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Sept 13th • Volcanic Prairies added

Aug 30th • Phrygian Universe added

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Aug 17th • Tundra's Lament added

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June 14th • Aeolian Universe added
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A Wall of Sounds

myNoise will never produce music in the conventional sense. Music is usually meant for active listening, and our goal — our specialty — is to provide passive sound choices: these will help our listeners to settle down, switch off external solicitations and devote their intellectual resources to a given task, such as working or meditating.

With this tonal soundscape, electric guitars have been used to produce a wide range of sounds. When sliders are played all together, they will create a wall of sounds that will protect you from audible distractions around you. If you turn the Animation feature on, individual stems will be revealed to you, in the most surprising ways. Have a try!

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  I love this setting. paired with 88 Keys. It feels like ambient-music-cum-Steve-Reich. Beautiful as always. Thank you Stéphane!

  It’s awesome to see a thing that I donated to grow and prosper, especially this way. Thank you to whoever made this and have a wonderful life.

  Love the site and all the features, it's awesome being able to find a mixup that you like and then be able to tweak it if a certain aspect of it gets boring.

  "Our goal — our specialty — is to provide passive sound choices: these will help our listeners to settle down, switch off external solicitations and devote their intellectual resources to a given task": goal achieved!

  Inspires fun memories of my misadventures on the wrong side of the law in GTA5. I'm on the run from Los Santos PD in my stolen Imponte Ruiner, heading for the subway tunnels to wait out my wanted level, pedal to the floor as I try to shake the black and whites off my tail. By sunset they'll forget I was ever there. Definitely one of my favorite noise machines!

  Rain and thunder dance with each other. Electricity builds up in the air and is released. The two guide each other. This sound motivates me, and sounds great with Distant Thunder.

  With Guitar Mashup set to Psychedelicious, Telecaster Licks set to Ad-lib & Transdimensional Traveler to Purifying, it sounds like Connie Talbot is getting really groovalicious on her fender stratocaster! :) Make sure none of the above settings are animated for the best effect! You'll feel it too!

  Glad I decided to look through the albums today. I got here from the Magnetic Inductions album. This is my favorite setting at the moment.

  My second comment on this one. This awesome masterpiece reminds me of...1. A news reporting station music in Hawaii - I can see this in a movie like Ryan Reynolds The Hitman's Bodyguard sequel. 2. X-Men cartoons from the 90s. The very 1st episode when Jubilee is in medical room in the X-Mansion. Check the episode, music of course does not sound the same but has a similar epic vibe.

  Smoke, lights and mystery as the band enters the concert stage... Their first song is about to start.

  Combine this soundscape with the drums from the Drumming Monks and the "El Grey" vocals from the Chapel Voices = permanent jam session! Add a clapping audience loop and you're on a festival instead of sitting at home, learning for a boring test :)

  This is so hypnotizing and soothing, I could listen to this for hours!

  God this is good! I'm getting them Destruction Derby 2 soundtrack vibes (Jug).

  This reminds me of the video game of Half-Life: 2 or the band of Nine Inch Nails. So nostalgic!

  This reminds me of Starcraft. More specifically, it reminds me of when I was 6 and playing the campaing for first time and I was totally immersed in the game setting.

  This one is so deliciously chunky, I love it.

  Mashup to keep up!

  I love the '90s' nostalgic feel, it reminds me of videogame music. I would love to hear more of these type of soundscapes (electric guitars).

  it's somber, powerful, otherworldly.

  Sounds like the beginning of a rock song right before the first chord breaks and the melody begins. Really good for getting hyped about something, has a nice build-up kind of feel.

  I've experimented with this one a lot. And I love the heavy grind.

  This on Pendulum and Time Makers on Pendulum Clock... you are getting very SLEEPY!!!

  This soundscape is quite entrancing. I particularly love it when it's paired with the Aeternitas choir drone on low(ish) volume + Mr. Rhodes on high "keys" settings, low "pad" settings. It somehow makes me feel as though I am in a foreign place, yet also as though I am at home. Kinda like being at your favorite coffee shop (or something), but at a time you've never been there before. 

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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!