The Wolf's Heart
Cinematic Soundscape
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A Sad Nature Song

The humans came. With their guns and their traps. Once the pack was fifty strong, with new pups due in spring. There will be no pups this year. Alone he wanders through the woods. Searching, calling, but no one answers.

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  What a great soundscape! The description is SO SAD. I'm going to pretend the wolf just reunited with his pack and is enjoying a calm respite after a long journey.

  I'm very pleased so many people like my idea. To the remix below see what you think of 'What Have We Done??' my empression of we destroyed the earth soundscape :)

  I mixed 1, 3, 4, 6 and 9 with Black Hole, high interference/high base and minimal higher pitched sounds and managed to transform this into a very bleak sort of landscape. Wolf's Heart is sad enough just on it's own, but with these two combined it feels like watching a dry, dying, quiet planet drifting gently into the deep void for a final sunset. Sad and spooky, altogether.

  The wolf is a good sound when doing school work, I love it so much and I just started listening to it today.

  Thank you for this generator. It conveys so much emotion! I never cried to a single generator until this one... After watching a documentary on the story of wolves in Europe, hearing this generator broke my heart. Tears of sadness and tears of joy since being able to experience such emotions is always a blessing.

  The story in the preview is TOO SAD! This generator is beautiful but oh nooooo my heart can't take it!

  This is probably the most surprising and mesmerizing soundscape I have ever heard. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! It has everything in it: an undeniable kind of 'tristesse' yet at the same time soothing and very calming. If proof needs to be given that well selected and combined sounds can go straight to the heart and the soul, this soundscape delivers it effortlessly. Again, beautiful!

  This is so exquisite and poignant. It makes the cares of the day melt like snow ...

  The sadness this elicits... whoa... impossible not to shed tears in the beginning, middle and end. Especially when feeling very vulnerable but bottled up inside this provides a outlet for release and expression. The wolves howling in the background make it all the more powerful to experience.. Magnificent! <3

  Very nice, but I had to turn the wolf noises down quite a bit in order to fully enjoy it :D I love the music part though!

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