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Fish Tank
Fish Tank Noise Generator (EU version)
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A Fish Tank in your room... without the fish or the tank!

Have you ever dreamed of having a fish tank in your room? Not only for the tropical fish, but also for the nice gentle watery noises it makes. The tropical fish, we can't offer to you, but we can offer the sounds, that is our specialty, down to the last detail! Did you know that the buzzing, generated by the air and water pumps, depend on your mains electrical frequency? So, for the most faithful experience, if you are located in the US, try the 60Hz version.

Published on July 18th, 2015

User Stories

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  This is perfect, it sounds like a water wonderland, so relaxing.

  I listened to this along with Calm Office and 50Hz Hum Noise; it not only helped me focus when needs be, but it was super relaxing when I was cross stitching, loom knitting, or reading.

  I used to have fish, so this is very calming.

  I found this searching for hints to reduce the noise of my real fish tank.... Dr., these sounds are killing me! It is my permanent fight... it's my nightmare... its my Waterloo (a water fight). And this simulation is so realistic: I tried to eat my headphones and bite the cable!

  Where can I buy this to have in my house as I lost all of my goldfish and I don't want to get more, but I need the sound to sleep and it's too quiet in my room even when I'm just reading I need that extra noise. [Answer: become a patron and you will then able to download your favorite sound as a mp3 file]

  It is the most relaxing sound I have ever heard in my life. Thank you! ;)

  I use this sound combined with this live stream ( on a spare monitor at work to have something relaxing moving in the background.

  Gosh, I requested this a while ago and damn... I am very happy with this <3 Thank you very kindly, feels like I'm back at the farmhouse again.

  My CPU fan has taken a hit: it's very noisy. While I'm waiting for its replacement, this series of ten sounds that I can set one by one is perfect to cover the noise. Used at equal volumes it does help a lot, but set by one one I feel like I can't hear my fan anymore, even though the overall volume feel slower than the fan's! Amazing :)

  Sounds exactly like the aquarium set-ups I used to have. This brings back memories of my fishkeeping days. I hope to keep fish again, but this will have to do for now.

  Feeding time is definitely my favourite!

  WOW! I'm soaked.

  The 'Feeding Time' setting reminds me of when I used to have fish as a kid. I was usually the one to feed them, and listening to this I can almost see my fishies swimming up to the surface of the water to snatch some food before darting back down.

  Sounds like a can of fizzy drink!

  This is awesome without pump noise. Also I am amazed by the difference of Europe and US versions. I am from Europe and 50 Hz really feels much more real. You are great. Thank you Stphane.