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The Chimes without the Wind

Bamboo's natural hollow form makes it an obvious choice for many instruments, particularly wind chimes. Bamboo wind chimes have a gentler, more smoothing tone than metal chimes, making them ideal for tranquil spaces. Their earthy, mellow, and enchanting sounds will transport you straight to the topical islands for a relaxing break!

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  I suffer from PTSD due to countless traumatic childhood events. Often, I find it difficult to think or even breathe due to a constant onslaught of intrusions from the past. This soundscape helps me ground myself in the present and remind myself that right here, right now, I am safe. Thank you.

  Reminds me of the Koroks, children of the Deku Tree from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. So beautiful, to think a mere object of nature can turn you into a drooling mess when you wake up several hours later. This thing has saved my life many times, as I suffer from Insomnia, I do not have the best of living conditions. This gives me the hope and gradual health I long for.

  This generator just sounds so goofy to me! I love it though. It reminds me of my pet cat and how she jumps all over the place, falling off of things more than half the time :)

  Oddly enough I get a kind of ASMR feeling from this soundscape. It's nice though and is currently helping me focus on school work while tired and headachy. ~A

  Great site. I believe that the absence of certain noises from our modern environment creates artificial silence that our ancestral brain interprets as a chronic stressor. For millions of years the absence of birdsong has been a warning sign of predators. As an aside, I get a slightly weird Minecraft feel from this one on animate - like skeletons moving in the deep!

  I listen to this when I'm doing reception in the lobby of my workplace. I combine it with Singing Bowls, and Palm Gardens, and just let all of them animate. It's also a nice touch with asian garden scenery wallpaper and the Autumn Color in Japan Windows Theme.

  Goes well with the Wind Noise Generator

  This, coupled with the Rain Noise generator is among the most relaxing sounds I've ever enjoyed. I listen to them both on the most stressful days and it all just melts away into a stormy night out on a porch in the country.

  I love using this app! I use this sound to read and its peaceful <3

  The noise of the bamboo chimes reminds me of a warm, slightly windy summer's afternoon. The kind that is lazy and comfortable and full of no responsibilities, so it lulls me into a comforting relaxed state.

  We used to have wooden wind chimes at our last house, where we hung it above our fountain. Hearing this combined with water sounds reminds me of it.

  Grandma's home - works as memory trigger for myself. My grandmother had a wooden chimes which sounded similar to this when there was a slight breeze. I feel many would enjoy this sound even if it does not induce any lost childhood memories.

  I loved wind chimes but where I later moved the wind barely even blew, so now I listen to this!

  ← Not too much high, but just enough that it sounds like my wind-chimes outside.

  This is the perfect soundscape to listen to when I need to concentrate on my writing! I love the gentle tinkling sounds, they block out unwanted noise and don't distract.

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