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Frequency-Shaped Cat Purr Noise Generator
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The cat's purr, without the allergy

Cuddling up with a purring cat is certainly a relaxing experience. Scientific studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and can live longer than humans who don't own pets!

A cat's purr is generally within the range of 40 - 200 Hz. In sound therapy, these frequencies are believed to heal injuries and relieve pain. It is also told that injured cats often purr to help soothe and heal themselves...

Whether you're not at home, can't have a pet, or just need your purr fix right this moment, this soundscape can help you relax and emulate the soothing experience of snuggling up with your furry friend - without the fleas and cat hair!

Calibrated Output

This sound generator is calibrated and outputs a pink-like spectrum when the sliders are horizontally aligned. Calibration is unique to this website, and can be used to compensate for your own hearing, audio equipment, and listening environment deficiencies: follow our Calibration Procedure once, then access Your Hearing Curve from the right column.

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  My cat and I are in love with this generator! He is an enormously active cat and I found it really hard to calm him down. But this problem was solved. Now we can finally rest together listening to the relaxing sounds of purring <3

  Amazing. Had me giggling after about ten seconds. Now I'm feeling a deep peace. Thank you! Good work.

  Since I'm felinekin, this really relaxes me so much. Thanks so much myNoise! owo

  I recently lost my cat I had for ten years. I miss her so much and her purr is the most calming to me than any other purr I have heard. With this app I tried my best from memory to imitate her purr. It took me no more then two minutes to set it to her purr. I love it. Thank you myNoise for giving me a part of my cat back to me. R.I.P. Angel

  This with the Distant Thunder or Fireplace is my favorite <3 Reminds me of autumn and winter, the best time of the year. So cosy ^-^

  I have a hyperactive kitten, and when I play this, he relaxes and rests. We nap together with this noise playing.

  As something pretty close to feline-kin by reincarnation, this is perfect. I can't purr on my own this life, but this is a nice, relaxing callback to it and it makes it that much easier to sleep some nights.

  Sounds like my cat :3 <3

  I love this! Since I'm fictionkin with Nepeta Leijon, this reminds me of Pounce De Leon SOOOOOOOO much! It's nice listening to something that can calm me and remind me of something I miss! :33

  I love it! So funny, and realistic! I like to turn them all up to the max one at a time, and listen to the magic happen. I do have a cat of my own, and watching him listen to this is one of the most hilarious things ever... Thank you for this blessing in my life!

  Like having your ear pressed up to a happy cat.

  OMG! The next best thing to drinking at work!

  This last week I've had Furry Friend going on my headphones at work even with other music going over the top of it- classical, punk, noise, techno, hip hop, industrial, whatever takes on a new dimension with a cat purring underneath. And it's just nice to come back to my desk after wrestling with noisy CNC mills and lathes/industrial machinery and find a cat purring in the phones. Love this site!

  This setting is super relaxing. Being in college, I need a stress-reliever, and I have no pets of my own, due to allergies. I really love this custom preset, as it just really melts the stress right off, and makes me feel as if I have my own cuddly kitten to snuggle the stress away.

  I love listening to a cat purring but this just gave me the willies! It sounded robotic and artificial there was defiantly something off about it because I had a cat and he did NOT sound like this sound. This kind of sounds like a giant snoring and drowning at the same time.

  I do a lot of editing and writing in the evenings, and I DO have a cat that 'tries' to help me. I play this and both of us relax. Chives falls asleep on his little nest close by, and I zone in on the manuscript I'm working on. Win/Win for me and the fuzzbutt.

  This is just too calming, I thought I might try it to keep concentrated in class but I feel so relaxed I can hardly work. It sure does help with keeping my mind calm to sleep, though.

