons of positive feedback for this, this is great!! Really helps me sleep, and usually I have trouble sleeping! Thank you!

  It really feels like angels singing to me. It's awesome!

  I feel like I'm floating. It's amazing.

  This is my absolute favorite, it feels like I'm outside the portal to another dimension!

  This noise shapes the environment of my favourite dreams. This app is definitely one I'll be using before bed every night. After lying in bed for about 5 minutes, I felt like I didn't want to move. As a sufferer of generalized anxiety disorder, this is a new level of calm for me.

  This is truly beautiful and really helped get me out of a stressful situation today.

  Listening to the Ice World drone was the only way I could relax for a while: there had been a bunch of recent deaths in the family a while back, I lost my job, and we were almost evicted because the company that owns our house changed policies without warning. This and rain noise were the only things that helped me relax at the end of the day.

  Combine this with the aural scanner on Alert and find the most calming noise you have ever heard

  Beautiful! This is what I would hear if I went to heaven!

  Very very relaxing. Can be used to focus on homework or fall asleep.

  This one is very relaxing. I love how the bass just consumes me every once in a while.

  Pro Study Tip: "Deep Sea" preset with just a touch of mids, low treble and high treble. It makes homework doable, and makes me feel like I am floating.

  I put this on when I go to sleep every night, it's definitely calmed some of my night terrors and given me more pleasant and inspiring dreams. I absolutely adore this drone <3

  This coupled with Skyrim Atmospheres brings me such a calm and bliss.

  I always experiment with this FANTASTIC site, but a testimonial directed me to this world of... something hard to describe unless you hear it yourself. My head is always swimming with ideas, which interrupts my studying. (Which is what I should be doing now, but this is so good I have to write it down.) But with this, my brain was able to push away everything else. It made me delirious.

  For all you gamers out there, when I sit back and close my eyes I always picture adventuring through the Ice Cavern in the Ocarina of Time!

  This reminds me of adventuring through some ice caves and finally getting out, or something else along those lines!

  This is perfect for meditation. It feels like a harmony is going on in my mind when I Om. I can sit there for hours listening only to this drone, and it is the most soothed I have ever felt in my entire life. It's actually improving my meditation, which is improving my life.

  Wow. Set to Magnetic Fields, Ice Drone is amazingly relaxing. Works great when meditating or studying.

  Just what you need for writing a dissertation on cometary ices.

  Yeah ice world, you're cevin key skilled, real engineering

  Namaste! _/\_

  Hi! like other people said before in this testemonial section, this sound reminds me and others of the video game 'Skyrim'. The sounds totally match up with the icy fields wich contain snowy sabre thoots and mammoths! I now feel love for this game again and i will replay it (for the 5th time ;p) ! -Levin Tibax

  After months of using sounds here I always come back to this one: it's such a positive and calming sound to me, and it does wonders when I have to concentrate on my work. Weirdly enough, my cat seems to love it as well, he's always on my knees when Ice World is playing :)

  Amazing! This curve sets me in an adventure, and the fluctuating highs create a feeling of Awe. Best word to describe the feel of this mix- Epic.

  Wow! This makes me feel as if I am on a mountaintop, reaching up towards the stars. Truly an amazing website. Keep making noise!

  This is truly the sound of sleep.

  After a whole afternoon of studying this sound calms my "overused" brain and helps me relax. It's perfect! :)

  I love this so much! It's so soothing, calming yet invigorating at the same time!

  This is amazing. It's soothing and sounds beautiful, and it helped me write.

  I combined this Noise with the 'game' Mountain on my desktop (those sounds, on, are wind, snow, and sometimes crickets) and felt myself slipping into a trance... thank you! I donated after my second experience with Noise.

  I working on my Science class, and we're studying Astronomy, so reading about galaxies and stars and the universe while listening to this - it really just makes me feel small. In a good way.

  So very perfect

  The drone generators are my favorite on the site! Although I haven't donated yet, I'm planning on it very soon just so I can access the other ones. The sounds are seamless and of high quality, and this particular mix is perfect for relaxation and meditation.

