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The Irish Coastal Experience, without the Rain Coat

Earlier this year we embarked on a small ferry boat. The day was a stormy one, making conditions perfect for recording white noise in the natural world. We have finally reached our destination: Cape Clear, a small island along the Irish coast.

You stand upon a cliff, with the wind blowing in your face. See the gray sky above you and folding waves below. Now close your eyes and enjoy the light drizzle on your face, carried fast and cold by the sea wind. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and feel the invigorating sensation of inhaling fresh salty air.

This soundscape combines them all — the ocean waves, the wind and the rain — into a powerful sound blocker. Compared to a classic white noise, the naturally occurring sounds from the coastal environment in this noise generator translates into a lower fatigue level, even after a few hours of intensive use in a loud office. Have a try!

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Discover Unspoiled Europe, the album.

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  I love this noise! It sounds like a seashore by a cliffside, and is excellent for concentration. I always love listening to the sea!

  This generator is one of my go-to's! I love the entire "Unspoiled Europe" collection/album, but this one is particularly special to me for whatever reason.

 Water noises are so nice.

 Helps so much to calm down!

 It makes me fall asleep in about 5 minutes and all in all I got to support the home country.Hon Ireland.

 A stormy coast, the distant rumble of wind and the waves lapping on a pebbled shore.

 I love listening to music to this setting, especially forest deities like Hozier and Florence + The Machine. But mostly Hozier.

 I finally got to visit Ireland for study abroad this past summer, and decided to visit Galway and Inis Mr. It rained on the ferry ride there, but I was having the time of my life! Anyways, I went swimming and caught a cold, but it was so worth it. This really brings me back.

 I spent a lot of time on sailboats as a kid and this generator conjures that feeling. I run this one over top of a ~7hz brainwave generator from myNoise's cousin, and the whole experience feels like I am lying on the deck at the bow of a boat, while the engines thrum away in the background.

 This is absolutely amazing, the deep waves can put anyone to sleep, in rainy paradise.

 Northern Lights Deep Sky + Irish Coast is giving me a sense of peace and serenity I haven't had in... months. I'm so grateful.

 AMAZING! I feel like I'm the keeper of a lighthouse.

 Thank you myNoise, and the commenter who recommended listening to Irish Coast and Danheim together! Perfect soundtrack for writing an Irish fantasy historical with an Icelandic dark elf for a heroine.

 Great for helping me focus or calm down! My favourites are the rainier and windy sounds.

 This is awesome! It puts my niece right to sleep. Thanks!

 Thank you, myNoise! I love this generator. I keep it loaded all the time. I can listen to endlessly and at high volumes that totally block out my noisy upstairs neighbor. It helps me focus on my online classwork. The sounds are pleasant and soothing but dynamic enough that they do not put me to sleep.

 I discovered this from a tinnitus and hyperacousis forum. I lowered a few sliders to accommodate for the ringing in my ears. I use this at work to focus and drown out the office noise. This is the first site I've found and won't go looking elsewhere!

 I grow up in Brittany, just south of Ireland and now I'm living in Canada. This is remembering me my shore, this is remembering me a lot of things.

 I LOVE this generator (especially with animated sliders). It's very relaxing and really helps me de-stress. I'm a very anxious person, especially around tests, and have a lot of trouble concentrating. As a result, I can't study well because I get distracted or too nervous to do anything. This generator solves both my issues in one :) tysm!!

 Listen to the Nordic folk music artist Danheim with this in the background. It really transports you back to old Scandinavia.

 This is the best thing when I massage people.

 Mixed with Singing Bowls makes for great relaxation.

 My favourite one yet. It helps me relax and write. It sounds just like the beach I used to spend my summers as a kid (but not in Ireland, in Croatia). Holy dang, this is great.

 Makes me feel like my office chair is on the beach... I can feel my toes dip in the water as the waves roll in. Love this sound SO MUCH!

 This setting, mixed with the Sacred Valley setting on "Into Balance" makes me feel like I stumbled across a group of Siren on the coast of some long forgotten Kingdom and I love it. Helps me get in the mood to write.

 I live near a coast but never experienced rain on the beach. Irish Coast gave that virtual experience. Wind splashes rain on face. Splendid lively audio. Transfixes in the beach in seconds when eyes are closed.

 This one reminds me of my winter trip to Ireland to see the Book of Kells. All the tourists are gone and its' just you and the barnacles. Throw in "small ferry boat" and the aural image is complete. Ahhhhhhhh.