  One of my favourite generators! You can literally feel the "grumble" of the purrs in your chest and throat, and it gives a warm, peaceful feeling as comforting as few others. One of the few things that calms my palpitations and gets me relaxed in just a few minutes. The only downside is that, if you're a cat lover, you might start to long for an actual cat to pet and cuddle with after a bit :P

  Really a wonderful alternative to Brain.fm, nicer sounds and the ability to customize the sounds is a huge plus. The Cat Purr generator and Summer Nights are my go-to for sleep. I'm so impressed that I've ordered a custom audio file and several files from Amazon. If you want to test if it works for you, try the 1hz all the way up to 32hz and notice all the different effects for you.

  This really helps with my dysphoria

  I am a big admirer of Stephane's fine and tastefull soundwork. This furry friend creates is the most comfortable soundspace I can imagine... Merci!

  I've always wanted a cat, I love listening to them purr and running my fingers through their fur. The people I live with are allergic so I can't have that experience and this not only relaxes me and helps me fall asleep, but also gives me part of the cat owning experience.

  While I am away at college I can't see my cat very often, it makes me feel homesick however listening to Cat Purr's noise generator makes me feel like I am home again. It helps me study and stay focused much longer than even classical music has. Thank you for helping home come to college with me!

  I just discovered you can have more than one mynoise.net tab opened at one time! Awesome, lsitening to shortwave atmospherics with the cat purring noises. Wow.

  At my parents' house I never realized how much I grew used to falling asleep to the sound of my cat snuggling with me at night. I put this on in my apartment and was out in minutes. The comfort setting sounds exactly like my baby girl!

  Because of my anxiety and schizophrenia, I lay awake at night unable to fall asleep. I've always grown up with heavier cats that had deeper purrs, so this really helps me calm down and ground me, all-in-all helping me sleep. I use this 24/7. If only I had the money to support this site, I would.

  Unfortunately, I can't bring my cat while I am away studying at college and I always miss my cat. Listening to this reminds me of my cat and always brings joy to me. This also benefits me because I can listen to the soothing sounds of cats purring while studying and not get distracted as opposed to listening to music and studying.

  I lost my kitty recently, and am finding this generator very comforting. I can play with the sliders to make it sound very similar to my cat, and if I close my eyes it's like he's napping beside me. I love this site so much. Thank you for all the work you do.

  This is one of my favorite sounds on the site. I instantly feel more relaxed, refreshed and happy while listening to it. I use it as background sound while working (drawing or writing) and it's wonderful. Thank you for creating it!

  This setting sounds so much like my cat! It really helps me relax when she's not around for me to cuddle.

  I have leukemia and part of the treatment involves long stays in the hospital. Unfortunately and obviously, I can't bring my cats with me, but this is a purr-fect substitute!

  My daughter comes back home for what she calls "Cat Therapy." I will send her this URL.

  Was referred to this by a friend because my new job is a bit overwhelming at the moment. I've only been using it for about 10 minutes and it's helping me refocus onto the purring and think about that instead of work. Combine this with your favourite drink or sit back with a book and unwind.

  I got a 10 week old kitten today, her name is Luna. She has been hiding most of the time then she started to miss her mother and began to call for her mother, so I came up with an idea to put this on. It started to soothe her almost instantly and she even came up to me where I had my phone playing the sound, and layed with me. It was a perfect bonding experience!

  Very relaxing, reminds me of home for when I can't be there!

  I have an anxiety disorder and when my medicine doesn't work I have an incredibly difficult time falling asleep. I can't stand it being silent and I used to try to watch T.V but I get too interested in the show to fall asleep. The purr sound works perfectly. It calms me down when I start having anxiety or panic attacks and it's just the right amount of noise to keep me company. Use it every night!

  I love the purr, I hate the slogan - loved and groomed pets don't have fleas and while they certainly have fur, I don't mind it. If you now how to ba the cat fur bane, it's not a nuisance.

  Funnily enough, this sounds almost exactly like my cat when she's snuggling with me. I find it really calming, and it almost makes me sleepy.

  Really missing my cat that I loved for 19 1/2 years. I truly miss him. My heart has been having a hard time coping with everyday life. His purr use to help. All I needed was to hold him and feel his purr, then I was able to cope with anything that came my way. This site will be a great help. Thank you for having this.