  When I was feeling stuck and uninspired while trying to write a poem for class this gave me the energy, focus, and inspiration I needed.

  Reminds me way back when I used to play Spyro 2 all the time as a kid. Sounds like the hub world music from the game.

  I love ice so nice very relaxing

  I love the Deep Sea setting. It's so lovely! It inspires me as I write.

  The Ice World is amazing! Hopefully you can keep this site running, these sounds are way too wonderful to be lost.

  I have horrid insomnia, but this helps me fall asleep, usually within 30 minutes.

  OMG, that sounds like Skyrim!

  This one really helps me focus when I'm trying to write papers for school.

  I'm regularly very restless at night, due to a busy, racing mind, but the Clear Water setting is perfect. I'm focused on the sounds, but not so focused on them that I'm actually thinking anything about them; it's the sort of muted focus I need to sleep. I also listen to it while I'm studying because it keeps me from thinking any "background thoughts" as I read. It's my favorite sound here.

  Typically, deeper, lower sounds help me focus and ease tension, so I prefer the lower settings on this slider.

  I love the sound of drones they are very easy to unwind to. This one is especially relaxing

  Man, that was awsome when combined it with rain and winter walk. SO COLD.

  Love this one. Shimmering ice noise, making the bass, mids, and treble very distinct.

  This noise helps me relax and get much more work done, I really like it.

  Blocks voice frequency so that I can't hear people talking.

  This noise is like massage for my tired brain. Now I can recover.

  ← Slippery slope preset. Lets the bass notes roll with a wee tinkle of highs for spice.

  The Ice Drone calms my mind and helps me to avoid urges to do something else, so I just get "nailed" to the seat and keep studying... Thank you guys! is really helpfull in many states of life.

  This is probably one of my favorite noises. It truly calms me and helps me relax.

  A very warm sound to me, and I plan on using this to help me sleep tonight. :)

  This custom preset for Ice World works best for my multimedia speakers on my office computer

  This is probably one of the most relaxing things in the world. This is my personal curve (it looks kinda weird)

  Amazing. Just amazing. I was sick with the flu when I found this, and recovered miraculously fast! Thank you,, for helping me through bad times.

  After 1 week of using this wonderful "noise machine" of yours, I think the Ice World is my favorite sound for background ambiance while working. We'll be using the "fan" noises shortly for putting the kids to sleep, once we have a computer in the bedroom...and that should take the place of the real fan we run in the room to drown out noise every night while sleeping! This is my Ice World preset.

  This is just pure bliss! There is simply nothing else like it, I always listen to this before tests and when I'm doing homework especially writing papers!

  I love this noise it makes me feel so calmed, even in the worst of times.

  So relaxing

  Wow, much skyrim.

  I really like how I can adjust it if I don't like the higher pitched sounds!

  Sooooo relaxing :)

  My sound makes me feel at peace with myself and sleep fills inbound.

  This sounds like music found in the minecraft aether mod, it sounds cool, and its kinda calming.

  These sounds are just amazing. I can literally feel the tension in my shoulders easing away.

  This setting often reminds me of the video game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim's OST , mixing these around I found the perfect tune to download to my I pod if I'm ever stressed or need to relax.

  Perfect for meditating. <3

  This really helps me meditating. When I try to find some meditating melodies in youtube they always seem the same and annoying. This music is really soothing and perfect for relaxing.

  I like this <3

  A beautiful, almost otherwordly sound. Helps keep me grounded when I'm trying to focus.

  This really helps me out when I'm drawing. It lets my imagination run wild and create some truly great ice worlds.


  It's perfect for background noise when practicing self exploration



  This is almost hypnotic! Makes me want to visit Antarctica.

  Uuuh reminds me too much of Skyrim

  I had no idea how much fun this would be! I played with the Ice World for a couple minutes and is made me fall asleep :)

  Ice nice : }

  Excellent for inspiration when I'm working on my novel!

  Low frequencies always relax me most. Also the little clear noises occasionally really makes me feel like sitting on a chair at winter morning

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