 This one reminds me of my favorite beach on the Oregon coast in winter. All the tourists are gone and it's just you and the barnacles. Ahhhhhhhh.

 I was raised on the Waterford coast - I went to sleep every night to the sound of the waves! This sound generator brings back again this wonderful sound of childhood!

 I added some sounds from various episodes of 'Father Ted' for some extra realism. Nothin' like listening to the ebb and flow of the Irish tides with a bit o' "FECK!" and "ARSE!" in the background. Some soothing craic.

 I meditate to this frequently. I like the lapping waves on the shore, and the sounds of the boat, and generally turn up those markers to feel like the setting is really close, as though I'm in a cove listening to a rougher sea in the distance, but all is safe and calm nearby (which is how I feel when I'm meditating sometimes!)

 Stacking Irish Coast with Desert Wind and adding the deeper tones of Unreal Ocean took me to my childhood on the pacific coast. We lived in a "resort" community and the summers were always full of tourists. But in the winter my siblings and I had miles of wild, sandy beaches all to ourselves. I was immediately taken back to memories of winter storms and happy, rainy days.

 No rain, subtle wind, and a fairly calm sea. If you want those waves hitting your feet, increase the "pebbles" slider to your comfort! "It feels as though I am lying on a deserted beach, 20 feet away from the sea, the water speaking its subtle speech, never asking for any fee."

 Especially as I used to sail there fairly often when I was a kid, and now live far away, it's a real tonic.

 When we went on our five-year-late honeymoon, we visited Ireland and visited the Cliffs of Moher on a rainy, blustery day. Listening to this, it sounds like we're again looking over the cliff, high above the water as the wind blows in our faces and the rain patters down. Thank you for bringing back one of my best memories.

 This sound is perfect for a busy day of work, I always listen to it whenever I am stressed, or whenever I have trouble concentrating. It reminds me of Roan Inish, of standing on the island, staring out at the seals, and looking for selkies.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I was having a night where I could not shut my brain down to sleep, and this was perfect.

 This right here is my own experience of Ireland when I was 15. I would sit on the rocks right next to the sea and write stories or read the Irish books from the cottage we stayed in, most of the time accompanied by one of the cats or dogs of the owner of the cottage. One of my best experiences. This is taking me right back.

 This sounds so well with Wind Noise and White Rain!

 Sounds like standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down  oddly reassuring.

 Reminds me of being in a row boat on an early morning, nothing else moving but you.

 It sounds like home. Thank you.

 After discovering myNoise and trying various other water sounds none of them were quite right. Finally, I found this one and it is perfect for me. It helps me relax, but doesn't put me to sleep so I can still do work. I've bought a non-animated version of it, but come back to the online version if I need the animation (aka long study sessions).Perfect for the person always longing for the water.

 It's almost painful to listen to this in the dry and sunny Madrid... This is so beautiful! Many thanks for the amazing job <3

 This one is great! Reminds me of one new year in Donegal when the weather was bad and the power went out.

 This blend is why I am a long-time fan and a vigorous promoter of Because of this, I am virtually where my cells crave to be. Thank you from the bottom of my Irish-American <3

 I love this generator! I feel as though I'm standing on a cliff watching the waves break below me.

 I always dreamt of going to Ireland - thank you, that makes me cry.

 I close my eyes and I'm on the balcony at Cair Paravel :)

 This is a great benefit for me. I just moved into a building that turns out to be located on a street as loud as the Indy 500 - all night long! Insulation boards & blocking drapes only help a fraction, so this app is wonderful. What a fortunate find.

 Irish Coast (while putting 'Waves crash' halfway up, 'Seaside' and 'Water' a quarter of the way up and all the rest all the way down) has helped me relax, study and calm my heart rate. This exact sound is what my purest dreams are made of.Being able to be 'on holiday' whilst studying is not something you get to experience often. AMAZING!

 This is so relaxing. It's great for keeping my stress levels down while I work.

 Lovely sound to help keep my anxiety at bay whilst I work. I love that I can adjust the sound. I turned the rain down as the high pitched patter wasn't for me.

 Super calming. I love it! I glady support this wonderful work!

 This is the sound that helped me convince my mom to support :) Thank you!!! <3

 Having moved away from a small Irish seaside town to London, this site manages to instantly take me back home after a stressful day.

 I could smell the saltwater just by listening to this generator.

