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What is White Noise?

White Noise is created by a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range. In healthcare applications, white noise is used to treat hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to camouflage the annoyance caused by tinnitus, a ringing in the ear occurring without any stimulus. White noise is also used to mask background noises in the office, or to aid in sleep.

  This generator is available as a free iOS App and as static audio files on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and Rdio!

Pink Noise and Brown Noise variations

Although all frequencies are produced in equal intensity, white noise sounds much brighter than what we would expect from a spectrally flat noise. This is due to the nature of our hearing, which doesn't sense all frequencies equally. Therefore, people often prefer to listen to Pink Noise, a noise that boosts the lower frequency range to compensate for the unnatural brightness of white noise, or Brown Noise, a noise that puts even more emphasis on the lower frequencies. When one exactly compensates for the particular sensitive curve of the human hearing, white noise turns Grey.

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  This is the only online white noise site I use, I love the frequency adjustments. Every speaker is different and this makes for easy adjustment to fit your sonic environment.

  This is so perfect in tandem with my noisli mix, which is wind 50%, leaves 20%, fire 25%, night 10% and fan 80%... seriously, try them out together! You'll be so surprised what you'll get done. I used to lolly around for two hours, not even writing, and probably only get 600 words a day. Now? My average is about 2-3k in just a few hours. No longer have writer's block! Thank you, White Noise & Co.

  This basically masks out everything.

  I'm pet sitting, and the dog was really nervous. I turned on this sound to work, and the dog walked into my room and went to sleep almost immediately. Magical!

  A god send at work, if I've got to think a problem through and a colleague gets chatty.

  This almost sounds like being near the ocean. Hearing the waves roar in and the wind whipping you around.

  This is the perfect, non-intrusive, low rumble for me.

  This is so relaxing!

  This helps tremendously to block out the voice of my most annoying coworker. I can concentrate on my work much better without hearing her personal calls :)

  This is an amazing sound which truly helps you concentrate and relax. I recommend this to other people who would really like some peace time.

  This is amazing! My younger brothers are always too loud for me to work. This helps mute them out.

  A tip: use the "Animate!" feature to make the noise more bearable and less headache-inducing.

  I love this! I have been reading a book that referred to white noise and needed to listen to some. This website works great! THANKS!!!

  This is great! I've always found it frustrating when "white noise" generators produced a distracting or irritating tone. And those apps that only do rain noise and jungles and stuff... I can't concentrate in a jungle environment! So, this is really helpful. I've been enjoying exploring different configurations, all of which are better than listening to the guy in the office, talking over the phone.

  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't concentrate in open plan office and music is often even more distracting. Before I found your site, I was listening to some ambient sound radio that made me feel like I was in the waiting lounge at a spa. Now I have my personalised noise curve to help me concentrate. It's fantastic.

  I've used a couple of these apps, but this one is the most versatile. Perfect for working in a crowded computer lab on campus.

  I love working in silence but it's often too quiet for me so I need something to block out the silence a little, as odd as it may sound haha. I just found this website and left it on while I do some task and I can concentrate longer now. Love this website!

  Pink noise really helps me to burn in my headphones for long periods of time. Great website!

  Studying especially in any enviorment even with the slightest noise, using white or brown noise makes a world of difference.

  Yes, I concur, this does a great job dampening loud voices (co-workers, public, etc.). Not only does it reduce the irritation of having to listen in on others' conversations, it also helps keep my sensitive conversations from the prying ears of others. All in all, a great solution for a universal problem.

  This app/site is wonderfull! Love it.

  I run white noise under music.cbc.ca to help block out my noisy office during quieter parts of the music or between songs.

  Saved my life, I had to do an exam in a crowded library because my internet connection failed at home. This works wonders.

  Blocks out annoying loud talking co-workers. Sanity saver!

  On board the Enterprise; my imagination boldly going...

  Sounds exactly like being underneath a car wash in the car. Very relaxing sound. Thanks so much!

