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What stars mean...

Without user support, the website will have to shut down soon or later.

Covers hosting costs - not more. The minimum viable for the website. Keeps running but in hibernation mode. No updates, no support, minimal maintenance. I will have to find a new job.

Awkward situation where I can devote a full-time job the myNoise project, but most money will be used to support my family, not the project itself.

A full-time job plus money left to keep myNoise running properly. Full maintenance and support. New sounds will appear from time to time, like once in a month.

A nice support level that means a full-time job for me, full users support, and frequent updates to the website. Two sampling sessions a year, around Europe.

A very nice support level. I can envisage two premium sampling sessions around the world every year and pay for extras that are dear to me, like compensating the carbon footprint of the website.

The ideal situation. A substantial revenue for a small company like myNoise. It means that I can spend a budget to premium equipment and expensive recording locations with little concern, though I do not intend to throw donation money down the drain!

Extraordinary costs are possible, like hiring a full orchestra for a sampling session for example, or secure a licensing with premium contents providers.

Unlocks the next level, allowing myNoise to hire one full-time staff member besides myself. It could be someone taking care of the mobile apps programming: donations on the website would then support the development of the mobile apps, allowing these to be offered fully free of charge.

Come on, if user support can reach 4.5 stars, it surely can reach five! ;-)

The sonic Nirvana. Honestly, this would exceed the expectations I ever had about this project. This situation will require brainstorming about the future of myNoise, and what the next level will be. Or maybe, spend the surplus money in altruistic ways, funding noble causes related to hearing, sound and well-being.