 Amazing when combined with Sleeping Dragon or Bagpipe

 This is by far the most calming noise I've encountered so far on the site. It sounds so soft, smooth and slightly static-y and it's really, really beautiful. The background photo is just as calming. I really love both myNoise and and I sincerely hope you know that what you've created, Dr. Pigeon, is incredible. I'm going to go study now while drowning out the world with these sounds 

 I feel like I'm being enveloped by the cold water. I love it. This is great for studying and drawing. <3

 The sound of this is coded into my DNA from a past long ago... Thank you.

 I love the place that this takes me to. I'm on the coast and relaxing, breathing in cold air. This is also a great one to do homework to, I've found.

 This really calms me down when I feel anxiety coming around and I just love the sound of the water. It takes me to another place.

 This soundscape is one of my favorites. It is so relaxing and calming. It really helps me focus on my work. The waves, water, and rain noises are perfect.

 This is the sound of my childhood. It is how I go to sleep every night.

 Very nice for drawing :oo

 I feel I might be swept away...

 ← Waves crashing, rain coming down hard, and a bit of wind to blow you about.

 This helps me to clear my mind so I can write at peace. Thanks to this, my head doesn't hurt so often after hours of working on my computer. So relaxing and wonderful. This is my favorite.

 I was so lucky to visit Cape Clear and listening to it brings my happiest memories of that trip. Thank you for making it!

 Doubled up with the Distant Thunder sound, this noise is gorgeous and helps me focus on everything I need. Thank you for this slice of magic.

 Gorgeous. With low volume, it helps me concentrate on writing and studying in no time. LOVE this generator, gives me so much nostalgia for a stormy coast.

 I feel like my feet are in the sand and water, on the shore of a sunny beach with this soundscape <3 This is by far my favorite one on the site, so many different feels to it, depending on the sliders. I sleep with default sliders on, but this one I found while I was using Automate function. So relaxing. Life is a vacation as it is meant to be :D

 I tune out all the high-frequency noises. All I want is the rumble of the waves. I'm in the middle of writing my undergraduate thesis and sometimes I need to stop and forget and focus on where I wish I was. I'm studying at York, in the UK. I'm going straight to the beach when this is handed in.

 This is the only thing saving me from the TV in the next room, a huge headache and my difficulty to focus on my homework. Perfect noiseblocker (and distracting thoughts blocker). Plus it's immensely relaxing - if I didn't have work to focus upon I would already have fallen asleep. Perfect. Thank you for this.

 I really like calming sounds like this. They help me relax and be calm.

 Combine this with Das Boot soundtrack and you are on submarine!

 I triple up the Irish Coast with Spring Water Stream and Rain on a Tent. Best noise ever, seriously. It makes the whole world go away, even the one in my head.

 This is one of may favorites, as a stand-alone or paired with others!

 I love it! With the variable sounds that can be raised or lowered you can get a completely different feeling. I am so glad I found this site!

 Terrific site I just happened to stumble upon. Thank you for your tremendous efforts! It's just what I need to fill my headphones to help me concentrate during my late night study sessions. Oh, and to drown out the droning of my MIL.Thanks again!

 Thank you for this awesome generator. I only discovered a small part of the site yet, and Im blown away. I love the sound quality and the interactivity induced by the generators. I can built my perfect sleep-to-seashore now. Flubbergasting! Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real? A.D.

 I am finding this sound very soothing to my ears. I have, tinnitus, hyperacusis and partial hearing loss. Can't wait to explore the rest of this wonderful site. Many thanks. Irene

 The storm is getting closer, but you still feel safe.

 White noise has been helping me for years deal with everything from noisy coworkers to noisy neighbors. What bothers me the most about many generators is the low-quality mono they tend to use. This site shines past that; I get the quality of an MP3 with the variance of a generator (with much more variance than most, I must say). Worth every penny.

 I love this generator so much. It reminds me of the movie, Song of the Sea. The sounds fit perfectly with any relaxing tonal soundscapes or meditation music without overloading my ears with too much noise. The beating of the waves makes it easier for me to concentrate, and the water noises are so crisp, I can feel the presence of the ocean within arm's reach.

 This is so relaxing. Listen while writing, it really helps.

 Having this on animate, if you close your eyes and block everything out, you can almost believe that you're lying on a shore in Ireland, the wind whipping at your hair, and the light but constant rain dampening your clothes and face.

 The sounds, oh gosh, the way you can customize it to your liking just makes everything even better. I've loved this website ever since I've found it. Thank you so much for the noise. It's helped me sleep and calm down.

 This feels like I am standing on a rocky point looking out at the tumbling waves. The wind is whipping my hair back into knots, and the rain and ocean spray soak me to the bone. It's truly beautiful. Thank you so much for this generator.