  I love my two little cats and I listen to this when they're cross at me for not feeding them. Great for studying of just relaxing :)

  My tabby male I've had for over nineteen years died on Monday 16 Nov 2016... and I am grieving so much... the photo on the page looks just like him... and the purring is just one of the things I'm missing... Thank you so much.

  This cat purr noise generator is such a novel idea. Listening to my cat purr always soothed me when I was a kid.

  I am severely allergic and I live in a no pets complex (only thing that stops me from being a Crazy Cat Lady). This is like having my beloved Tigger (childhood to early adulthood, she was 18 when we had to put her down) back!

  This one really makes me smile. And I like that it has the calibration as well, because my hearing's not quite as good as it used to be. I can almost imagine my old cat Gazebo purring under my hand.

  I just moved, and my kitty is very, very freaked out by being in a new place. I have been able to coax him out from under my blanket with this sound, and its helping getting him settled. Thanks for helping to soothe my baby!

  I use this in combination with the Rain Noise Generator, and this is just awesome.The rain is taking out all the "dryness" out of the purrs, and making it sound totally smooth and perfectly awesome :)

  This generator is great! It helps me concentrate by providing a background noise that is so normal to me that I sometimes only notice it when it's gone. At my uni, where there's constant other noise and distractions, this is perfect!

  I'm a freshman in college who isn't allowed to have a cat on campus. Back home, my cat really helped me calm down after a panic or anxiety attack struck. And sadly, that's happened a few times since I've started and it took me much longer than it should have to calm down. Now, I'm crying listening to this because I finally have a way to calm down after a hard day. Thank you so much for this.

  This sounds just like my cat... The low frequencies + percussion are just right, and even when it's on very quietly across the room, I think I can feel it in my ears. So soothing and relaxing. I combine it with Osmosis (Calming) when I'm feeling stressed, and everything just melts away.

  This sounds just like my cat! I love it!

  ← This sounds exactly like my cat Kahlua!

  I put this on with Rain On A Tent (since I like that sound more than the normal rain generator), Distant Thunder, and the Wind generator to get the feeling of cuddling your kitty in bed while a storm is happening right outside your window and I absolutely love it.

  I have very very severe chronic pain (Fibromyalgia and a herniated spine), as well as extreme anxiety and a sensory processing disorder. This generator, along with the majority of the other ones on this website help with all of these things, and actually let me sleep at night. It's hard for me to explain how much it's helped me. I can't thank you enough.

  Absolutely perfect! You have a bad day at work where you need to focus? Thanks to the purring, you manage to be happy to have a hard time! I just love it. Being relaxed on tough subjects makes you so much more productive and optimistic, that's amazing. Other delicate note: it helps you to stop smoking, as it reduces your stress. Highly recommended.

  So soothing and relaxing. I love pairing it with brown noise to sleep to, and this setting sounds just like my cat!

  I worked with this a little, and wound up with a purr that sounded exactly like my kitties... even though she's not been with me for over a year now. We said goodbye for the last time in August of 2014... and this brought a part of her back to me. You don't understand what this feels like, but I'll clue you in. It's like I've got another chance to tell her that I loved her. <3

  Wow! So real!!! Awesome! Literally this is the best sound ever, gets rid of stress soooo fast!

  I have fibromyalgia so I am constantly in pain. This cat purr generator relaxes me and puts me to sleep. When I wake up during the night with pain, it helps me go back to sleep. I wish I had this years ago.

  This is the best noise ever. I love to sleep listening to this. Reminds me of a cat I once had which was the best companion ever! It is as if she were sleeping next to me. The experience is so real, it is absolutely amazing, soothing to the soul and brings joy to the heart. I find myself smiling easily when I listen to this. Thank you! Maria, from Brazil.

  Was having a stressful day, turned this on and it brought my siamese in from the other part of the house to take up residence on my lap and compete with the generator. It helped a lot.