  Downstairs neighbour has something that hums something fierce. Now I have something that hums even more fierce. Subwoofer with low band noise. Wroooooom!

  Just WOW! LIFESAVER. Just amazing, use this to block out life-noise for assignments and study and work. Thanks Devs!

  Helps me focus during long study sessions. Thanks devs :)

  Great for taking an exam!! Helps you stay focused by blocking out surrounding noise.

  You get a 2nd donation from me! Started with a flat spectrum, adjusted a slider at a time to find the one that matched each noise from the TV in the other room. Once I had it mostly blocked out, I could even turn the volume on the app down because it matched the noise so well! It's just enough to keep the TV from driving me nuts, but I can talk to people in the room. Bookmarked this one!

  I recently have attracted tinnitus and am waiting for specialists to help me figure out why and what to do about it. The sound in my ears was starting to madden me; your website allows me to gain some sanity and actually do my work (behind the computer, merely working with texts on which I have to concentrate). Thanks a million for building and maintaining this site - it's live saving!

  Thanks to this website, I can finally work without being disturbed by my neighbours. My heart rate, my ears and my sanity thank you!

  It reminds me of standing at the base of a large waterfall, just less wet! This is helping me cope with the disastrous combination of Hyperacusis and Public Transport!

  Being very sound sensitive, for a long time I've wished that I had a mute button for all the chatter that goes on in my day-to-day life. This noise generator certainly lives up to that, the silence that it brings is something magical and has definitely improved my office work and quality of life!

  Yes, this website is Heaven sent! I have it as my "default" opening webpage at work... I have suffered from Tinnitus Perenne for a couple of decades and, although my Tinnitus is louder, this helps a LOT! I'm a recording engineer and studied Acoustics, where I found out that, in a noisy environment or in an office where you can't install acoustic panels, they install White Noise generators!

  Love it! So useful to sleep to.

  I bet this site has helped so many people. I'm just one of them - so grateful for all your hard work.

  Thank you so much for this awesome site, it helps me so much with my work and life.

  This helps me so much during writing, and when I'm doing homework. I love it so much!!!!

  I work in a very noisy environment and need to block out the sounds of voices at a multitude of pitches and volumes around me. This setting on the white noise generator is abrasive but allows me not to hear everything that's going on.

  I love the sounds when I change it with higher mids and bass, it sounds like waves or rain. I'm a student but I can never concentrate at all, my dad plays guitar really loudly and aggressively in the room near mine and sometimes watches football at the same time and I'd resulted to watching TV while doing work because it is actually less distracting than having nothing else around me!

  Amazing for a loud office environment. It shuts out our drowns background noise even on a low setting, and feels great while doing so. Thank you!

  This makes me so sleepy! Perfect for my anxiety problems.

  Summer night? ;) I love this so much <3

  I've gotten up ten times to check if I left the faucet on. It was only on twice.

  In the home that I grew up in, I always fell asleep to the sound of an air conditioner. This almost perfectly replicates the sound I heard when right on the verge of sleep. Fantastic.

  At school, I challenged my friend to listen to this with everything on MAX while playing diggy online. Awesome!

  This reminds me of distant waves with rain nearby. Set to animate and it feels like the winds are shifting and I'm sitting near the oregon shoreline with powerful waves and rugged coast. But I'm warm and dry on a log cabin porch.

  I work in a noisy and disruptive open plan office. After discovering this site and combining it with a pair of noise cancelling headphones my productivity has gone through the roof!

  I've been sleeping with a white noise maker since I was five years old. This website is the best one out there to truly customize how you want your white noise to sound. I use this site every single night. Thou shalt not be disappointed.

  I haven't found a particular custom noise that I like best yet, as I enjoy colour ones enough so far. But this site has helped me a lot in dealing with my new acquaintance, tinnitus.

  This exact setting is probably not useful for others, but is an example of what can be done with this generator; it is customized to be *exactly* what I need to block my tinnitus, and it is like heaven for those of us who suffer from it. Thank you.

