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Zarina, reborn!

Zarina Kopyrina was one of the very first artists who asked me to collaborate on the myNoise project. Do you remember Yakutian Voices, released in 2015? I was very happy to rely on a talented singer to bootstrap the project. Plus, she helped me to bring that multi-cultural dimension that I love and that would slowly become part of the sound signature of myNoise. Since then, Zarina has reborn as Haar Suor (Snow Raven) - a name given by her Sakha shaman - and started a career in the United States with Olox. She was selected to perform in America's Got Talent. Congratulations for her achievements!

Recently, I went back to the recordings made in 2015 and extracted an untapped gem: a shamanic incantation sung by Zarina Haar Suor. I draped her wonderful voice with instruments and voices, which I imagine to be characteristic of the steppes of her native country, the republic of Sakha in Siberia.

Due to climate change, the tundra is now changing faster than ever. As the permafrost thaws, parts of that landscape are being transformed into nothing but mud. Hear the Tundra's Lament.

For the ultimate sound experience, try combining this generator with Yakutian Voices.

Published on August 13th, 2021

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  I am always amazed about how good these sound and how you can layer these perfectly with others, creating my own movie score-meditation-ambiance that puts me into a trance-like state without any drugs needed.

  It has an amazing atmosphere, almost somber but tranquil. Sorta like the feeling of an impending storm, which the wind chimes and wind noises help with. So far might be one of my favorites.

  I love the raw vocals of this generator! It sounds wonderful paired with Oak Song!

  Absolutely lovely combined with Calling Our Ancestors. I turn most of the vocals down on both gens, but Raphaël's Yoik mantra fits right in where I want it. I might make a custom gen with my favorites from each.

  This is one of my new favorites!!!

  Inspired. It doesn't just keep me grounded, but it helps me get in touch with my core, my feelings (being medicated, not easy to do). This is a blessing. I may live the rest of my life plugged in to this track. Blessed is the artist!

  This new track has worked wonderfully to help me concentrate! I like to hop around the site and try different tracks on different days. My brain is very happy when shiny new stuff comes out that it can latch onto while I'm working. Thank you!

  Fantastic!! The vocal chanting is a little distracting for my sensitive preferences, but the Instrumental option is PERFECT!!! Easily one of my top 5 favorites on this site. Great for drawing and reading to.

  Fantastic! What a talent. I was lucky enough to visit Yakutia a few years ago... the Sakha culture is unforgettably beautiful.

  This is an awesome generator.