  ← Is this supposed to be like a lion? Never heard a cat purr this way ever

  It sounds so realistic I can practically feel the vibrations from it. As soon as I turn it on, if my cat is close enough to hear it, she immediately lays on my bed and gets cuddly. She and I both love it.

  Yes, but has Skrillex put this as a setting on his blender yet?

  Not for nothing, the generator is pretty relaxing. I started using the website for ambient sound to keep me from getting stressed at work. Also, what's cool is when you shift the different controls, the purr begins to sound almost alien.

  Combining Furry Friend with Fire Noise makes it sound like I'm sitting by a fireplace with a content kitty nearby and it's amazing. Add in an open window with ambient summer noises and it sounds like we're chilling by a fire pit. I love this site and am so glad I found it.

  Nice! My cat likes it too!

  ... a WARRRP-Core ... a big, furry, pulsing WARRRP-Core ... powered by colliding cats and anti-cats ... the most chilling and relaxing position on board is that of an WARRRP-Core engineer ... everything's fine ... everything's good ... no worries ...

  THIS makes every music better. Just start the purr generator and listen to your favourite music! ♥

  This has to be the best thing I've seen on the web in weeks! Thanks for this, and the great idea. Cheers, Jigs

  This is really neat! Sometimes I need something in the background when doing my art and although I am surrounded by cats, this purring just, I don't know makes me feel connected and happy. Cool!

  When I am away at college I miss my furry little baby, when I am home she sleeps with me every single night. So when I am unable to be near her this helps me a lot.

  Helps me sleep every night, I usually fall asleep with my cat purring on my face, but since it's summer time it's too hot for my baby to sleep with me. This helps me fall asleep right away with in five minutes! It NEVER repeats the same sound, it changes and it is amazing.

  So right after putting this on it immediately got my cat's attention. He promptly filled my lap with his large purring self. He's a big ol' Maine Coon so that is a lot of cat! It only took a little adjustment from the default to get it pretty close to his sound. After a while though I'm pretty sure he was mimicking the emulator, which made it kinda hard to refine it much further! Haha.

  I just love this - the cat's purring and am looking forward to trying many of the other choices. Brilliant! Thank you so much for this.

  Not bad. Since I can remember I had cats as pets. As a cat fan I can tell you that a real cat also interrupt that noise in short interval to - for example - look at something interesting or just to gulp. Theres also a lot of vibration caused by the purring. Yes I miss my cat - today I'm living near my work and the two cats are at the home of my parents - they have more time to care about them.

  It's very calming and so good for last minute cramming (I was a lot less frantic than I normally would have been which makes for much more effective studying and better productivity). This is literally saving my butt.

  Both my cats immediately came over to the computer. One lay down and chilled, and the other poked and sniffed the speakers for five minutes. Too cool.

  I will never listen to music again!

  Whole my life is life with cats! At the moment I am not with them. But I am listening this magic melody and my under stomach is shaking, cause when my cats doing this they make that vibrations! Can't believe! Amazing!!!

  Meow! Meow. Prrt?

  I have a cat which is acts as my Stress-Buster in my home. But can't take it to Office. So came across this and I surprised to see the "Virtual Cat", which helps for relieving the Stress and pressure at Work. Thank You.

  I'm in love with this!!!

  I really like cat purr noise generator! I really like it!!!

  My cat was, as usual, yelling at me, something about the can opener. I put this on, switched around, and at "content" she lay down and relaxed. It's not just an ambient sound, it's a command mode!

  I cannot believe how helpful this generator is. I thought it was so ridiculous at first but then realized I'd already been listening to it for 5 hours. I've been having anxiety and panic attacks lately and this is about the only thing that is starting to calm me down again. It sounds just like my cat at home who puts me to sleep with his purr every night. Now I have him wherever I go! THANK YOU!

  Trying to reproduce my cat's purrs. One has a very high pitched purr and one has a very low pitched purr.

  Came across the link for this site last night and ended up playing this sound on loop as I slept. Honestly one of the most peaceful nights I've had recently. Now I just wish my actual cat was travelling with me!

