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Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si…

Solfeggio tones were introduced by Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz in the seventies, and were inspired by real facts. The name of these tones - for example - finds their roots in the eleventh century, when music theorist Guido of Arezzo developed a six-note ascending scale: ut, re, mi, fa, sol, and la. The seventh note, si, came a little later. These names were taken from the first verse of a Latin hymn to St. John the Baptist, Ut Queant Laxis.

Ut queant laxis, resonare fibris
Mira gestorum, famuli tuorum
Solve polluti, labii reatum
Sancte Iohannes

These names are still in use today in musical notation. They have precise frequency associations, octave by octave, which are derived from a particular musical temperament. The frequencies that were associated by Puleo and Horowitz are different: they were generated from the Bible's Book of Numbers, using a Pythagorean reduction algorithm based on our decimal number representation, applied to verse numbers of Chapter 7.

Many people experience healing effects from these tones, hence the numerous requests I received asking to add a Solfeggio tone generator to this website. Each slider controls a particular Solfeggio frequency (sliders 4 to 10). You can play several of them simultaneously if you like. You will find the effects associated with each slider in the preset list. Because myNoise generators have ten sliders, I extended the seven original Solfeggio tones with two other frequencies that are often used as extensions of the Solfeggio tones (sliders 2 and 3), and a special one (the first slider).

The special one has been tuned to 69.3Hz. It reassembles the same digits as the Solfeggio base tone Ut (396Hz), and divides them by ten in order to produce an even stronger decimal representation! Try this: play the Dr. Pigeon tone tone along with any of the other tonal generators found of this website. Not only will it sound good, but it will act as a resonating deepener, enhancing the depth of each generator and the healing effects associated with other frequencies. Am I serious? As serious as doctors Puleo and Horowitz were!

Testimonials - write yours here

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  Thank you so much! You're helping me to melt away some of the emotional numbness which constantly plagues me. Truly grateful and really appreciate it! <3

  I use this on daily bases. It's helping me to stay on the 5th dimension. Thank you so much for letting miracles happen in such a direct way.

  This with "Summerli" myNoisli is amazing! Cool summer night.

  Grateful to learn about Solfeggio tones and even more grateful to have this player. The player offers clarity and focus on something I am already working on . Also, i feel there are significant healing aspects within these tones. Thank you!!

  We use Solfeggio Tones to heal every day. There are tons of great soothing sounds on this website, it is amazing and the man who runs it is a great soul for offering this to everyone, THANK YOU...

  Thank you so much for this. I’m on my journey of using sounds to heal and connect myself on the level I'm meant to. Bless you for offering this amazing tool.

  I just discovered this site *while looking for the explanation on how to create Solfeggio music and absolutely love it - I still don't understand exactly how these beautiful tones could create the some of the Solfeggio muzaks out there - can you teach class on how to use the tones to create your very own frequency music. Am obviously not musician (don't know but love playing with creating music).

  Very very fond of this generator! I use the 'deepener' tone with other generators on the myNoise site all the time and often run that and another single frequency in back of whatever else I'm listening to. Thanks for adding it!

  It sounds like an orchestra for your brain to relax to, I have a hard time slowing down my thought processing and get distracted at very small movement or sound. This is lovely for my brain to focus on instead. Thank you a million!

  Fucking Bullshit! [Editor note: possibly written by someone who didn’t read the introductory text with all the attention needed]

  This site is just amazing! I cannot work with music that has words when on my computer. Was looking for a frequency generator for other purposes then I remembered this site that I have had bookmarked for many years and wow what I find! Every kind of sound imaginable. Please spread the word about this site with the recommendation that when they like it that they subscribe so this site is always here!

  Due to a hearing loss, I cannot even hear the first two sliders on the left, but combining them with the subsequent two to the right that I can hear, it produces an incredibly meditative sound for me. I had never heard of Solfeggio tones before, but I love them now!

  I came to this website looking for sound therapy, more specifically a way to calm this headache I've been having for three days. It isn't going away---but this sound is soothing it. Highly suggest!

  Deep healing.

  The tones of the soundtrack are so calming and peculiar.

  I like something like this for ambience whenever I'm not using my speakers for anything else.

  I feel like floating.

  This is perhaps my favorite yet. It's very calm and I can do anything I like until it's time for it to stop playing.

