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Himalayan Voices
The Ever-Changing Vocal Drone Generator
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Find Beauty in Dissonance

Dissonance is an essential part of music. The notes with frequencies that are less than harmonious to our ears are often the same notes that make music rich and diverse. Some might say musical dissonance might only be a technique to create tension, but I think it is more than that. Like receiving a divergent opinion is food for the mind, hearing a dissonance feeds your soul and leaves refreshing inner peace in its wake.

The first feeling you may experience with this soundscape is discomfort. But soon, in even less than a minute, the dissonance will begin to feel very right. Enjoy the experience!

Published by Stéphane on May 11th, 2015

User Stories

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  Vakratunda Mahakaaya Surya-Koti Samaprabha. Nirvighnam Kurumedev Sarva-Karyesu Sarvada. Om Gan Ganapataye Namo Namah. Shree Siddhi Vinayak Namo Namah. Ashtavinayak Namo Namah. Ganapati Bappa Moraya.

  I was shocked when I first heard this, as an older gamer I remember being struck by a trailer in 2002 for a game called 'Earth and Beyond' which shockingly uses a pitch-changed version of the main vocal line in this generator. I even had to go back and check and sure enough it sounds the same! I invite you to hear for yourself. YouTube 'Earth & Beyond MMO Trailer Remastered (1080P)' and at 0:15.

  I've used this site for six years and this is my favorite generator. Something about it just keeps me coming back. I suffer from a myriad of mental health issues, including anxiety and ADHD, and this generator always soothes my soul, as cliche as that is. I cannot express how thankful I am for this site and your hard work.

  This is the best site of its kind. The sounds are crafted with love and talent. Journeys into sounds, to help us in the most varied of states. From meditation, to focus, and more. My endless gratitude to the creator of this beautiful work.

  This, with the Japanese garden and the three friends of winter, makes a very relaxing sound!

  Mixed with Mournful Chimes, Unreal Winds, and Circular Breeze, it gives off a feeling of being somewhere high on a mountain, feeling free, and peaceful. The wind blowing through the trees, and washing over you. Nothing around you, and nothing containing you. Feeling like you're riding in the air, apart from anything needlessly concrete and solid.

  I LOVE THIS! It is quite calming, and while rather discordant at first, it is pretty cool and calming after about 30 seconds! - Person who REALLY needed to calm down

  I am Indian but I never went to the Himalayas, Shiwaliks. So, I am partially fulfilling my desire by listening to the beautiful himalayan voices. I dream to visit the beautiful place.

  Dissonance is part of the human experience, you use it in music to produce contrast, to to give emotion to your music. If there was no bad then how would you know what good was? If there was no sadness or suffering then how would you know what love feels like? When harmonies are not aligned you feel the dissonance, tension, and then with in the music when they do align you feel relief, resolve.

  Excellent. Incomparable...

  I'm from the Himalayas. But now I live in LA. This reminds me of home. :')

  Simply perfect, love this website and the multiple possibilities ! As a freelance, I need some peace to work, Himalayan Voices and Singing Bowls help me to focus!

  This is perfect to drown out some unwanted office noise, and focus on getting my project done!

  Could listen this endlessly.

  So beautiful, could sit and listen to this all day. Finding this gem of a site made my day!

  This is a beautiful soundpath for chanting mantra, something to float on.

  Listening to this with Digeridrone on the Bright Sky preset is phenomenal. This generator is an experience.

  This is the best thing. EVER. Best music to write some stuff. Like RPGs! Holy yes.

  This goes perfectly with the mournful chimes, for a chilling but beautiful soundscape. Really helped me to get in the head space for a piece I was writing.

  I put this on with Battlefield RPG with the default. I can picture a ritual fight in the quest for manhood with this!

  I combine this generator with RPG Battlefield when writing fight scenes in my fantasy novel and it sets my mood perfectly! Thank you!

  I always pair this with Mournful Chimes, Coastline, and the sub-bass and Bass of Tibetan Choir. It's really a great combo if you really want to let your feels out. Or, if your internet gets slow with that many tabs streaming, at least pair this with the Mournful Chimes generator.

  Great interaction between throat singing and lady singing. Helps me study.

  I combined this generator with the Singing Bowls and Temple Bells generators, both of the latter focus on the lower range tones. If you are to use this pattern, listen for about thirty seconds before adding in the bells so you can get your own "right feel" for it. Then, a bit later, add in the singing bowls. The effect is... Transcendental. It will lift your soul while keeping you firmly in place.

  This setting with Yakutian Voices on default goes somewhere very deep, very emotional, singing to each other across centuries.

  Great with Winter Walk, turn up the crows and it sounds like you're stranded on a mountain or something.

  This combined with the singing bowls generator, is very very surreal.

  Goes perfectly with the Yakutian Voices generator!