> *-* <

  My settings are adjusted to favor mids, good for cheap laptop speakers that don't reproduce the bass-heavy default settings. And since I use a cheap laptop at work, where I need this wonderful soothing subliminal rumble the most, it had to be done! Time flies by and coworker stress just rolls off my back when I can come back to this sound.

  I love this noise, my cats purr so loudly when they're happy or when I pet them/cuddle them. This sound is sort of like a noise of approval, in a way.

  I don't know why, but listening to this makes me really happy.

  I used to have a cat that I cuddled with all the time, he passed away last year. With this, I feel like he's here with me.

  This noise is the most bizarrely soothing thing I've ever heard. I tried it on a whim and with skepticism. It's the only background noise I've used since that first time. The bass, pulse, and rhythm coupled with the rapid repetition that makes up the purr seems to be the perfect combination.

  I was able to use this to replicate the exact purr of my kitty that I just had to have put down. You have no idea how valuable this is to me.

  Sounds just like my cat.

  I really love meditating with this on. This is a great sound generator!

  Omg the purring is bae. It reminds me of my two cats at home. Lové it so much, definitely recommend to anyone who likes relaxing.

  this is really nice and relaxing, makes for a very nice and calming sound to have in the background while I do stuff while still allowing me to watch videos and whatnot, thank you very much for this option (and website!) MyNoise!! :D

  A cat's purr is the best sound ever... ♥

  Forever alone, level "can't get a cat so you've got to listen to one online".

  Purrlistic!!! Perfect sound to stop my tears!

  ← Use this to creep people out!

  This is so amazing! This is the closest I can get to my cat Kahlua.

  I love the cat one. I used to fall asleep listening to my cat purr and it's the most soothing sound to me. I totally would recommend this for any cat lovers. ♥

  This is exactly the sound my cat makes when she's comfortably sleeping on my lap in winter-time. This is just what I need to relax when studying away from home.

  My cat doesn't purr very loud, so this is nice. Makes me want to fall asleep :)

  Listening to this coupled with the fire noise give me the most warmth I have ever felt in my new appartment. It's terribly relaxing, especially in exam period.

  Cats have always been weirdly therapeutic to me and I'd love to own a kitty myself one day, but since I'm a full-time student living in a tiny flat right now, I have to make do with this instead. I really love this generator and it really helps me calm down when I'm feeling anxious or depressed. Thanks for making this!

  This sounds just like my cat's purr back home, great for studying and it helps me focus a lot!

  Brings back a lot of memories, being able to recreate my family cats' purr. I miss her lots.

  I'm a college student who lives in a dorm. At home I have three cats, but I miss them so much! Listening to this noise makes me so calm and fills the entire room with love. I couldn't go a day without it, it's so comforting.

  I'm more of a dog person, but cat noises are just so soothing.

  This is really relaxing, even though I'm not a fan of cats. Excellent!

  This is awesome. Just awesome.

  I'll be heading to college soon, and I have to leave my cat at my parents house. This will make the transition so much easier. It sounds just like her- she even looks like the cat in the picture!

  I leave on only the first four settings and line them up, and it almost feels like I'm laying my head against my old cat's belly and listening to his low purr. It's one of the most relaxing things I've ever heard.

  Listening to this gives me the best sleep I've had in my life.

  I mix this with the rain on a tent and it's like going camping with a cat - an experience few get to have in real life!

  My cat passed away a while ago, I was absolutely heartbroken. He used to sleep with me every night and he'd snore but it just sounded like purring. It always calmed me and this gen brings back those fond memories and helps me sleep or just relax when I'm feeling stressed.

  I think this one is my favorite! Whenever I walk back into my room, I think there is a cat snoring contently somewhere on my bed. And I like the way the sound surprises other people :p


  I am almost crying tears of joy because the Quiet presence + my calibration curve really gets me feeling happy and calm and peaceful. And now I really want a cat.

  After an incredibly anxiety filled day, this is the most comforting and relaxing sound I could possibly have access to. Thank you!

