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A Wall of Sounds

myNoise will never produce music in the conventional sense. Music is usually meant for active listening, and our goal — our specialty — is to provide passive sound choices: these will help our listeners to settle down, switch off external solicitations and devote their intellectual resources to a given task, such as working or meditating.

With this tonal soundscape, electric guitars have been used to produce a wide range of sounds. When sliders are played all together, they will create a wall of sounds that will protect you from audible distractions around you. If you turn the Animation feature on, individual stems will be revealed to you, in the most surprising ways. Have a try!

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  This soundscape is quite entrancing. I particularly love it when it's paired with the Aeternitas choir drone on low(ish) volume + Mr. Rhodes on high "keys" settings, low "pad" settings. It somehow makes me feel as though I am in a foreign place, yet also as though I am at home. Kinda like being at your favorite coffee shop (or something), but at a time you've never been there before. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  Not even a minute in and I've got goosebumps.

  Love this generator! It's amazing for blocking out the sounds of my office (almost too well!) and helping me focus. I also use it when I'm relaxing because it's just enjoyable to listen to.

  Feels so grungy and ethereal at the same time. It really sounds like it could be a soundtrack in the anime bleach. One of my absolute favorite generators.

  In the corrupt world, the demons play the most soothing melodies. When paired with Distant Thunder it creates the perfect mood for writing a story.

  Feels like the beginning or end of some epic post apocalyptic sci-fi I can't comprehend. Love the sound of a mournful guitar, I truly believe it's the sound I would choose for my soul.

  It's me against the world when I listen to this.

  Fantastic for drawing. I love this paired with In The Sky, both animated. The trippy guitars mixed with the ethereal voices is just lovely.

  Just add Sleeping Dragon and Duduk Song; it is perfect.

  Beautiful on it's own. I combine it with "Sleeping Dragon" and turn on "Animate" to create what sounds to me like post-apocalyptic atmosphere music. It's perfect.

  This is absolutely incredible. Terminator feels.

  I love instrumental post-rock and progressive rock for the sustained chords and introspective sound. I've been listening to this generator for hours while studying, and the soundscape manages to keep being fresh and interesting to listen to, but still subtle enough to keep me focused on my task. This is my favourite soundscape, so meditative. My new favourite generator out of many faves here!

  If anyone enjoys some prog rock but also needs to concentrate, this is just perfect!

  Sounds like something I'd hear in a GTA 5 mission.

  Pendulum with the B-17 Propeller Flying Fortress is totally fascinating. It's so peaceful and thought-provoking.

  I really like the low riff on Animate. Its rumbling sound with the occasional distorted melodic line creates an eerie atmosphere with the pad quietly humming in the background.

  This is, by far, my absolute favorite. It's so calming. Can't work without it anymore.

  Kind of reminds me of the soundtrack to Death Note, I love it.

  It's like a shoegaze simulator. Awesome.

  Yay! I was hoping you'd do a guitar mashup. Thank you!

  This, coupled with Mournful Chimes, is so addictingly beautiful. I highly recommend trying it. Just animate and let them go. Peaceful, fun, gorgeous, and definitely invigorating.

  This mixed with the obvious Telecaster Licks just the bass sounds and Fire Noise and you have yourself camping by the fireside.

  This generator is super relaxing. Course, I'm a bit of a metalhead, but statement still stands. It's nap time!

  This one is a huge memory-eater, taking up over 1.2 gigabytes of my available ram... If its requirements were reduced just a little bit, I'd use it daily!

  When I hear this on animate, I think of space.

  It's amazing how well this soundscape goes together with the African Trance generator! Energizing! Thank you for your beautiful work of technique and art!

  Love falling asleep to this setting. This, with a gentle rain and the ASMR voice quietly in the background make this incredibly relaxing.

  Definitely going to be using this one a lot when I'm writing sci-fi. I love it! :D

  This one is amazing. Music that will grab your attention but not distract you.

  ← This is personally my favorite custom setting for this generator. I've been a musician all of my life, but never had the experience of playing any type of guitar. I adore the instrument, and having always loved rock and roll music, this generator really speaks to me. Listening to my custom setting for this generator takes me out of my dull, everyday life, and transports me to another world.

  I cannot express how awesome this is. I'd been hoping that you'd make one like this! And it's better than I had hoped it could be. The potential this one has for mixing with other ones is incredible!

  This is so cool. WOW factor is right.

  Electric Guitar Mashup + Spa-Francorchamps + Thunder = MAD MAX

  Can't figure out why the neighbors don't appreciate me blasting this one...

  Look who has a new favorite sound generator! No seriously, this is amazing. Where has it been all my life?

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