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The Soul of Cassette Tapes

A trick for breathing life into digitally recorded material is to incorporate imperfections from older recording technologies, such as analog tape or vinyl records.

With this noise generator, you can add a vintage cassette player vibe to your digital music. To make it sound realistic, set the levels so that the hiss becomes just audible in the quietest passages of your music. You may be surprised by an impression that the sound quality of poor recordings has improved. It is because you may be adding frequencies that are missing, even though they are present only as a hiss.

Cassette tape hiss is a beautiful source of analog noise too, and can be used on its own as a kind of white noise generator. Due to the nature of tape playback, tiny fluctuations will affect the sound, breathing life into the otherwise static noise.

Published on October 6th, 2021

User Stories

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  I have some fun with this on minimax animation at slow speed.

  One of the best background noises I've found for writing--especially if you're writing Magnus Archives fanfic. Drops your brain right into the Archives, without any of the eldritch monstrosities that come with it.

  Wow, this is good. Makes me sleep at 9:30 PM. Thanks Sir Pigeon for providing this.

  Laid over my music? This one takes me back to the days listening to (much more cringe-worthy) cassette tapes on my weird yellow clamshell sport Walkman on the school bus with matching slim pre-earbud sport headset. It's far better a wake-up in the morning than I remember it being, but welcome for more chill days.

  I pair this with Dust & Scratches and a chill/lofi music playlist. Greatly adds to the atmosphere!

  I found some 90's music, and it works perfectly with this!

  Combine this with "Mr. Rhodes" to feel like dust in a sunbeam.

  This one reminds me of that one tape that you can't believe still plays! It sounds like it's been through a lot, and it has! It's more about the memories, but the sound of the music on the genuine article is a distinct reminder of the present, and of the distinct travels of each individual.

  Been listening to the JFK tapes from the University of Virginia, and this is the perfect supplement!

  This is instantly my new favorite sound.

  Funny enough, usually we are trying to avoid such noise, but now, when isolated, its turned out that this is quite a good addition to fill some unncessary silence... strange, and very interesting!

  This is an even better rainy white noise than rain for me.

  It's very soothing! I'm experimenting with having it in the background, just audible, when playing digital music. It adds a really nice texture.

  It is amazing mixed with either Tape Memories and Dust N Scratches.