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The Noise Audio Recorders Won't Like

Audio jammers are popular tools used during confidential meetings. They produce a unique sound for masking and protecting conversations from external listening devices, such as a smartphone running an audio recording app, hidden in one of your guests' pocket.

The sound of a jammer should be very difficult to filter out or remove when present in an audio recording. While commercial audio jammers often rely on white noise, this generator, however, uses a more efficient sound with articulation similar to speech. It is also buried under severe distortion, which makes recovery algorithms have a hard time producing exploitable results.

For further privacy, increase the generator's volume to play louder than your voice. Then, if you are holding a conversation in person, speak quietly, and very close to your partner so they hear you over the sound.

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  This generator actually saved my day. I was sitting in the co-working space, but this day there were a loud group of people... This generator helped me to mask all their noises and keep working. It was perfect: I didn't need to make the sound loud, but from time to time I was turning a head to check if those people are still here - because I didn't hear any sign of their presence. :)

  Very strange at first, but I'm now lost inside the sound, distraction-free and the noise from other apartments neighboring mine minimized. I really enjoy it.

  This one is awesome for shutting out the sound of someone watching TV in the room I'm in, when brown noise alone isn't enough.

  Next to the internet cafe where I am now is an ongoing renovation, so we have the lovely sound of construction equipment as our background music. This noise surprisingly blocked the construction noise without being too distracting!

  ← Complete distortion

  I'm in an internet cafe, writing my thesis while the other people in the internet cafe are playing games and cursing loudly. Of all the generators I've tried, I found this noise the most effective in blocking the noise of other people.

  At its default settings and lowish volume, it's very good for completely blocking out nearby conversations when I have to get some focused writing done in a short period of time. It's not something I can listen to for long periods, but for an hour or two, it's unreasonably effective.


  Love this. Truly fascinating sound - I work in a small call center performing database maintenance. The phone calls on the other side of the room can get quite distracting. I've used myNoise quite frequently with amazing results but Audio Jammer is the first one to inspire me to leave a comment. Total block-out. 10x focus!

  I turned it up a little bit from its default, then animated at maximum speed. The result sounds like calm and routine radio traffic: police, fire, EMS, security, military, corrections. A wonderful sensation, perhaps topped only by the soothing beeps and chimes of hospital emergency department equipment on an overnight shift.

  No matter what I do, I can never completely block out any type of noise. This is AMAZING because it is the first thing I have ever seen that will almost completely block out all voices. Great for working, thank you!

  I'm waiting for the day when someone asks me what I'm listening to.

  It might be a weird use for it, but putting this generator on animate, and using the Dungeon RPG sliders 1, 2, 6 and 10 creates a sort of sewer noise that is strangely relaxing.

  It's so cool. It reminds me of AI Handsome Jack's voice when it becomes distorted in Tales from the Borderlands :D

  Thank you so very much for taking the time to create such a useful tool for speech protection! I fully understand why this is hard to remove on a recording! This will come very handy mixing it with other speech protection devices! You did a amazing job! You truly care about your my-noise users! Thanks for everything! And keep up the good work!

  Though jarring at first, I'm discovering that this is a very calming noise mask for the office! The speech-like sounds replicate vague human energy so I don't feel isolated, and the white noise aspect keeps it firmly in the background of consciousness. I have it animated along with Telecaster Licks and am enjoying very focused attention. Another fascinating sound, Dr. Pigeon! Many thanks!

  These particular bands sound very much like speech that is doused in distortion. As someone who is deals with audio on a regular basis as my job, I see exactly why this works so well. In addition, as someone who values privacy I think I will be putting this to good use. Many thanks for your work, and this knowledge/experience.

  Very annoying, but a great noise blocker!

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Each slider controls a particular frequency band, from the lowest to the highest frequency. Adjust sliders to taste.

To mask undesirable noises, focus on bands sharing the same tone as the noise you want to cover. Doing so achieves a higher efficiency, and quieter masking noise levels.