  After three traumas in a week that shook me deeply, my girlfriend suggested listening to pink noise. What has worked wonders instead is reversing the default "white noise" settings of your player. Immediately I relax and can focus again, and it's been indescribably helpful in coming back to myself, enabling me to deal with the effects of the events and not spin out of control in stress. Thank you!!

  My headphones are very low quality and have a constant high pitched buzzing noise on the right side. Hearing Curve white noise perfectly masks this noise, allowing me to enjoy drama CDs and ASMR without being bothered by my headphones.

  Surrounded by warmth, safe from the cold world outside these sounds complete the experience. I'll never go back.

  I'm a pilot and love the sound of being inside a jet (particularly a commercial jet flying at cruising speed and altitude). After messing around with the sound, I was able to make it sound like I was inside a really quiet jet cabin flying at cruising altitude and speed. <3 I felt so relaxed and I was able to get some work done. Thanks white noise :)

  Feels like I'm at the beach before a storm!

  Brown noise all the way. Helps me focus and get shit done.

  This is my sweet spot, that spot where where I get chills when I open this tab. Since I was 7 years old, I was attracted to these kind of sounds: heavy rain, the vacuum cleaner, the hairdryer and the static from a radio with no station tuned. I would just put my headphones in my ears and bam... I was in my own little world, has been like that for the last 30 years... And I still get the chills!!!

  ← This makes me feel like I'm floating!

  So much better than music for focusing on homework!

  I LOVE the brown noise! I turn the bass up just a little more though, however this makes studying THAT much better to focus. Thanks a ton!

  This is pretty great for testing audio equipment

  I love this! It helps me focus SO much!

  I love the bass on this one!

  This helps studying tremendously especially in household of several kids... I just turn this waaaay up and bam free of distractions and can get all my homework done like never before. THANKS SO MUCH!

  Absolutely perfect, thanks!

  Volume maxed... I'm in a storm!

  Distracting office chatter completely blocked <3

  Love this app! It works so well and has no streaming issues interrupting, and helps my sleep tremendously!

  The default settings make me hear dragonflies!

  Sounds like rain in the night (:

  This is THE BEST for blocking background distractions while I study or need to concentrate while reading or online. Having had several hearing test due to a stapedectomy, it is amazing and the customization is unique.

  Amaaaazing :)

  You saved my day!

  Like during an airplane flight

  I have a very short attention span, and thus was browsing the internet for solutions to increase it. And i came across this little gem of a website; whenever I'm working on something important, I just open a tab and play my custom white noise for hours at end. It really helps me concentrate. Thank you :)

  In my tiny place, there's no way to escape constant noise. My autistic sister and mother get restless and bored easily, so they're always talking, laughing, singing, and otherwise never being silent. I'm the only one who likes peace and quiet. It surprised me that, even though this is also noise, it blocks theirs out and gives me the peace I need to write. It's a real life-saver. *sighs in relief*

  I've always loved a low bassy sort of white noise ever since I was a baby. The kind you get from hair dryers and vacuum cleaners and I've always had a hard time getting it right until I stumbled across this little beauty of a website. I can hardly express how thankful I am to Dr. Pigeon for setting this up. The customisation allows me to find that perfect sound that just sends me to sleep.

  This is wonderful! I have been dealing with misophonia and close quarters with my coworkers. One prefers to eat an apple every three hours. Since using this site, I no longer feel the impulse to chuck the apple across the room! Thank you so much!

  This site is awesome! I had trouble doing work because I always listened to music, and that stimulated my ears, but stopped me from concentrating on my work. I tried this site, and it stimulates my hearing, but doesn't distract me!

  I love this so much! I am a sufferer of misophonia and this really helps me block out annoying sounds.

  This site is a dream come true! I am a very light sleeper and the hum of my AC compressor would wake me when it kicked in. I tried it all and nothing seemed to work (ear plugs, expensive white noise machines, low frequency CDs etc.) Then I found this site: Wow! A fully customizable frequency machine with no loops, and free! This site saved my sanity!!!

