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Zen Garden :: Preview
Unlike the regular myNoise generators, myNoise radios are always streaming. They require a considerable amount of bandwidth: five times more than a Spotify as we are multiplexing five audio streams to generate a soundtrack that never repeats! myNoise has over fifteen thousands users a day now. We – the top contributors to this website and myself – cannot afford offering that much bandwidth to everyone. For the non-contributing visitor, and for the patron with an average donation of less than five cents a day – the estimated cost of this service – radios will preview with a limited number of audio sources, to save bandwidth.

To access the full catalog, to remove this message, and discover radio stations that will always surprise you, please consider supporting MyNoise with a small monetary donation, or - if you already are a patron – top up your account to reach five stars (5 stars = an average contribution of 5 cents per day of use). Thank you!


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