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The Vocal Connection

To some, the huu-chant (or hu-chant) is spiritual; for others, it is a simple but profound practice, a sort of vocal meditation best experienced in a large group. In this chant practice, there are no rules of melody or timing: sing 'huu' more or less however it comes out.

Singing is only one part of the equation; listening is the other. You know the balance between your listening and singing is right when your voice gets carried away by the group and interesting chords and melodies arise. The results are magical, musically and emotionally. People truly open their hearts with this practice and feel connected to others beyond words.

For those who want to try huu-chanting, it is not always easy to access a large group. So we came up with this sound generator. Though it will not re-create the true experience of singing in a group, it is pretty close. In this chant, you don't have to do anything advanced. Just sing huu, and let it take you in. As with any practice, the longer you do it, the better the results.

Special thanks to Samuel Tornqvist for kindly sharing his expertise, talent and voice to create this chant player. Samuel is a professional musician, vocal coach and fan of this website!

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this generator with other myNoise generators such as the in The Sky.

Published on February 27th, 2017

Testimonials - write yours here

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  This is modern and traditional heaven. I do not know why but my mouth is getting wet by listening this.

  Listening to Huu Chant in combination with Sailboat - what a voyage!

  Simply magical. This generator, paired with the "A Confession to the Moon" community-made generator, is so stunning and ethereal. It transports me to another place! Thank you for this!

  Sounds like finnish a capella group Rajaton.

  I’m in heaven.

  My soul is satisfied .

  Tuning to E gives the perfect balance of high, feminine voice, and deep masculine baritone.

  Wow! I have goosebumps all over!! This is so cool to write to!

  This with Now Loading... is the best ever!

  Sings right inside me.

  Huu Chant + African Trance + Duduk + 88 Keys... all animated extreme at 4x sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack. Hans Zimmer, eat your heart out!

  This and Duduk song combined is a perfect relaxing day.

  I combine this with the African Trance generator to give it a real soundtrack quality.

  Stunning. A soundscape to get lost in and enjoy every moment of it.

  I didn't expect 'In The Sky' and 'Huu Chant' to sound so well together! I had 'In The Sky' set to "Floating" and the 'Huu Chant' set to "Ad-Lib". This combination gets me thinking of mountains with a sunset reflecting its light at the top of the mountains. So relaxing and a beautiful mental sight. Great for meditation. I like to use it as inspiration for writing descriptions of my fictional world.

  This generator helps to drown out the voices in my head. I can overcome them. The voices have no power over me.

  Absolutely celestial.

  Honestly, I feel like I'm floating on air. This is so hauntingly beautiful, I'm at a loss for words.

  I really love the "Huu Chant" generator. It is so relaxing, and when combined with "Distant Thunder", both animating, it is mesmerizing. I use this combination while writing software, and it really seems to help me focus and not get distracted by other sounds or other thoughts.

  Mix this with In The Sky for instant floaty bliss!

  I've listened to a number of generators on this website for years to help me when I'm struggling with my depression, but none thus far have resonated with me quite like Huu Chant. Listening to it, I feel safe, like everything will be okay. Thank you, Stphane and Samuel, for another lovely generator.

  I can't get enough of this one. I mix it together with Yakutian voices and In The Sky, to create a very beautiful harmony of voices.

  Really love this together with the 'Cave Chime' noise. Like bringing you back to yourself. Thank you <3

  Just found the Huu Chant--I can't believe how often you create new generators for us. This website has saved me so many times! I listen to it exclusively at work and it makes my job so much easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this service you do for the community.

  Marvelous. Thank you. Using this in conjunction with my computer's pitch shifter to vary the experience occasionally.

  A brand new generator and I've already fallen in love with it <3 Thank you so much!

  Hypnotized by this mixed with the "In The Sky" generator. I can't turn it off  like I'm lost in another place.

  Absolutely sublime. If you've never been in choir, this may communicate how comforting it is to be surrounded by the rumbling, overlapping harmonies of many rich voices.

  Another amazing generator. I'm in another place. Thank you.

  This (Meditative setting) and Duduk Song on the Slow Harmonies setting with Distant Thunder playing in the background and Intertidal on Gentle Waves, and you are transported to a rocky island in the middle of the ocean with angels singing all around you. Very peaceful.

  Turned this on and was totally breathtaken, and then I opened In The Sky and felt my heart expand three times its size. I didn't think these sounds could get more beautiful but they did.

  Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful work, as always!

  This is the only thing that can calm me right now. Thank you!

  Just turned this on and wow. One of the most beautiful, heart-easing chanting or singing sounds I've ever listened to, or have heard so far on myNoise. Looking forward to trying many permutations! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

  Absolutely gorgeous voices! Wow!

  This sounds heavenly when paired with the "Ohm" preset of In the Sky. A beautiful mix of male and female vocals.