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Rain Lullaby
Shamanic Song & Rain
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A Song for Healing

It's always a delight to receive help from talented field recordists. The song you hear was recorded by Cameron McBride during a trip to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. If you like rainforest sounds, check out Cameron's album, entitled Relaxing Sounds of the Amazon Rainforest.

While reviewing Cameron's recordings, I fell under the spell of a particular audio file named "Amelia." Amelia is a shaman from Peru. She sings an icaro, a magic song passed down to her from a long line of healers. I love her raw vocal tone and the relaxing nature of this particular song. It sounds like a lullaby and instantly makes me feel at peace.

This song invites us to listen to our bodies and to discover the exact nature of the healing that is taking place. Since we do not understand Amelia's words, nor know her exact intentions, we must find out. We must become aware. And that is what I like so much about this soundscape.

Many thanks to Cameron for sharing his wonderful recording with us!

Published on July 13th, 2021

User Stories

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  This song reminds me that there are people out there praying for the safety, health, happiness, and peace of everyone in the world, you and me included. Thank you Amelia for sharing your icaro with a listener.

  I close my eyes and I am transported next to Amelia. We still together every now and again, looking up at the canopy and letting the thunder wash over us, rooting ourselves down into the wet earth. She sways, and takes a breath, letting the spirit of her voice take us both by surprise as the ancestors guide her healing hand over my aura.. I feel a wayward raindrop hit my nose through the shelter.

  Incredible good recordings. The Thunder, the soothing sizzling noise of the single raindrops and the rainforest ambience, fantastic. But I had to bring Amelia to bed, she was tired from all the singing.

  Wonderful concept. And the rain sounds are beautiful!

  This variant is awesome, a bit of an eerie vibe with Amelia's voice.

  Very relaxing, also a bit spooky!