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The Yacht without the Seasickness

Ahoy there shipmates! Here we are again with a new take on our original sailboat experience. This time we embark on a smaller boat, and we have to prepare for bad weather conditions: thunderstorms are forecast for the evenings. The recordings are extremely varied and represent all the noises that were available to record during a one week trip in the Mediterranean sea, sailing a Dufour 500 Grand Large. Make sure to try all the different sliders separately! Special thanks to Rémy Pigeon for capturing all the original stems on this generator.

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  While I'd still be considered a rookie, I've gotten used to sounds like this from my days learning to scuba dive. There's something incredibly relaxing about that familiar sound; I can almost feel the wind and see the open sea ahead..

  When I was really young I used to have a recurring dream about sailing on a yacht, to random nonsensical made up places. Turbulent water, a strong breeze, and nary a cloud in the sky. The only thing this needs is a ship's bell tolling away faintly and I'd be teleported straight back to that dream.

  Avast ye maties. I be below decks sleeping like a wee lad.

 ← The calm before the storm.


 Moored to safely wait through the storm. A hot cup of coffee would do wonders right now.

 Fantastic! Now this is what I need to help me focus on my studies...

 Oooh! This is setting is going to be my new favorite. Thunder, waves, and rain on a deck. Perfect!

 Amazing, I love it!

 What a wonderful generator, keep up the good work!

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