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Desert Night
A Night in Wadi Rum
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The Desert of a Million Stars

By day, Wadi Rum is a spectacularly scenic desert valley in southern Jordan, recognizable by its distinctive red sands. Because of its resemblance to the surface of Mars, Wadi Rum has been used as a backdrop in many films, especially sci-fi movies. By night, the pitch-black sky over the desert shines by the light of a million stars.

With the kind help of Dario Swade, who recorded these sounds when he was working on a film set in Wadi Rum, you are invited to spend an evening at a Bedouin camp.

Relax by the sound of a campfire, surrounded by the sounds of the local nightlife, both human and animal.

Published on September 19th, 2022

User Stories

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  I coupled this one with... Shower room (foreground), and some voices found here and there in other MyNoise' generators. And I'm back in Africa. Senegal, 1990-1991. The late shower, in a hot, humid and perfumed air. Random voices, parts of conversations. A dog. Someone cooking on a wood fire...

  Like sleeping by a campfire on a cold night.

  This one is a banger.

  Excellent! The Fire sounds and Night Atmosphere is both relaxing and help's focus. Thank you so much!

  This brings me back to the summers I spent at my grandma's as a kid, and bonfires she'd sometimes make in her backyard.

  Awesome! Beams me straight out of the office...

  MY goodness! I was peeking out the window to check if there are some dogs. This is awesome! The drumming is special!

  This one is great, it's like I'm alone outside a lively village staring off into the empty desert...