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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

Testimonials - write yours here

•  You are blessing us with your transcendent mind. Thank you so much for creating and sharing such blissful tools.

•  I got lucky on my selection today: pulled up something that sounds a lot like the spooky-foggy-spacey incidental music on Pod People!

•  I've been meditating for a few weeks and my friend just started and I decided to create a binaural track with this as a cover. The sound is so amazing, I've never heard anything like this! I can't express how awesome my draw sounds.

•  So calming. I feel like all of the stress and anxiety in my mind immediately quiets upon hearing this. It is a masterful compilation, just as all the others are. Absolutely necessary in helping me focus on work. Thank you!

•  My randomised gen this time sounds like old Apeture Science in Portal 2. I can almost feel the motion sickness now. This is one of my favourites!

• Not only is this beautiful and has an unreal space-y aesthetic to the sound of it, it pairs beautifully with the Haunting Voices magic generator, which gives it a whole other level of isolated unreality.

• BLOWN AWAY! Sometimes it seems is impossible to come across 'excellence in recording' on the internet. Stephane is a welcome exception. The quality of recordings, and organization of the elements which make up these sound generators is mind-blowing. What an incredible gift he has created here for us to explore. (and I spent decades as a successful, professional audio engineer)

• I am currently pairing this with RPG Elements (distant thunder, bonfire, crickets, river, and wind only), and find the tones of the drones in this random selection to be very melodic and soothing. This is evocative of my childhood and teenage years growing up in the country and having campfires at night in the summer. I can't say how much I love

• This has a Mirror's Edge vibe to it.

• I keep coming back to this Generator and I am not sure why, especially with *so much* other stuff to explore on the site. I reminds me a lot of a New Age album by Doucet and Miraz from years ago called "Resonance" that I used to listen to for chill out purposes. Love this though!

• Reminds me of the incidental music from the game Solar 2. Via Blade Runner. Very evocative of my childhood in the early 80s. Something epic and awe-inspiring but melancholy at the same time.

• Coming home from work... just relax for 10 minutes to this, and I feel really refreshed, and calmed.

• Back to the 80s, babeyy! Really sounds like Vaporwave/Retrowave synths.

• This has a vibe of Stranger Things, I really love it.

• Wow. Just wow. This website never ceases to amaze me. This is a fantastic generator! So calming and meditative. I wasn't sure how it would work with the animated sliders, but it's even better!

• Magic Generators are marvelous in general. I'd say I get really fantastic combinations, 50-70% of the time. This is my new favorite because the different timbres of the various synths add a lot of depth to the sound and keep my mind engaged much longer. It's been hours now, and I've yet to become fatigued :) --CGG

• Today was quite a day for me. I couldn't focus on my work. But thankfully, I've noticed this generator. The sound is so relaxing, helped me finally pull myself together. A true savior.

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