  This site helps me calm down and block out the loud drumming coming from my living room! ♥

  I am married, 7 years now, and struggle with insomnia. My husband does not have this problem as his snores remind me nightly. I call it flaunting his sleep in my face. This noise generator has, quite literally saved our marriage. He might be dead by now if I didn't have something to dampen the sound of his snores. :)

  Tadah! Wind noises! Perfect!

  This site is amazing! My granny tends to talk, talk, and talk... Nonstop. This site helps me concentrate and as well as meditate on occasion. Thank you mynoise.net.

  I use the preset brown noise when I am needing to block out other noises to concentrate on reading. It really works!

  This app is a Godsend! My teammates at work think I'm nuts listening to this, but it blocks out distractions, helps me focus and be more productive.

  Feels like sitting in a spaceship traveling through the intergalactic space.

  Love this! I use it in a crowded Cubeville office to cover the Call Center people I sit next to. Coupled with some light/soft music from Pandora and the rest of the world drops away.

  This one just calmed me down and blocked out everything else.

  This is my jam!

  I can set this fantastic generator to mimic the exact sound of sitting in a seat on a 777 airliner. I like to visualize that I am on a trip to Cancun or the Turks and Caicos islands.

  I like this one - it sounds like sheet rain and distant wind in a grey storm on the coast or at sea; a stormy scene where everything is about to go wrong.

  It's raining?

  This really helps me, since I suffer from misophonia! This helps me relax and not get so frustrated when I hear one of my triggers.

  As weird as it sounds, it's the perfect sound when you want to be quiet.

  The default setting is a little too high-pitched for me, so I found a nice, low pitch white noise.

  I am literally in tears as I write this. Due to MS, I've had constant tinnitus for years. I've tried other white noise generators, etc. but nothing's ever worked like this. Almost instantly, my pulse slowed & I began to relax. In just a few minutes I was able to remove my headphones and hear QUIET. I had forgotten what quiet sounded like. Thank you!!!

  This one really covers up all the distracting noise while sitting in library :)

  Having the lower frequencies all the way up gives me a huge relaxing sensation, like continuous thunder on a stormy day... great for falling asleep to as well.

  I'm autistic, and I have sound sensitivities. This is perfect to make loud sounds around me seem considerably softer.

  It sounds like wind and rain from inside my house, which is really calming for me.

  Pair this with any music while studying, complete immersion and focus!

  This is the exact setting that allows me to drown out the lousy fans in my library!

  This noise generator is a godsend. Perfect for concentrating, relaxing, helping you drift off to sleep, giving you that creative inspiration, or simply drowning out the world around you and immersing you in your own personal safe haven. Wish I would have found this years ago.

  Works great for masking bass sounds from my upstairs neighbor, even when I use open-style headphones! I really like being able to customize the noise so that it uses only the low frequency range.

  Rain and traffic as heard from fifteen floors above the street.

  Not only does this noise soothe my anxiety attacks, but it also helps with studying and concentration.

  Sounds like the beginning of a movie. Or a trailer. Foreshadowing noise.

  I'm in heaven. This is the highest quality coloured noise simulator I have ever come across. I use this while studying, and it really helps to block out distracting thoughts and keep me calm.

  The brown noise setting turned up really loud is SO helpful, because it sounds just like how my anxiety feels--like static in my head. Whenever I'm really tense I listen to this and it calms me down almost immediately. Thank you so much for this site.

  This is perfect for drowning out the pesky dishwasher in the other room.

  White noise really helps me be calm. I have ADHD and white noise is great for letting me relax, calm down, and focus. =)

  I have an inconsiderate pig of an upstairs neighbour who thinks it's fine to blast his subwoofer into the wee hours of the morning after nice and not so nice complaints. The sub bass and bass tuners on this block out his sh**. I could kiss the creator of this thing.

