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Mountain Pasture
The Sound of The Alps
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Getting High

Even at high altitudes the summer heat can be unbearable. Herds of cows and goats throughout the French Alps know where to find the coolest spots during the warmest hours of the day, whether on the shady side of the mountain or near running water. This soundscape captures every warm and lazy moment among them. Its main ingredients are the bells worn by the two grazing herds: deeper tones for the cows and higher tones for the goats. And to conduct this mountain orchestra, meet the herds' shepherd, a border collie named Dick.

From time to time I am asked whether I can use binaural recording techniques to make my soundscapes even more realistic through headphones. The answer is yes. Listen to the second slider on this soundscape, a binaural recording. Using tiny microphones inserted into my ears, I can record sounds exactly as I hear them, but the effect works only in headphones. I enjoy using binaural technology to spice up my soundscapes, but I haven't programmed a fully binaural recording yet as it would be much more distracting to the listener's ears than a conventional soundscape, and distraction is something we want to avoid on myNoise.

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  This is one of my favorites! I love turning on animate for this one especially. It's so soothing for me with the water, the insects, the animals. This is on most days when I'm sitting in my office at work, and it really helps keep my stress levels down.

  I had a dream... of cow bells and mountain stream. Of that feeling of loneliness and space. And my dream came true :) Thanks Stephane.

  Great new addition! I paired it with Grassland and enjoyed the duet, but it's good alone, too!

  You did it once again... warped me directly into childhood-memories of long, warm summer hikes in the German Alps. It's quite pleasuring to hear that the French alpine landscape sounds very similar to the landscape in Germany. Another sign that nature and it's sound don't know borders. Nice work, keep going... while I'm getting some break on the pastures.

  Another wonderful generator to soothe the ears and the mind. I love this one, it's so peaceful. Thank you.

  Just when I think this site can't get any better, it does! I can tell this generator is going to be one of my favourites even though the thought of animals being raised for their meat makes me sad. I close my eyes and imagine I'm in an idyllic animal sanctuary high up in the Alps in the summer when the weather is just perfect. This sounds wonderful when paired with Mournful Chimes (last 7 sliders).

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