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This generator creates a buzz!

A couple of times a year there is a special place in Belgium, lost in the middle of the woods, where you can hear an intense buzzing as if you were surrounded by a myriad of giant flying insects. This place is called Spa-Francorchamps, and it hosts one of the most beautiful race car circuits in the world!

This sampling session was my first close encounter with race car engines. The sound they produce as a swarm is fascinating, and I understand now why the sound of a race track was near the top of my list of generator requests. Racing car enthusiasts, here is your dedicated noise generator!

As a user pointed out in the testimonials, Mediation Room works very well with this generator.

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  Yes, yes, yes and yes!

  This + GT Race Generator + NFS Shift 2's Orchestral Remixes = Perfect.

  This kind of reminds me of an air race too.

  This is perfect - now all we need is Sebastian Vettel swearing over the team radio!

  Like other sounds on this site, I play this with certain songs and manually mess with the noise settings as the song plays... it's like I'm creating my own story live with audio!

  Brings back memories ^_^

  I started out with Saturn's Rings and then layered in Spaceship... Next layer in this one (F1) - drone, ambience & speaker only) and it seems like a galactic highway...

  Listen... Close your eyes... Listen to the passes of the mighty beasts of race... Listen for a while... Sound alone will take you to a place... and a time... known as race day.

  Real cool. Cars enter one ear and exit the other.

  Woow, if i close my eyes it feels like i'm really in SPA Francorchamps! I hear the cars wizzing by. It feels so right!

  I asked for it, now it's here! Thanks a lot. It's brilliant and captures beautifully the spirit of the race track.

  I love going to Races and while on break during weeks this is great. Because I love the Sound of Racing Cars passing by since I was a little kid. This Generator gives you a great view on the Atmosphere of a Race.

  If never been to a real race so I can only imagine what it sounds like... This generator helps though!

  If you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough, you can smell the rubber...

  Really cool!

  Perfect, now I can focus.

  I love this so much. I just set it on Meditation Room and let it run.

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