  I have Aspergers syndrome, and this soothes my brain.

  Finding THE perfect sound - I use it to revise my courses at the library where I easily get distracted otherwise. With the left bass cascading (brown high, to green low) I feel like I'm having a revision session on the Enterprise ! How cool and motivating is that ?=)

  All of the sounds on this site are phenomenal, but I always seem to come back to the White/Pink/Brown/Grey noise family. There's something comforting about not having to associate a sound with anything else; to just be able to clean all of society's crud out of my mind with a constant purr of calm and constant noise. Thank you.

  This is my chosen sound as it has middle, bass and high treble, enough to drown out the sound.

  My brother is banging on the piano downstairs and the only way for me to maintain my sanity was to jump to my precious pink noise...

  All I can say is Thank you.

  lol Ii fell asleep in the three bass tones turned up to max.

  Thank you for the noise, it helps me concentrate while my loud co-workers type furiously and talk loudly, it keeps my sanity!

  Am sitting here on a course in a room with 20+ other people, all of us at PCs and with some of us wearing headphones to watch online videos and answer questions on the content. And I've got misophonia. Were it not for mynoise.net streaming me some modified white noise through my headphones I'm **100%** certain that I would have simply upped and left very early on Day One. Day Four and counting...

  This is wonderful - it's a bit like dialling-up sounds out of 2001 the movie


  I tried to turn up the bass enough so it sounds like the ambient engine noise from Star Trek. I don't know what you will think but this was enough to lull me to sleep!

  Thank-you for your site. I often work at home and previously have needed silence to concentrate. This is no longer an option since my boyfriend and I live in an open plan flat and he refuses to walk the streets whilst I write. I am currently working on a paper whilst he watches the Liverpool game. You might just of saved our relationship.

  I also have misophonia and this has really saved my sanity at work. There are far too many gum smackers here. This setting also masks loud conversations.

  Combine this with the Traffic Noise and you've got heaven to the ears! Hint: It sounds like you're outside when you combine it.

  I have a mental disorder called misophonia. I have a need in my every day life for good noise to distract me from sound triggers. myNoise has been a stress reliever, a sleep aid, and a sanity saviour. Thank you sooo much.

  myNoise is a lifesaver! I use it to sleep every night.

  This helps me learn all those boring history questions! This is a lifesaver.

  After another truly crap day at work, spent wondering how on earth to get out of this rat race, I didn't come up with a plan, so tomorrow, it's the same old crap. But, half an hour of some deep caves, then another hour playing around with all your wonderful sounds, has made all the difference to my night. I hope my small offering of support helps you to keep doing something you enjoy.

  Group study rooms, coffee shops, airports, theme parks.. hah. Anywhere. I can get my focus on. Thanks!

  I love this sound so much. It reminds me of a huge waterfall in the distance... Huge as in whole oceans of water falling over cliffs...

  Love this. I'm so happy to have found this site. It muffles and calms the outside world, but doesn't drown you in stagnant static. -v

  This is, by far, my favorite of all the mixers. It sounds like I'm right back on that 7-47 to Seattle. The customer support was incredible as well. I had allot of questions, and I got allot of answers, quickly, I might add. -Thanks Stephane.

  I can't believe someone is this amazing to make this available for free! It's definitely the best white noise generator out there. When I can't sleep or when I need help concentrating I turn this on. I wish more people knew about this site. Being a busy college student, its become a necessity for me. Thanks to whoever created this!!!!

  This reminds me of being on an aeroplane, with the air vent on, which I find quite calming. I like to combine it with theta waves when I am working on concept art and have noticed an increase in my creative vision.

  I love this because it makes me want to just sit and contemplate things. It's just so good to listen to! :3

  I live in NYC and would not know what I would do without this to sleep with! Complete life saver...thank you!

  This is amazing! Just customised my own generator and it is the first time in years I have sat without hearing tinnitus in a quiet office. Had to shift the computer box back as it's now too loud.

