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Of all the ambient noise apps I've tried, myNoise is the best. It never repeats, it has top-notch sounds, and it is just plain fun to use. Cult Of Mac

It is highly customizable and very easy to use. One of the best noise generators we have tested. iPhone Apps Finder

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Our website has an App - not the opposite. If you have not heard about myNoise yet, please try the original website. If you like our noise generators, and want to use them on the go without worrying about connectivity, the App is definitely what you need! It comes with our five most successful noise machines for free - White NoiseRain NoiseBinaural BeatsTemple BellsSpring Walks - and many others to download from the App Store!

The Noises, without the Internet

The app keeps all features for which myNoise is renowned: the same generators, same uncompromised sound quality, same level of customization; only without the need of being connected to the Internet! The app packs all our noise generators in your pocket, and makes them available to you without worrying about connectivity, while you are on the go, or in places where computers are not always available or desired, such as your bedroom.

The Bonuses

The App comes with some neat bonuses, such as an alarm, a timer, several animation modes, and it even streams to your AirPlay devices, wirelessly! Multiple calibration profiles are provided, as well as the ability to name and store your own presets. The App has been written from scratch, and uses native iOS code: it is not just the website embedded in a window. This means - for example - that the app consumes less power and less CPU than running the website on your mobile browser, and that sliders are easier to operate and more responsive too.


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The App v/s the Website

The website offers you a way to access all sound generators, for free. Only the freshly baked generators are exclusive to the people supporting the website, until the next batch comes out.

Initially, we wished that the App would share the same philosophy: be entirely free, and offer the possibility to support its development through free willing donations. We like the idea of our users being able to decide what they would pay for, depending on their satisfaction, but also their budget - we have a lot of young students among our visitors.

Apple strict policy prevents collecting funds outside of its store to 'unlock' features - even temporarily - such as accessing our freshly baked generators. It's understandable, and fair enough. So, we really think we achieved a good compromise by offering the App for free - and free means ad-free too - bundled with our three best and most successful noises. This in itself offers much value already: many other apps on the store are making profit out of these exact same sounds, and have no calibration yet to offer. The other noise generators are available either as individual IAPs (In App Purchases), USD 0.99 each, or as a lifetime access to the full catalog, present and future, for USD 29.99.

With the three bundled noises, we offer you a high-quality sonic Swiss-army knife, holding in your pocket, a tool that will help you in a variety of daily circumstances. White noise has been scientifically proven to help blocking noises and mask tinnitus. Rain noise works great as a noise blocker too, and is often used in anxiety management and during meditation. Binaural beats are often used in the context of personal growth, mind change and sound therapy.

Donating to this website, or purchasing additional generators from the App should be considered as two independent ways to serve the same purpose: help keeping this site growing and leverage funds to keep recording new generators. Thank you for your support!