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Frequency-Shaped Spring Water Stream Noise Generator
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Unbottled spring water... noise!

Flowing water remains one of our visitors— favorite sounds. This babbling brook is one of the tiniest streams we ever recorded, only a few meters from its source: a puddle in the middle of a calm forest, where water rises barely perceptibly to the surface from underground. The stream was so small that by comparison the surrounding moss looked like giant rainforest vegetation!

Have you noticed how the brain tends to associate temperatures with audible frequencies? Try increasing the higher frequencies associated with the blue and purple sliders: water will perceptually turn cooler and more refreshing. Conversely, lower frequencies are often associated with warmth. With ten sliders covering the entire human hearing range, our noise generator provides a unique opportunity to tune sounds not only to taste, but also to feelings.

Published by Stéphane on June 25th, 2014

User Stories

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  Oh gosh...Yesterday my sleep podcast app wasn't loading properly, so I scrolled through your blog and found this generator (lifesaver!). I love the babbling brook present as well as the hot spring present while using animate sliders. This makes a great replacement for sleep podcasts, and put me to sleep pretty quickly, considering that I have insomnia. ~froggo~

  Just perfect as always, this site is a real lifesaver! Dr. Pigeon I can't thank you enough!

  Dr. Pigeon, make the YouTube videos with all the presets of this noise please! I need it!

  The water sound is such realistic that I almost can hear shake of the earth near the stream!

  Dark underwater-ambient soundtrack, quiet but powerful. Useful for inspiration.

  This site is amazing!

  Putting this on a lower setting with the Speech Blocker is perfect for the office once I switch on my music playlist to go with it. No more annoying coworker babble!

  Nice sounds that are very soothing, just a bit different than a standard water trickle. Normally the water sound ones make me sleepy or have to go to the bathroom but this one just "drowns" out my co-workers to put me at maximum efficiency.

  This, Hot Spring preset, + Sound Journey = my very own sanctuary.

  Thank you for this website. I've been using it every single day for years now, and I couldn't imagine being without it. It helped me through my worst times of noise sensitivity and anxiety. I love water and rain sounds in particular, especially during summer, and fire noise in the winter. Again, thank you so much.

  It makes my heart flow.

  Mix with Japanese Garden, set to x2 animation and find a good book and you will feel your life becoming calmer.

  This is wonderful <3 Thank you for making this.

  A great combo is Spring Water Stream, Canyon, Thunder, and Desert Wind all together... WOW!

  I'm playing this with Trip of Mind and it creates the most calming sounds ever. I really like this website.

  Like the peaceful afterthought to a distant, roaring giant.

  I love this setting, it really soothes and relaxes me, especially while I'm drinking a cup of rose tea!

  I've tried a many of the other sounds but I always come back to this one. It fills up the distractable spaces in my head so well that when I turn it off, it takes me a few seconds to reorient!

  I just really love the sound of water, I don't know why. But when I played the sounds this generator can make, I just absolutely loved it! Especially low bass noises for the water, I absolutely love it so much!

  It's like you're just under the surface of the water. Very relaxing, helped the slight headache I had as well.

  I'm a huge procrastinator - and this website helps me to focus. Great for relieving stress for any cause or situation, and the ability to personalise makes it even better! :)

  ← Like a distant creek

  It helps me relax and focus when I am doing my work. Feeling great.

  Quiet, cool water. Super calming :)

  Bamboo pipes.

  Just when I thought Stephane couldn't top himself, here comes yet another amazing water generator. These mid-high end tinkling noises are some of my favorite sounds on earth. I want to lay down and let the water slowly rush over me.

  The sounds of the pebbles hitting each other is so soothing.

  It's a very subtle, gentle water sound.

  The 'Babbling Water' goes relly well with a 'Three Friends of Winter' animation (with slightly less strings) for a calm Japanese garden.

  ← Clicks & Humming Drift. That setting lets my ears search for signs of a far away thunderstorm. So silently and yet vibrant at the same time.

  Ahh yess. This was what I was looking for without the rain! I really like the idea of changing the sounds just by adjusting the slider and the animate function.