  My office is so loud and overcrowded I put in foam earplugs, put on DJ-style headphones and turn up the white noise until I can't hear anything else. Instead of the din of 50 people, phones, computers, printers, people walking on concrete floors overhead, and an active warehouse 20 feet away, I hear only the softest tone, like a distant waterfall in a quiet woods on a snowy day. Ahhh... thank you!

  It sounds like sitting under an overpass during heavy traffic and rain... love that noise.

  I use this adjusted white noise to help me sleep, and have it running every night. Very helpful.

  This has literally lifted my bad mood! For some reason, colleagues think it's OK to play the radio on their PCs - I'd have one station playing to my left and one to my right and it was very distracting - I literally can't listen to music and concentrate properly. With the white noise I can concentrate as if there's no noise at all. Thanks!

  Working the day after a 5-hour heavy metal concert is really hard due to the tinnitus caused by the acoustic trauma. White and pink noises like this one or the waterfall sound worked like a charm, thank you!

  I stumbled upon 23 decibel earplugs and have used them to block out noise, not realizing that there was a better option called pink noise to help me focus on work. I have now found my perfect setting and really like that I can turn it up or down depending on noise levels. I have only just started using it, but it has increased my focus and productivity 10 folds. Thank you!

  Sounds like the ocean. I can't even hear the noisy ac in my office anymore.

  Calming the baby.

  This site is amazing. Whenever I need to study or just want to relax while reading or something like that, I go to this site. Sometimes when my head is hurting, listening to whitenoise makes it go away. Totally awesome.

  Perfect for drowning out annoying classmates.

  Amazing! It perfectly resembles a fan- which I need for sleep aid but cannot use during cold months!

  This is my sonic cocoon, a haven from distractions. Thank you.

  This badboy sent my teething baby clean off to sleep in less than two minutes. Bang!

  In so many ways, this product has changed my life. And I can ensure you many more. I would love to talk with you over email if I could, I have a story to share you may find interesting. Rich

Please feel free to contact me by email. I'd love to hear your story too! Stephane (at mynoise dot net).

  It's probably not healthy how much I love this. It's Muzak in Limbo's waiting room. Can't talk now, must listen to the roaring void.

  This is perfect -- for when I am studying, relaxing, or trying to think with a particularly brutal headache. Thank you so much!

  I find it very soothing, actually, and in my headphones, it's pretty good for blocking noise from others while I'm trying to work.

  ← Niagara Falls

  Sounds like rain

  This keeps me sane. I cannot live without it. My gratitude is beyond measure. This is absolutly necessary for me to get through a day and night.

  It helps me to concentrate when I am doing homework.

  Natural Rain noise

  Keeps me from being distracted by the constant ruckus of my co-workers! Thanks!

  ← Airplane

  Dealing with brain fog from auto-immune conditions and sound hypersensitivity from Fibro and mild Aspergers, work at home online in a space shared with a currently not working, noisy extrovert. Music has proven ineffective at blocking out TV and verbal noise from the next room, but so far this pink /brown noise is doing pretty well and better than white noise. Thanks!

  I have suffered from tinnitus since I was 16 and am now 27. Two weeks ago I had a heightening of the high frequency ring I suffer from. For the first time in my life it has become so bothersome I am seeking all avenues for relief including wearing a tinnitus masker. It took me a while to find a frequency I enjoy but I have found one. Thank you. Tinnitus is virtually incurable but this helps.

  This has really helped me get used to not having a fan in my window during the summer! It is a great help!

  You've let me create the sound I was looking for and couldn't find.

  This is perfect for my tinnitus! I love the sound of the low rumble, which is extremely relaxing, along with the really high frequency to block out the ringing.

  Really helps to reduce distraction from noisy environment at work.

  Sounds to me like a forest rain... makes me think I'm out in a cabin in the woods listening to the rain. I love it.

