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The Yacht without the Seasickness

Ahoy there shipmates! Here we are again with a new take on our original sailboat experience. This time we embark on a smaller boat, and we have to prepare for bad weather conditions: thunderstorms are forecast for the evenings. The recordings are extremely varied and represent all the noises that were available to record during a one week trip in the Mediterranean sea, sailing a Dufour 500 Grand Large. Make sure to try all the different sliders separately! Special thanks to Rémy Pigeon for capturing all the original stems on this generator.

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  I swear this is magic, I don't understand how you manage to capture the atmosphere THIS perfectly, EVERY time! All the love from Sweden, your friend, Syok

  The storm setting is perfect. In real life I would be terrified of thunder (and being on the water, too, let's be honest). But listening from the safety of home is wonderful and takes me to another place. Thank you!

  While I'd still be considered a rookie, I've gotten used to sounds like this from my days learning to scuba dive. There's something incredibly relaxing about that familiar sound; I can almost feel the wind and see the open sea ahead..

  When I was really young I used to have a recurring dream about sailing on a yacht, to random nonsensical made up places. Turbulent water, a strong breeze, and nary a cloud in the sky. The only thing this needs is a ship's bell tolling away faintly and I'd be teleported straight back to that dream.

  Avast ye maties. I be below decks sleeping like a wee lad.

 ← The calm before the storm.


 Moored to safely wait through the storm. A hot cup of coffee would do wonders right now.

 Fantastic! Now this is what I need to help me focus on my studies...

 Oooh! This is setting is going to be my new favorite. Thunder, waves, and rain on a deck. Perfect!

 Amazing, I love it!

 What a wonderful generator, keep up the good work!

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