  I get a feeling of relaxation and calmness when I listen to this.

  Had a migraine and no pills left. Aspirin did absolutely nothing. Listened to this for 15 minutes and my migraine is gone. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you! Will be using this for many other things in my life.

  This makes me feel almost sad, and it sounds familiar almost.

  This helps so much for studying!

  Invokes a solemn, elevated, but vibrant and alive mood in me.

  I put on the 69.3hz, 174hz (pain relief) and 285hz (tissue repair) tones to see if my hip flexor muscle strain would heal faster... the pain went away almost completely within 20 minutes!

  What's up my fellow solfeggians :-) I was introduced to the scale by my late best friend Tyler. Miss him more than words can express here. My spirit guide if you will. Either way 528 everywhere. Love errybody. You will truly get what you put in... and anyone who hasn't schooled up on Edgar Cayce, should do so! Love.

  I love the Solfeggio Brain wave Healing Tones being in one place with quality tones. Thank you!

  This tone hugged my sad parts.

  This and many other help me feel more alive.

  First time on this site... Right now I am listening to the 528 tone. This is a beautiful site. Thank you!

  I love that I can create and adjust according to what my body asks for. Thank you so much for putting this up.

  This site is brilliant... any activity I do at the computer now is a far more heightened and uplifting experience... Infinite thanks to you for creating it !

  This made my headache disappear!

  This and the Shepard madness has both sent shivers up my spine, and made me feel like I am in a tunnel with only two directions up an down, going endlessly!

  Description is hilarious. I like the idea of a few more collections of practically random pitches. Sometimes the fractal nature of ten relatively prime frequencies can keep the brain guessing enough to keep one alert.

  This is what the rhythm of my heart, along with my whole body and soul, feels like.

  This website puts me into a more fulfilled state of mind.

  You can make your own music by clicking on the different presets repeatedly! xD

  Very comforting. It has a familiar feeling to me.

  When I'm really in need of a hack to help my brain relax, I combine the Solfeggio Tones generator with Didgeridrone and the Indian drone. A bit trippy, pretty, and very relaxing... Nothing like a good drone mix to pull the plug on all your stress.

  I like to use this, and other Brainwave noise machines as 'brain hacks' - creating custom states of awareness based on frequency and mood resonance.

  I fell asleep to this and had a very vivid dream.

  my mind is open

  Sounds like a tornado siren!

  Writing introspective is so nice with this, I can feel everything that my characters feel. - just a side note: UT is actually called DO right now, nobody used UT in the solfeggio system. - I'm Italian and I have studied music.

  This is what the inside of my brain sounds like.

  One of these days when I was grateful for this site. It is a gift that heals... and calms me to the core... love!

  This setting sounds like the Anti-Mass Spectrometer from the game Half-Life :)

  This is a very good meditation setting. I just literally drift away on the calming tones. Normally it's very hard for me to meditate well, but with this generator it was extremely easy. Thanks! :D

  This fits with almost anything. Maybe you should try to start working everytime you hear this. I read that this kind of "Ritual" helps to get used to everything you want.

  Need good speakers for this... great spiritual expirience!

  Puleo convinced Horowitz that he decoded these numbers from the Bible. If so, they are not frequencies, because a frequency is a wave's cycles-per-second. The second as a measurement of time was not yet invented in Biblical times. C528 is simply C in A440 Just Temperament.

  Nice! But the notes does not correspond to the musical scale (whatever the general tuning). It sound more like harmonics reduced down in one octave. Anyway, It has a real calming effect, and it helps mental concentration. And how about a good shepard 's tone generator on your site? Answers: The notes not corresponding is Dr. Puleo and Horowitz's fault (read intro), not mine! ;-) Then, how about this?

  I found this one pretty helpful when I need to think about something seriously.

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Liberating from Fear and Guilt (Ut - 396Hz)Facilitating Changes (Re - 417Hz)Transformation and Miracles (Mi - 528Hz)Connecting with People (Fa - 639Hz)Solving Problems (Sol - 741Hz)Pure Spirit (La - 852Hz)Supreme State of Mind (Si - 963Hz)Expending State of Consciousness (285Hz)Pain Relief (174Hz)Deepener (69.3Hz) Surprise!

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