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June 26th • Meet Purrli

June 12th • Polar Expedition added

May 30th • Japanese Heritage added

May 25th • launched!

May 15th • Twin Black Lodges added

May 2nd • Tropical Rain added

April 24th • New UI • New Slider Animation Control

April 11th • Sound Journey added

March 27th • Polders Windmill added

March 21st • Magic Drone added
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Discover our Magic Generator Series... for Patrons Only.

You may have been amazed by a couple of myNoise sound generators before, but these ones will quite literally surprise you, always! Our Magic series is a bonus for the people who support this website. Every time the page loads, stems are blindly drawn from our large pool of high quality audio recordings, creating an ambience that is unique to this moment. Enjoy your lucky draw - now - as this particular combination will probably never happen again!

Testimonials - write yours here

• Audio Jammer for the win! Those distorted voices are so cool!

• I got generated to this constant binaural humming up and down, along with what I can only describe as "fluctuating alien tones" - I didn't get a number station. It feels like I was abducted late at night, and whatever aliens took me are doing a probe. It's actually quite pleasant and atmospheric!

• I love this, but without the Audio jammer 'voices'. But that is also why I love this site so much! The slides and thus the possibilities make it so good!

• This is so good. I got one with a bunch of neural symphonies and white noise & co. There's something whispering numbers while white noise rushes in the background. Honestly this is so creepy I'm dying. It's so cool tho I don't want to turn it off

• When I'm super tired and can't work, I listen to this. It kinda messes with my head a little, but it really keeps me awake.

• I'm getting Earthbound vibes from this, sounds great! Albeit slightly eerie.

• I like this with Dark Forest. ^_^

• I love the numbers - I hear random strings like '8-2-5' or '6-6-7'. There's also some beeps and tonal stuff. I was going to say more, but the numbers distracted me and I couldn't remember anything. This generator does that to you.

• My magic generator setting was a truly bizarre, yet entrancing, combination of ambient noise, number stations, and sounds of water flowing. Eerie, yet relaxing at the same time. This is a magic generator I'll be revisiting a few times to see what I get.

• I don't need drugs to get high... this will do it.

• Brain Hack and Siren Song are a treat on their own, but with them together makes for an eerie, yet peaceful atmosphere. As if by listening to it, one is permitted to visit another world or alternate universe, where everything is strange, curious, yet safe. Or is it...

• What I got on my first try from this Magic Generator was so eerie and creepy, yet I could not stop listening; the repetition of the German "1-6-7" and the many other garbled voices and tones come together to form an oddly-satisfying mix that might have been pulled straight from "Yellow Submarine" or "Fantastic Planet". I'm entranced.

• This toy makes my brain so incredibly happy ^o^

• Sounds Like Portal. Sick.

• I got a combination of beeps and sweeps that kind of sound like alien space crafts from Doctor Who episodes in the 60s. Kind of cool, kind of freaky.

• Bruuuhhh.. out of this world! This made me dizzy in a comfortable way.

• Thank you! Love the weird ones!

• Absolutely fabulous; my restless brain thanks you!

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