 I desperately need to be listening to something while working, or else my own thoughts will distract me too much. This beats music every time  I can't get caught up by the melody, but it's still so relaxing. The ocean and the rain are my two favorite sounds so it's so lovely to hear them all come together here!

 Feels like I'm sitting right by the shore.

 This is so amazing. I have a white noise machine beside my bed... Nothing like this! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

 I use the noise generator all the time and am currently hooked on the Irish Coast sounds. My custom setting is really all about trying to recreate the experience I've had of the coastline in southern California during a light rain. It takes me back to the days when I met my wife and helps me concentrate on my tasks for today.

 Love this!

 Love this generator. I live 100s of miles from the ocean, and spend most of the year missing her terribly. This generator helps me keep my connection to the sea. Thank you.

 I have a new favourite! I can feel the sand between my toes and taste the salt in the air... what a perfect way to end the day! :)

 I use this site all the time for quiet time and Meditation! I'm a fan of ocean waves so the Irish Coast is my go to for relaxation! The realistic (read that REAL) world sounds connect me to the very basis of our existence. It truly remarkable! The every growing library of sounds just adds to the broadening of my consciousness! Thank you thank you!! Bravo and keep doing what you're doing!

 I love this site, and this sound generator is my go-to at work, where the constant chatter of neighbouring colleagues is often too much for someone with distraction issues and sound sensitivity like me. The range of available sounds is wonderful, as is the ability to customize them. Thank you for helping me get through my days. My one wish is for the Android app to be ready!

 As a person prone to getting very stressed very quickly, this soundscape is my go-to to calm down. Something about the sound of waves helps loosen the knot of anxiety in my stomach. This is a fantastic generator.

 This is BLISS! Monday morning office mayhem has been replaced by a day by the sea. All the irritating distractions have disappeared into the background. I've taken out the wind and louder shore noises so it's a little less rough. Thank you so much for this!!! :)

 I combined this with Himalayan Voices, and I felt so relaxed. It helps me to relax. This website has helped me with my tinnitus so much.

 This reminds me of my days spent in Northern Ireland. It was cold and wet, and those were some of the best days of my life. This helps me and grounds me quite a lot when I have anxiety and issues with my mental health, and takes me back to that small Irish town on the northern coast where I was most at peace. Thank you.

 Sitting beside the 'sucky-hole' (a tidal blowhole in the rocks near 'the Button's house' where I grew up) on a stormy day in my big weatherproof jacket, only going home when my jeans are too wet from the intermittent rain. Irish coasts are like no other; not the harshest, but unique. Thank you so much for this. This is for the times when I need to get a LOT done.

 This reminds me of the Herbides Islands just off Scotland proper. Raw, wild, and beautiful!

 Great generator, but makes me feel seasick.

 I found some of the other rain sounds helpful but also causing me to drift towards sleep. The combination of wind, crashing and rains strikes the perfect balance for concentration and blocking out distraction.

 The "Irish Coast" sound is great for blocking noise and helping me to concentrate. Many of the other rain sounds have a tendency to lull me to sleep - which isn't very good at work. This one makes me feel like I'm sitting in a little shack next to the ocean working - instead of where I actually am. :)

 Amazing! Helps me feel calm but energized at the same time, and it's great for meditation!

 This is a very "refreshing" sound. Not sure how else to describe it, but it makes me feel more alert and focused. I really feel like I'm standing on a misty Irish coast. Wonderful! Thanks again, Dr. Pigeon. You are awesome.

 Amazing! Every time a new sound is published I just cannot believe how great it sounds! So calm and lovely! Thank you so much for this website!

 I'm pretty sure I would hate to be standing outside in this, but listening to it from comfort of my home is amazing. I am in awe from the power and force in these sounds. To be able to close my eyes and experience this without the wet, bitter cold is brilliant!

 I work in a very small office with two other people and that can make it very hard to concentrate most of the time. This is going to be a lifesaver; noise blocker, relaxation, and concentration enhancer all in one! Brilliant!

 Nice to have the waves combined with the rain, which, by itself, is a little to "flat" for me. Irish Coast now joins Paraglide at the top of my myNoise list. Thank you for continuing to amaze me.

 This soundscape is wonderful! Several years ago I spent a semester living in a small village near the coast in County Galway, and a took many walks on the beach there. My favorite time to go was when it was a little rainy and windy, and this sound reminds me of those walks along the rugged beach. It's very soothing and centering.

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