  I have been using myNoise for months and I always keep coming back to this generator, especially when I'm having an anxiety attack. I can calm down in minutes while listening to this and many other generators on this site. I showed this website to my therapist, and he is now suggesting it to other patients with anxiety and depression. Great work!

  The tonal drones of the throat singers, combined with the barely audible singing, creates a wonderful, relaxing environment. THIS is what made me become a Patron.

  I love this! It pairs great with so many of the other sounds and adds just an bit of mystery to everything. It makes everything more interesting.

  Pair this with Tibetan choir and rain on a tent. Don't question me, just do it, you'll thank me later. This man is no doctor... he's a wizard.

  Sounds like I'm wandering through the desert at sunset, and come across some ancient village, ruined and desolate, but the spirits linger and harbor regrets... I come across the remnants of their protectors, withered into dust, standing vigilant until they died, and ever beyond.

  This sounds like a very somniferous, sad but accepted apocalypse. Like you could look out at the world crumbling before you, not in terror, but in passive obsolescence.

  Really nice! One of my favourites.

  I wrote a comment specifically on this one because I wanted to recommend using this generator with the African Trance generator. They work eerily well together!I have visited this site repeatedly in the past couple years, enjoying the various soundscapes to the fullest. I use them to block outside noise, to relax, to explore and enjoy sounds that otherwise I would never hear! Thank you!

  Of all the generators on this website, this is the one I come back to again and again. It is so beautiful, and helps me on so many levels. I played this to my sister, and she finds it calming.

  This put me into some productive trance! I even emailed my grandmother! Incredible. It gives me so much inspiration.

  Heavy gong noise, female soprano :)

  Incredibly beautiful and relaxing. I was listening to the different online noises while surfing the web but this one made me stop what I was doing, close my eyes and chill out for a while.

  I used this along with the Battlefield RPG soundscape to produce a sort of cinematic "riding off into battle" feeling. It really helped me get started on writing my book, in which the beginning scene is quite dramatic...

  Incredibly relaxing and peaceful. Heightens my senses.

  This entire generator reminds me of the menu theme from Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

  Deep, intense, complete.

  I am captivated and in love with this generator! Every time I feel far from my center, the Himalayan voices help ground me back to my soul. Dearly Thank You for your beautiful work! My favorite thus far!

  Beautiful and relaxing, female voice is eerie and captivating.

  I'm getting addicted to this website (a troubling thing if the wifi suddenly 'dies') and this generator is most likely one of the most visited by me. Something about just makes me relax and concentrate better.

  Mixed this with the Tibetan Choir and Aeternitas generators, very peace-filling sound comes forth (animate both of the others with this one, makes an interesting mix).

  Sooooooo beautiful and much, much more! Thank you!

  Oh my GOD. This is the most spiritual thing I have ever had the honor to listen to. It just swirls around me and takes my soul to a place I could never physically get to. It's just gorgeous beyond words. I sleep to this, and oh dear, it's just lovely to drift off to. Puts me in a very relaxed state of Being. Thank you SO much for yet again, a wonderful and beautiful and stunning soundscape.

  This is probably one of the most beautiful generators on this site, love the female singing! There's just something so soothing and relaxing about it. Also it sounds great with the singing bowls added too.

  On mixing this with Tibetan Choir and Singing Bowls, I found a very well-matched and dissonantly beautiful combination. This generator is enchanting.

  Your best work yet! I just sent another $10 your way.

  Yeah... Peace... Ohmmmmmm...

  Absolutely beautiful. Try muting the male voices and gongs and you'll find 'inner peace'. I'm glad I discovered this webpage.

  Very spooky, but in a soothing way sort of...

  This generetor works really well while reading dystopian books.

  I've been excitedly waiting for a soundboard like this to be made. Ever since I learned about the throat singers in a college anthropology class, I've looked extensively for some good samples. What a treat!

  I feel like I'm invisible, in the centre of the stage during a performance in a grand echo-y temple while the audience is incredibly silent. Awesome experience!

  Very austere. I like listening to the solo voices interplay with one another.

  This preset reminds me of the everlasting lullaby from the Rings of Akhatan, for any of those Doctor Who fans out there.

  I've loved mynoise for a long time now, but this is the first sound that made me feel like I just HAVE TO find out more about it. Would love to see a Behind the Noise on this style of singing and what it means. I especially love it animated and paired with Healing Waters.

  This mystical and breathtaking preset will impress you, solo or mixed with any other of the Tibetan or Himalayan sounds.

  This is so beautiful. It makes me feel like I'm in a monastery in the Himalayas. Simply amazing and relaxing.

  I. Love. This! This is so relaxing. When listening to this, I slowly drift away into the dream world.At first I thought it sounded very odd, but words just cannot express how much I love this <3

  Evocative and surprisingly calming; I found myself drawn in by this one almost immediately, which I hadn't been expecting.