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Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones work by emitting sound at regular intervals: the intensity of the sound goes almost directly from 0 to 100 and back again in an evenly-spaced manner. Widely regarded as the most effective tone-based method, isochronic beats produce very strong cortical responses in the brain.

Brain Waves (brainwaves) Entrainment

Brainwaves are electrical activity patterns caused by the neurons of the brain communicating with each other. Brainwaves can be detected using sensitive medical equipment such as an EEG. They provide an indication of the mental state of an individual.

Brainwaves are divided into four main categories: the Delta waves, when deep sleep occurs; the Theta waves, associated with a state of somnolence and reduced consciousness; the Alpha waves, when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation; and the Beta waves, emitted when we are consciously alert, or when we feel agitated or tense.

Brainwave frequencies are in the range of 0.1 to 4 (Delta), 4 to 7 (Theta), 7 to 13 (Alpha) and 13 to 60 (Beta) cycles per second (Hz).

Brainwave entrainement (or synchronization), aims to cause our brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state. This can be used, for example, to induce sleep. This page uses isochronic tones as auditory stimuli.

Testimonials - write yours here

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  DeltaSync - less air pressure from the bass mixed into a relaxing musical pulse.

  I used to be bad at CurveFever, but then I started listening to this while playing. It increased my focus, and now I'm good instead of bad.

  I'ts very calming. I was VERY tense earlier for reasons I'd best not go into, and I listened to this and was immediatley calm.

  Nice sleepscape.

  calming; alert, has a nice beat, yet booming.

  I was in a middle of a panic attack when I came across this on tumblr, it calmed me down so fast and it works so well. I adore this whole website so much, thank you for making it!

  You would think this sound would get annoying after a few minutes. But I've been listening to this for a few hours straight as I've been working on my 3D arts homework. No issues.

  This noise allows me to relax and focus on my tasks. I'm thankful I found this amazing site. This sound goes amazing when played with Singing Bowls at all sliders equal.

  I couldn't decide between alert and concentrate and eventually made this. It got me through my final paper that I couldn't focus on to save my life! Played it quietly on headphones while in a coffeeshop setting-absolutely perfect!

  I had to write a college essay I was dreading for weeks. I'd been working on it for short periods of time, but could never focus for very long. Upon discovering this website, I decided to try it out. Skeptical at first,I found it annoying. I turned on and some music. Not only did it keep me focused, but my settings happened to mesh right in with Toto's 'Hold the line'. Thanks!

  This is an interesting noise! It's a catchy rhythm to me, and makes me want to write music based on this rhythm.

  Lovely for paper writing. Really keeps you going through that after midnight push to the finish line.

  I'm an adult writer with ADHD. This setting is not very pleasant, but if I turn it on quietly behind other generators it disappears from my notice soon. I take medication for my condition, and it helps a great deal. This sound, however, seems to boost those effects further. I can focus more effectively.

  Just perfect for focus and concentration while working on written projects ! Combined with Himalayan bowls and/or Didgeridrone and my mind escapes.

  I find that the relaxed selection/frequency, is not relaxing at all. It sounds rather high pitched, making me more alert. Maybe my brain waves are a bit "off"! The drowsy option was much more along the lines of what I consider to be relaxing. Awesome concept, site and sounds!

  Helps me think! Think it might be a tool in my getting better from burnout <3

  Love this website! I've discovered it yesterday, yet I have already downloaded the app, and am listening to relaxing or brainwave sounds, AMAZING!!

  Helps me relax, but doesn't make me fall asleep.

  Puts the Fear of God into anyone who listens to this for a long period of time. This is basically cardio-day for lazy people since your heartbeat speeds up a lot.

  Odd but interesting. Calming yet alert and attentive.

  I found this setting after messing around with it a bit and I think it sounds mystical as well as relaxing.

  This makes me feel like a high tech computer is scanning my brain and this makes me much more alert.

  Had my first midterm in 4 years, and was so worried about retaining information since it has been so long since studying. Used the learning feature of this website and got a 94% on the test. I love it.

  I attribute this to finally being able to complete a programming project I've been working on for weeks!

  Perfect for when you're tired, but want to think about something. Keeps me relaxed and somewhat focused on my thoughts as well.

  I did not customize noise and it was still pleasant.

  The fantasy setting makes me want to dance! These things really seem to work!

  As with other noises on here, deeper, lower sounds help me focus and ease tension, so I prefer the lower settings on this slider. After a while, I don't notice it's playing-- it's just soothing and great for focusing. I pair it with the bumpy tracks railroad sounds.

  It makes me sleepy.

  Relaxing. Perfect for nights when you just can't sleep.

  Nice. Helps tinitis very well.

  This is really the most helpful aid to study I have ever found. I have been taking exams for the past week, and this has helped me to focus and memorize better than anything else I have ever tried.

  So focused I did telekinesis.

  This really makes me feel alert and inspired! Working on projects has never been easier.

  This noise really helps me by making me feel neutral. It's not calming, or rousing, it just makes me feel like... me.

  Fabulous for writing NaNoWriMo.

  I find this combination great when I'm working on homework, so that I can get done without getting distracted.

  Really good for working on math homework. Helps me concentrate.

  For lucid dreaming. Good with the water stream noise.

  This really helps me when im bored! It makes my brain spark with ideas and adventures.

  As an artist, I find that some days my brain isn't in the "right mode" to draw. Using this tone generator to induce beta waves was exactly what I needed. You might have just saved a deadline or 10!

  I made my noise calming but energetic. Perfect for a hype before my job as a public speaker.

  This helped me get rid of 2 week writer's block and finish a 5 page paper without getting distracted. I also did not feel stressed when writing or anxious to finish.

  It felt like a whole -brain cleanse- many thanks!

  This really helps me focus when I write.

  It helped get rid of my migraine after a long day of school.

  After A hard day at school with lots of homework, this noise helped out a lot.

  So freaking relaxing and you just want to sleep and it sounds SO good.

  I took out most of the high pitched sounds that were rather annoying... I have no knowledge only instinct.

  Utterly entrancing in the best of ways.

  Helps so much with anxiety or just stress in general. Love it.

  This was so relaxing.

  Strong Focus

  This is amazing. And very helpful if you're stumped with writing. Truly incredible stuff.

  Calm, with some inspired focus.

  Great for sleeping.

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Deep Sleep • Deep Meditation • Relaxed • Inspired • Concentrated • Learning • Alert • Mind Power

1 Hz @ 27.5 Hz - Delta | Lethargic
2 Hz @ 55 Hz - Delta | Deep Sleep
3 Hz @ 110 Hz - Delta | Dreamless
4 Hz @ 220 Hz - Theta | Drowsy
6 Hz @ 440 Hz - Theta | Fantasy
8 Hz @ 880 Hz - Alpha | Relaxed
12 Hz @ 1,720 Hz - Alpha | Conscious
16 Hz @ 3,520 Hz - Beta | Focussed
24 Hz @ 7,040 Hz - Beta | Active
32 Hz @ 14,080 Hz - Beta | Fear /!\

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Each slider controls a particular frequency. Adjust sliders to induce a particular mental state. Mixing adjacent sliders works best.


Our brainwave generator specifically outputs frequencies that replicate the cycles of brain waves. By syncing up your brain with these frequencies, your state of consciousness will be altered.

Because of the strong and repetitive pulsating rhythms, people who are prone to seizures or epilepsy should not use our brainwave generator. Children and pregnant women should also use caution when considering using brainwave entrainment.