  I'm in end stage kidney failure and facing my mortality. This noise soothes me and helps me be in the moment and seems to distract me from my anticipatory grief and physical pain. Thank you.

Along with these noise vibrations, we are sending our deepest feelings to you too. Be this journey as serene as possible!

  This custom setting sounds as close to heavy rainfall as I can hear. It is very helpful in falling to sleep.

  Awesome! This helped a lot with my homework as my roommate turns the TV up so loud.

  Great for a coffee shop. Evens out talking noise and masks the milk steamer.

  I love this generator. It helps me right my migraines. It's helping me take the edge off as I speak

  I felt an immediate physical response once I got my frequencies adjusted to something I liked; an instant sense of warmth, safety, stability, and focus. I wasn't expecting that--I was just messing around! This just became my favorite thing to have in the background for working, for writing, for ANYTHING where I need to tamp down distraction and nerves. I can't thank you enough.

  Higher on brown noise. I like a deeper resonance that gives a feeling of depth to the sound.

  I use it mainly to sleep, but occasionally when writing at the computer. I use a setting here that's not too much on either bass or high end. Something about white noise is relaxing and even a little hypnotic maybe when trying to sleep.

  I have just discovered this site. I have tinnitis (aggravated by medication) and ADD, and need to study. I've just found the most soothing grey noise... what's even more brilliant is that it sounds like I'm aboard the Enterprise.

  Oddly relaxing and sea like!

  Old video game, crowd applausing

  Sleeping in the rain.

  This website is a life saver. I've created the perfect noise to block out the noise created by my obnoxious upstairs neighbors and I sleep well again.

  The sound of the cooling system in a server room of any major data centre - deep, loud, blocks out speech.

  This is the best simulation of the sound of the cabin of a 747 airliner.

  This is wonderful, the perfect background buzz that helps me focus on my reading. It's relaxing, but not enough to put me to sleep, which is exactly what I want.

  Low rumble for sleep.

  I got this nice part-hiss part-rumble after tweaking the sliders on the basic White Noise. I've had 2 people tell me they liked it so maybe someone else will find this soothing too.

  This page is my hero. My roommate breathes loudly, sighs and groans a lot, talks to herself (loudly), and talks on the phone to her boyfriend and mother quite often (and even louder than she talks to herself!). With this generator, I can listen to something other than her while doing my homework, without the distraction of music! Life. Saver.

  To me this noise is calming.

  I wanted to try to recreate the powerful sound of Niagara Falls.

  This setting resonates well in my head. I like this one, but everyone has their own favourites!

  Low Alpha & Beta promotes concentration.

  Use this to sleep after midnight shift.

  Thank you - this helps me block out the sound of a colleague who types like a sledgehammer...

  It sounds like rain. I love rain.

  I like being able to create my own noise rather than pick from a small set of pre-arranged noise settings.

  After experimenting with the sliders for a little while, I was able to come up with a static noise that made me feel so much better! A neutral, hissing static punctuated with crackling pops that lighten my mood and soothes my nerves.

  I feel calm and energized when I can block out distracting background noise.

  With the death of my fan, I pursued several online white noise generators, hoping to be a little more "green" than running a fan all night, and found this and have used it nightly for the past couple or three weeks.

  I used the calibration and the sound fits my ears like a glove.

  It's amazing... those noises bring me right in the Zone while coding, or reading, or thinking...

  Blocks inhibitors, encapsulates productive space.

  It pretty much counteracts my tinnitis.

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Band Noise - Octave 4 - 500 Hz
Band Noise - Octave 5 - 1000 Hz
Band Noise - Octave 6 - 2000 Hz
Band Noise - Octave 7 - 4000 Hz
Band Noise - Octave 8 - 8000 Hz


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Each slider controls a particular frequency band, from the lowest to the highest frequency. Adjust sliders to taste.

To mask undesirable noises, focus on bands sharing the same tone as the noise you want to cover. Doing so achieves a higher efficiency, and quieter masking noise levels.