  Whoa! I'll soon have to give you $5 each day you save my inner calm at work! I mix the purrr and the Tibetian Choir, which puts me into my inner center so quickly that I have to wear a seatbelt! Many thanks for your great work!

  I made it sound just like my own cat, and makes studying really easy no matter where I go because it feels like I'm at home. I've almost forgotten I can't just reach out and pet him!

  I mix the tiger sound with the fireplace sounds and it is honestly the most relaxing thing I have ever heard. This site is absolutely amazing.

  At this setting, the loudest setting, it's just like my 30lbs of fluff is sleeping on my face. Minus the being suffocated.

  Nothing beats the sound of ones own cat purring :)

  I had to give up my cat recently and this is honestly really soothing for me. I miss him a lot and this helps.

  Leaning back, a cup of tea in my hand, and imagining this purring fluffiness on my lap - perfect!

  Having a sleepless night? Not with this! *love it* <3

  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

  OMG cats are so cute and purring is the cutest thing a kitty can do. You guys should make a pillow that purrs like this.

  Wow. It's pretty damn offensive to assume cats automatically have fleas. If they have fleas then it's the damn owner's fault.

  Tiger sleep is the best setting. I work in a busy office on a main street in an inner city, AND have audio hypersensitivity. Apparently, piping in the sound of a giant predator soothes me.

  It reminds me of a cat I used to see every day named Boots. Sadly, he's no longer with us, but this noise makes me feel like he could be snoozing next to me.

  Did they hide a kitty in there??! :)

  This is EXACTLY what it sounds like to put your head on a soft, fluffy, kitten. (without the cat hair getting all over you clothes!) This noise is unbelievably real. I love it!

  I absolutely L-O-V-E this noise! Sounds just like my kitty, and helps to relax when you have a stressed out day :) Cat lovers will love it! It feels nice to pet my (not very loud) cat and hear this noise. Instant relaxation Thank you so much!

  When I'm at work, I miss my purrbaby SO much. Having this playing in the background makes the time go more smoothly.

  Best calming sound ever.

  This is incredible. It helps me focus on my evil math homework!

  Thank you for this site, and to the one who referred me! My cat passed away a few weeks back after 14 years of being my very best friend. I've been handling it badly - for weeks I've 'seen' her everywhere, I've felt the vet visit was all a dream, and I've felt so totally, completely numb. Hearing this brought me to tears. I can FEEL now... thank you. Rest in peace, Gemma. You taught me so much.

  I have a cat, but she doesn't purr loudly, to hear I have to stick my ear to her belly so this is best when she's on my lap and sleeping!

  The cat purring sound is so soothing right now as my long time cat companion passed away. Thank you, it makes me smile :)

  I've experimented with various types of sound therapy before, but nothing has been comparable to this one. It's beyond soothing, and I feel incredibly at ease after just a few minutes of listening.

  My teenage cat managed to bruise her hindquarters badly yesterday while doing her 'flying erendira wallenda' impression. While waiting til we could get her to the vet for xrays, we put the computer on her carrier, playing the 'tranquil' purr. She was rapidly calmed and remained so (most out of character) through the entire examination. (it helped us, as well). So glad we found this site.

  Just purrfect. Cats like me more than I like them, but the sound of a cat purring is a never-failing pleasure.

  I love the cat purr, so relaxing. I can't have a cat because my roommate is allergic, but this helps a little!

  I'm not able to have a cat right now, so this is really great for me. I love it!

  Ah! I love this generator so much! My cat can't live with me since the pet deposit at my apartment is pretty expensive and one of my room mates is allergic, so he lives with my parents. But anyway, this is so relaxing, especially after a long day at work. The only thing missing is the actual cat sitting in front of your screen trying to get your attention.

  When you put your head on a cat's belly, this is what it sounds like. I've always wanted to go to sleep to this sound, and now I can.

  I love this so much! It sounds like a real cat what makes me so happy! It's so calming and cute. *sigh* (I can't have a real pet cat, because my mother's allergic to the hair.)

