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Space Chatter

Before you embark on this pulsatile journey into space, turn slider animation on ← click that orange link, or select manually from the player's interface. The distinctive pulses on this generator are from a Roland JP-8080, a synthesizer I helped create contents for when I was working as a sound designer for Roland Japan back in 1998... Time flies!

You may wonder why I often provide a slider with chatter in my musical soundscapes. It will help you cover conversations around you effectively if you are working in an environment such as an open office. If you don’t like to listen to these distorted voices, turn the last slider down.

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  This one sounds so inspirational! I am inspired to work!

  What's wrong with the voices? They're oddly pleasant. I shall try to add them to the other soundscapes and even to the music! Thanks, Dr. Pigeon! I love your site.

  Good vibes. Keeps my nerd brain content while I work!

  Getting deep System Shock vibes with the current settings! It feels like being in a sci-fi DOS game from the 80's, a trip through memory lane :)

  Thank you Dr Pigeon! I was studying to this today and helped keep me focused! Upbeat, musical and interesting to listen to! My tip, I opened two tabs for this gen. One was the "turn slider animation on" orange link. The other tab had "Pulsar" settings!

  Now, this is what I call a noise generator! Love the arpeggiators in combination with the voiceovers. This is a wholly new level of achievement, my friend!

  Really, really helpful for working to--kept me focused and positive all day. Looking forward to working to it again. Thank you genius Stephane!!

  So stereo.

  Just absolutely impeccable vibes!

  I use this one to sleep, very chill.


  Cozy and timeless.

  Cool! I like the happy vibe.

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Each slider controls a particular audio stream; adjust sliders to taste and mood. The animation button turns the soundscape into an slowly evolving texture. Use this feature if you intend to listen to the generator over a long period of time!