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Grey Noise

myNoise is the only place on the Internet that is able to produce genuine grey noise, a noise that feels perceptually flat across all frequencies in the human hearing range.

True sources of grey noise are scarce, because they require taking your hearing thresholds into account, and to generate a sound that is specifically designed for your ears. It also needs to compensate for the particular frequency response of your audio equipment. These are the reasons why most noise providers on the Internet only deliver generic noises such as White, Pink, or Brown noises.

Among all noise colors available, grey noise has the highest efficiency, offering the same therapeutic performance at quieter levels.

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  It sounds just like Yellowstone falls, in the national park. There is an overlook half way up the falls. It has a thunderous but continuous kind of sound to it. It is frightening because of the power, but soothing because it is raging nature.

  Open office floorplan + horrifyingly annoying guy who won't shut the hell up = THANK YOU for customizable grey noise. I enjoy watching his mouth flapping while I can't hear anything!


  Makes studying geography a lot easier!


  Great for "open space" work environments! Thank you!

  Came to this site because of tinnitus, which sometimes seems quite loud (especially when trying to sleep). The gray noise customized to my "hearing curve" matches it so well, and I can't tell if my ears are still ringing.

  Helps me study with peace in the hostel while everybody else in the room is chilling out.

  Awesome! Thanks!

  Titled 'Hush'.

  Sounds like rain.

  This is very calming. Sounds like a constant rumble, helps me a lot!

  Baruch's noise

  Trying to get work done in a coffee house, this is a great way to help focus my brain.

  White noise makes me happy. It helps me be like buddha :)

  I use it to go to sleep - this website is great!

  Wow, that's awesome. Really helps me to relax and gather my thoughts.

  I like to experiment by combining two noises, like the wind for ambience and grey noise to mask my background distractions...

  Everytime I'm stressed out this noise helps me to slow down my nerves. Really helpful!.

  Wear your shadow like a cloak. Rest in the dark and follow your imagination to the places you have forgotten.

  I really enjoy this sound. It helps me being calm ans sleeping a lot. My sleeping problems are gone now. It is also a nice background sound to just get in a chilly mode after work. Thanks a lot!

  So I suffer from severe and frequent migraines. I found this website through a youtuber I watch and was curious as to what "Grey Noise" was. After I re-calibrated the sound settings to fit my hearing curve it gave me this wonderful sense of peace. My head stopped hurting and for the first time in years my insomnia isn't a massive issue because the re-calibrated Grey Noise quiets my mind.

  Not only did I achieve great calmness and focus, but also it appeared to me that I was a little more mentally capable, meaning that I was able to solve some math problems (homework) with greater ease than without the noise.

  It is so calming and perfect for studying, relaxing, even just to have playing in the background around the house. It helps me focus, or not focus, if I need to just not think for a while. I love this site!

  Perfect 'mask the loud talkers down the hall' setting. A little rumbly, too.

  It's really relax me, remember me the sound of ocean and the wind in a dark moonless night.

  It's really calming, and helps with my insomnia and sort of tampers my night terrors

  Helps me to focus and get work done while 'Open Door meetings' are happening in the conference room across the hall.

  This is so relaxing, perfect for working on homework!

  I use it to shush out my dad's radio on occasion, and it kinda reminds me of the joy and natural belonging I feel with water

  My custom-made grey noise helps me study. I get distracted easily and find myself reading over whole pages and not absorbing a single word - I've noticed with the grey noise that I can concentrate more and re-read less, which is a huge help, because this is graduate level work! I'm going to keep using it and see how much more I can do in the few hours a night I have to study. Thanks, My Noise!

  I've never come across a sound and been instantly transfixed before. It not only fills my whole head space, but it also calms me instantly.

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Different shades of Grey

Grey noise files found on other websites or played from noise generator applications, only implement a generic hearing curve. True grey noise generators should take your own hearing thresholds into account, including a possible hearing loss, as well as deficiencies in your audio equipment or listening environment. Our noise generator achieves this through its unique calibration process.