  This sound it brilliant, as soon as I put it on my kitty came over and went straight to sleep. We both love it x

  Not only is the cat purr a healing sound that just makes me feel better, it also reminds me of the loud, rumbly purr of the cat I grew up with. It's such a comfort and I can feel my stress and worry fade away as I listen to it. It makes me want to hug a warm, purring bundle of fur to my chest!

  A beautifully relaxing, almost tactile inner massage.

  This is so soothing, I am a total lover of cats, and this is the closest I can get to having.

  Love the cat purr noise so much! I had a cat around all the time when I was living at home, but now I've moved out I'm not in a position to have one for the time being. It's lovely to have the sound around still. :)

  Love the sound of kitties purring. It's so amazing, even my cats fall asleep to it! Thank you for this amazing noise generator.

  This one sounds like falling asleep with my head on my cat! My cat loves to cuddle. This sounds just like her!

  Gorgeous, it is relaxing and almost tickles, am quite sure the frequency of my heart has altered

  This relaxes me and just makes me feel good. its almost as good as the real thing. combine this with a heating pad and you can sleep peacefully with a cuddly "cat"

  This is easily the most relaxing sound on here! As a head-over-heels cat lover, this makes me think of having my orange tabby, Fireball, on my chest. I am literally in a different state of mind, even in a busy office.

  I <3 this sound! It helps me go to sleep.

  Sounds pretty good :) My catty sister says this sounds almost like her cat.

  This is the closest I could get to my cat's purr. <3

  This is quite the noise generator. I use this one to simply relax, after my dog has fallen asleep. Plus, you can make it sound terrifying (click the heart) to scare people. Enjoy!

  Reminds me of the times I let my cat sleep next to my pillows, much to my mother's chagrin!

  This sounds just like my 3 year old cat Cleo when she snuggles down next to me! Paired with the 'Comfy' setting on the Fireplace noise and the 'Bedroom' setting with the Rain noise, it sounds very relaxing.

  When it's calibrated it makes me feel like I have a kitty in my lap, and it's my favorite kind of purr from the kitties. I love this site!

  I am at university and often miss my cats. Mixing this with the Rain sound reminds me of sitting inside on a cold day with my perfect hot water bottle on my lap.

  This doesn't just soothe my anxiety, it calms my cat and makes him extra snuggly!

  So delicious! But don't be left out. Learn to purr for yourself!

  ← Kitten

  This sound is so close to what my cat's purr is like. Awesome generator, amazing work...

  Your cat purred merrily beside you. He always knew when you were about to wake, and would come to greet you with his happy rumble. It was just like every other morning... or so you thought. Soon you would open your eyes and realize that the world was so much larger than you remembered it, that the rumble was resonating from within, and that having fur was not all it was cracked up to be...

  Funny how my cat searches another cat behind the screen of my computer. It's great, peacefully and so real!!

  This sounds just like my old cat I used to have as a kid. I really think it's a comforting feeling. I miss you, Zanzibar!

  With a bit more emphasis on the lower, this really triggers a response in me with my equipment that makes me feel as though I'm literally laying right next to my cat - the deeper, rumbling sounds really come through on this one for me.

  This is seriously my favorite sound. It's just like cuddling with a sleeping cat. :3

  Honestly this is so relaxing. I have two cats at home and it always calms me down when they lie next to me and sleep or purr. It's lovely to listen to something like this when you aren't around them though. Thank you! <3

  This sounds exactly like our cat!

  ← Binaural lion rumble. Use headphones.

  Soo relaxing! Sounds just like a real cat.

  Oooohhh I'm sooo happy with this... I want a cat so bad but I can't make it happen at this time: too much crazy!! So in the meantime, this will make me feel very happy, such soothing purrs... Thank you Stephane!!! ^_^

  I'm so glad you added this noise! I used to go to sleep to the sound of my mum's cat sleeping but she is no longer with us. Cat purring has always been one of my favourite sounds!

  While away at uni I don't get to see my cat very often. Listening to this as I study is a great way to keep me calm and happy.

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