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Fish Tank Noise Generator (US version)
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A Fish Tank in your room... without the fish or the tank!

Have you ever dreamed of having a fish tank in your room? Not only for the tropical fish, but also for the nice gentle watery noises it makes. The tropical fish, we can't offer to you, but we can offer the sounds, that is our specialty, down to the last detail! Did you know that the buzzing, generated by the air and water pumps, depend on your mains electrical frequency? So, for the most faithful experience, if you are located in the EU, try the 50Hz version.

Published on July 18th, 2015

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  Remember when Walmart used to have fishes on display? I used to love them.

  Slept like a baby! I love the fizzy bubbles!

  This is so incredible! I have two tanks in my room so I was curious and it's so true to life! Great job.

  This is the perfect setting for me. I find the water noises appeasing while the slight pump sounds add some bite to it!

  Takes me back to my childhood, when I would sometimes visit the aquarium shop next to the salon where I'd get my haircut.

  Try mixing this with the Japanese Garden's bird sounds, bamboo leaves, the stream.

  The fact that you went to the trouble to include both a 60 Hz US version and a 50 Hz EU version of a fish tank has got to be one of the best examples of the attention to detail that makes this site worth supporting!

  This is the exact noise my humidifier makes. It's so great to focus and ground myself. Thank you SO much.

  This reminds me of having fish when I was younger. I love it!

  We used to have a pond in our back-garden, filled with koi and many other fish - about 43 I think - and it used to have a trickling water fountain. But because of safety reasons for my little brother, we filled it in, and this is a nice memory of watching the fish with my little brother when he was a baby. I love listening to it along with bird noises.

  My new favorite! I used to have aquariums, and the sound is soothing. It's also great in my noisy open office.

  Memories of the huge fish tank in my dad's home office growing up. I would sit and watch the fish (which included tiger barbs, neon tetras, bala sharks, and black mollies, to name a few) for hours.

  Sounds like a fish tank in a movie. Really addicting and great noise blocker :)

  Stephane, if I achieve my dream and graduate from law school, it's thanks to this site!

  This fish tank generator really helps me when I am nervous. It's really soothing.

  People in North America, Japan and a few other places should find this more realistic than the EU version, that's because in these countries the AC line frequency is at 60 Hz. Some appliances that run on AC give off the typical 60 Hz hum. In Europe and in the rest of the world the AC frequency is at 50 Hz: people there are used to hearing the 50 Hz humming noise.

  I really like this noise generator  it's very soothing and it's really helped me when I'm anxious or when I'm having sensory issues. Honestly, I can't recommend this noise or this site enough, and it's definitely worth getting a patron if you can afford it.

  This sound is so relaxing and really helps me concentrate while painting. It really reminds me of when I had a small koi, Nami, and just watching her swim around along side this peaceful sound. Thank you!

  For a few years I've two small (5gal) aquariums beside my bed in my room, and this year in March my betta fish, Scottie, passed away and I turned off the aquariums since. I've been debating whether or not to turn them back on, because I miss the noise. This is exactly how it used to sound!

  I had a few goldfish in a tank in my room when I was little. I didn't realize how much it helped me sleep till we had to get rid of them. This helps a lot!

  When I was younger, we had an aquarium in my room, and it helped me sleep every night. This gives me the same feeling and helps me calm down.

  The noise of water is very enjoyable, and this helps to satisfy quite a lot!

  I love the ability to up the air filter to block extraneous noises in my office, and then the bubbles and water are a peaceful, soothing noise that doesn't distract me from me work. What a GREAT noise generator!

  Can't believe there is a US and EU version... talk about thorough!

  A fountain with a few fish!

  I have a lot of trouble sleeping in new places to an anxiety disorder. This has helped me so much when I travel! There are two aquariums in my bedroom and this just makes me feel right at home. Thank you all so much!As a side note; I'm amazed at the difference between this one and the EU version. It's something that you just don't think about.

  This sounds EXACTLY like my fish tank I have beside the computer; when I took the headphones off I thought the speakers were on!

  When I was a kid, I used to have a small fish tank in my room. This generator brings back the memories of my childhood, where I would fall asleep to these sounds, and brings me to a much simpler time.

  I've been unwillingly off my medications for almost a week now and have been experiencing some pretty gnarly withdrawal symptoms because of it: vertigo and auditory hallucinations to lay the ground work. This is the only thing that's been able to help me get more than roughly an hour and a half block of sleep before waking myself up, fault of my own imagined sounds.

  On the 50Hz generator, I noticed someone saying that, as a person in the EU, it felt more "real" to them than this one - as a US native, I feel the reverse! How interesting our brains are. This generator is very relaxing; I'm really enjoying it.

  ← that arrow is pointing to the sound of pure, wet, fishy bliss.

  This was very relaxing. I just turned off the pump and it sounded very nice.

  This is the perfect noise for me to work to in a cafe, "fizzy" bubbles and "gushy" water.

  I miss my old roommate's frog and the soothing sound of his tank. Just add a bit of chirping from the Frog Pond and it's like he's right here!

  There used to be an old pet store by my house, and it had a room just for the fish. Very dark and warm, with only the neon blue glow of the fish tanks. I used to sit there with my little pink journal and write while my family looked at the other animals. Now I can do it again. Thank you!!

  When I was a wee thing, I used to spend the night before holidays with my nan, whose house was full of fascinating fish tanks. At night I would sleep on the living room sofa amid the soft sounds and the dim lights. This generator takes me back to a very happy place. What fun!

  Sounds like a huge tank! :)