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Slow Vibes
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Night Vibes

What a delight to welcome Ben Clark again, four years after the release of Marimbas. Since then, Ben had finished writing and touring with his band Zooni, and decided to take a hiatus from music. So when I contacted him to work on a new musical project for myNoise, it felt like his first love - music - had come back to him after a long absence, and he immediately agreed.

This time, we are featuring the vibraphone, which is sort of like a marimba but with metal plates instead of wood. The vibraphone features a rotary motor that adds vibrato to the sound, hence its name. Ben's old vintage vibraphone did not have a working motor. Now, a vibraphone without vibrato, is like a body without a soul. We needed a fix. This is how Ben's girlfriend came into action, quiety driving the motor by hand while Ben was playing. Thank you, Annie, for giving the vibraphone... a human soul!

This soundscape took a long time to complete, because of Ben's busy agenda but also because the vibraphone - a big instrument - was stored in a garage with a lot of interfering outside noise. He had recently moved house and didn't have a studio set up, therefore, the recordings were made late at night, when the town fell asleep and all was quiet. When I received the recordings, it took some time for me to turn them into a soundscape as well. Half a year of patience led to this work, and naturally inspired the title of this soundscape, Slow Vibes.

The vibraphone is a wonderful instrument. Played like Ben did, with mallets but also with a bow, it is like a bath for your ears into a world of pure tones. If you're looking for a percussionist with a real talent and passion, I warmly recommend Ben Clark. You can contact him at his gmail address: benclarkdrummer01

Published on November 4th, 2022

User Stories

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  This + "Thunder & Rain" in the background makes me feel calm and at home, no matter where I actually am. Sending love to everyone <3

  I quite like leaving it at the default setting, but on half speed. It's very soothing,.

  This is exactly what I need for nights when I have trouble relaxing. The resonance is so soothing, much like the Sleeping Dragon generator!

  This brings me peace. Thank you.

  Sounds great with Ben Clark's Marimbas in the background too!

  This one is really solid. Appreciate all the work you put into these!

  Floating in grooviness throughout the night it's what I am always looking for.


  What a wonderful space to inhabit. Clean, bright, and crystalline, but with such inviting warmth.

  Liquid magic.