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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

Testimonials - write yours here

• Beautiful blend of the pitch perfect voice and the steady chant. Perfect for my art classes where my students work as this plays on. Love it.

• I gave my first donation today so that I could use RPG Dark Forest again, but I chose this one a whim. It's so peaceful, and I feel so relaxed in my chest and heart after a very anxious day. I'm so glad that I donated, these generators are all amazing. Bless your heart, thank you for the work you do!

• I've been listening for it for two days, and it doesn't get old due to the randomized choices. The vocals are beautiful and really help to concentrate during work and make it less stressful. A new favorite!

• WOW. My mind is blown, I had a different expectation than what I'm hearing.

• The exquisite vocals from Into Balance + Yakutian voices + Huu Chant = pure calm.

• Tonight I got a wonderful mixture of female voices - Yakutian and Himalayan song overlaid with the exquisite vocal talents from In the Sky and Into Balance. Just the thing to calm my mind. Lucky me.

• There are so many wonderful choices on the main page it is sometimes hard to choose, although I have yet to find an unpleasant sound - I found this wonderful generator on the Facebook page as I was scrolling through the posts - I combine this with the Church sounds - Beatae Memoriae - wonderful in itself but the two together are perfect and I sleep like a baby - thank you, Sir!

• Goes great with 'Ice Drone' generator!

• Yup, this is great. It effortlessly (and with surprising variation) combines very relaxing voices.

• Very striking. Despite the voices, it inspires a feeling of great isolation. This would be excellent for when you need to "get away" from it all.

• Nice work. Another bulls-eye!

• Magnificent.

• This generator is INCREDIBLE! The combination of voices are absolutely GORGEOUS. It really is haunting in the most BEAUTIFUL way. This is somehow both calming and inspiring. It makes me want to write!

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You love your current magic draw, and you will be sad when it will be gone. Do you know that your donation gives you credits that can be used to order custom audio files?

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