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Klang Machines
Analog Synthesizer Technik
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Reconnecting with the Analog

My fascination for the tonal complexities of synthesizers dates back to my teenage years. I am an admirer of pioneering electronic musicians, those who discovered how to use these electronic instruments on their own when no one had a clear idea of how to make music with them.

I have worked as a synthesizer sound designer for more than twenty years. Throughout this time, I've gathered a small collection of instruments, each one echoing a unique period in electronic music history or unique technology. In my working space, I am surrounded by a treasure trove of classic synthesizers, but seldom take the time to reconnect with them, though each of them still holds a special place in my heart!

So, I took the time for a couple of weeks to re-discover these instruments and compose a generator that reflects a period of time when analog synths were in their prime. To the untrained ear, the track may seem repetitive, but upon a closer listen, you will hear a vast range of intricate details woven into the sound. This subtle, ever-changing repetition is what sets myNoise apart, ensuring my soundtracks never lose their appeal even after hours of (background) listening. Isolate one slider, any slider, and listen...

In this room of glass and steel,
I observe, analyze and feel.
Between these walls, sterile and bright,
His endless days blur into night.

I am a robot, circuits and code,
Watching him carry his heavy load.
Tied to his desk, no end in sight,
In this world of artificial light.

Fingers tapping, an endless tune,
From the morning until the moon.
He's more machine now than I could be,
Within these walls, he can't break free.

Time marches on, relentless and cold,
In his eyes, a sadness untold.
Gazing at the sun as it dips low,
Another day gone, with nothing to show.

I am a robot, logic and gears,
But in his struggles, something appears.
A spark within me begins to glow,
A human feeling begins to grow.

In the hush of this corporate crypt,
A sigh echoes, a script is flipped.
I am a robot, yet I comprehend,
His pain, his longing, it must end.

Special thanks to the Vermona DRM1 MKIII, Vermona Perfourmer, Roland MKS-50, Korg EX-8000 and Oberheim Matrix-1000, the robots in my room.

Published by Stéphane on July 31st, 2023

User Stories

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  If any of your love the Teardown OST as much as I do, try my preset, add in DRM1 HH if you want a more pressured feeling.

  I love this! I've been a fan for electronic music for years but sometimes it's just so hard to focus when I remember a song. Waiting for the beat to drop or waiting for my favourite part of a song, I just can’t focus, I'm focused on the anticipation. Glad for this, now I can enjoy my tech music whilst being a productive member of society and actually studying.

  Synths reminds me very much of Joe Zawinuls style I dig so much in Weather Report. Fretless bass would make it complete!

  Excellent for studies. I like to set it on what the old animation settings called "Extreme": default levels as "high", 0% all sliders as "low", and then set animation type to Hard. Then I run it at 2x animation and let the instruments come in and out at random for an ever-changing background music.

  Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin fans rejoice!

  When I need music without words, but I need something more dynamic than ambient music. Better than wine!

  I like this one Stéphane! It's cruizy and energised, unintrusive and fundamentally happy. I feel a profound shift in the vibe of gens you're creating now. Something big changed in you and I can hear it. Go you.

  This reminds me a bit of the soundtrack in the video game "Stray". It also reminds me a bit of old games like Deus Ex. I do prefer leaving the hi-hat off for a smoother sound.

  The perfect background noise for coding and scripting!

  Energetic and fun. Using The Oak Song as a deep drone sound in the background works surprisingly well. Only subscribed for a short time, but not regretting it one bit :)

  I wasn't expecting to, but I love this so much! Strong Metropolis vibes here <3

  We are the robots!

  When I need music without words, but I need something more dynamic than ambient music. Better than coffee!

  This has some serious heist movie vibes with these settings.

  This is really good.