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Beavers At Work

This soundscape was recorded during a field recording trip to Finland in May 2019, at the heart of the Evo nature reserve. It's a hilly landscape shaped by the Ice Age, where the highest altitude rises 160 meters above the sea level (we are in Finland, not Switzerland) with lots of streams, ponds and lakes.

Hiking down the black waters of a peaty brook, we came across a beaver dam that sounded like the right spot to cache our recorders for a day. We could listen to the sounds of the babbling brook upstream, the intense noise of the dam itself, and all the birds around. And as a bonus, our recorders might capture the activity of these lovely mammals during our absence. And they did!

The secret in getting all the sounds for myNoise in isolation, is to use different recorders at minutes walking distance from each other. We used four of them here. Weather was not optimal to achieve clean recordings: it was windy, with occasional rain. But we did not complain: weather elements always provide nice sonic content for separate sliders!

Special thanks to my childhood friend, Gérard, who joined me and helped me in finding the recording spots. Check out the pictures from the recording session. Sampling sessions abroad are only possible because of the generosity of the people making donations to this website.

Published on March 2nd, 2020

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  What a lovely sad sound. Adam and Eve could have been surrounded by these similar sounds. I also love how the water is just the right tones of WHITE and BROWN NOISE that I need. Thank you for your generosity.

  Spring 2020 disrupted all plans to visit my first love Portland, Oregon but this lovely soundscape fills the house with sounds of home.

  I live in Washington state, maybe not the same northern wetlands but as soon as I opened this I swear I could smell it.

  I'm finding the sound of the blackbird incredibly calming during this trying time. Infinite thanks!

  I love listening to birds calls, and although I have never seen a beaver, I can just picture them working away, cutting logs with their long teeth. This noise is so calming and takes me to a place where I have never been to before. My favorite retreat!

  I'm witnessing these little critters construct their dam in my mind's eye!

  This was great background ambience sounds for praying! 30 minutes went by so fast! Love this.